Gardening Better For You Than Cycling?

Postby mfw on Fri 6/Mar/09 8:21pm
At least that's what this study of taking up exercise in middle age suggests...

Swedish researchers from Uppsala University wrote:...the men were put into three groups - high levels of activity, moderate levels and sedentary.
High levels was classed as those who did at least three hours of sports or heavy gardening each week.
Moderate was said to be the equivalent of several hours of walking or cycling, while people who were classed as sedentary spent most of their free time watching TV.
Their exercise habits were then reassessed at the age of 60.
The team found that those who were doing high levels of activity at the age of 50 lived 2.3 years longer than sedentary men and 1.1 years longer than those who reported medium levels of activity - once a range of factors such as weight, alcohol intake and smoking was taken into account...

:butbut: :butbut: :butbut: that can't be right - what sort of cycling do they do in Sweden :ib: :eh:
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Re: Gardening Better For You Than Cycling?

Postby Spyder on Fri 6/Mar/09 8:23pm

I don't think that I'll show that to my (lovely) wife!
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Re: Gardening Better For You Than Cycling?

Postby slowMTB on Fri 6/Mar/09 8:31pm

I am not convinced. I tried a little "gardening" 4 weeks back in Vic' Park and am still on ACC :hmmm: :lol:
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Re: Gardening Better For You Than Cycling?

Postby thelongwalk on Fri 6/Mar/09 11:08pm

If you cycle and build single track you'll be one healthy b
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