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Postby GARAC on Thu 6/Nov/08 12:03am


d o9 1f nh,-89 1h8 -8c 1nl,-8c 1ni -8c 1of -8h 1pi -8n 1qv -8s 1se -90 1u6 -93 205 -97 229 -99 23v -98 25p -94 27n -8q 29n -8c 2bq -7p 2du -73 2g5 -66 2ib -4u 2kf -39 2me -18 2o6 14 2po 3m 2r4 6g 2s7 9i 2su cn 2t9 g0 2t6 j8 2sj mh 2ri pn 2q3 ro 2ot tm 2ni,16g 3hs 1a4 4ar,16u 3he 1ao 4be,1a3 4al 1av 4g6,1jr 6go 1k1 6h8 1k9 6hn 1kq 6hl 1l1 6h8,16b 86v 14r 93t,15m 982 15f 98l 15i 998 166 995,170 9ok 16j a1j,17m 9or 17a a19,1ut blc 1ut bto,1s1 efo 1tf eq7,1si efn 1u0 eq3,1te eq1 1th er1,247 fi4 25i fke 276 fmn 293 for 2b6 fqq 2dd fsk 2fl fu7 2hv fvk 2ka g0r 2mm g1u 2p2 g2r 2rc g3i 2tk g41 2vn g48 31n g4a 33l g47 35f g3v 376 g3h 38q g2v 3a8 g29 3bs g18,25i h6v 25r h7b 26a h7c 26i h6u,2db j4m 2fm jcb,2fm jc9 2g0 jd6 2gd je3 2gr jfd 2ha jgv 2ho jig 2ia jka 2j5 jmd 2jv jo3 2l0 jpu 2m8 jrs 2nm jtr 2pb jvt 2r7 k20 2tc k42 2vn k62 32a k7s 353 k9b 380 kaf 3b0 kb8 3e1 kbo 3h2 kbv 3k3 kbv 3n1 kbm 3pp kb4 3s7 kaa 3u6 k99,487 k98 48k k9k 495 k9p 49b k99,49p k95 4a2 k9j 4aj k9j 4am k91,42q k06 43v k06,43i k05 43j k11,43g k11 431 k11,442 k08 446 k1d 44l k16 44j jvs,44h jvs 447 k0b,450 k01 450 k19,44v k18 45f k16,44q jvs 45e jvs,44v k0k 459 k0n,47g k00 47k k27,47g k01 48j k01 48l k0n 47f k0p,48j k0p 48l k29 47k k1v,49b k0a 49c k24,49b k0f 4ac k0d,4b5 k0d 4b8 k26 4cf k1s 4c8 k06,4c0 k03 4b7 k0g,4cs k03 4dd k1s 4eb k16,4eb k14 4e2 jvk,4dv jvk 4cp k06,4eg jv2 4f7 k24,4er k03 4f0 juk,4er k08 4h1 k2j,459 k3h 45c k4p,476 k3k 46f k3f 46h k47 47a k4a 47a k50 46f k4m,494 k3f 48q k3e 48l k4m,48t k3e 49m k3c 49o k4c,49l k4d 48i k4d,49j k47 49l k55 48g k58,4a9 k50 4ae k34 4b7 k50,4aa k48 4b0 k47,4au k3a 4cf k4a,4ci k3c 4c0 k5q##T 4aa k9a,T 48v k9c


-11 1b -t 1g -n 1i -e 1i,1o 59 1m 5g 1i 5k 1b 5l,-10 81 -u 8a -o 8e -j 8g,2s dp 2r e1 2m e5 2e e7,e fn e fv f g4 k g7,36 ii 34 iq 2s iv 2m iv,7 l4 a la g le m le,2c nj 2a nr 23 o0 1q o0,-2 qb 3 qh c qj g qg,1j ti 1i tr 1d u0 15 u1,-2f 10r -2f 112 -2d 115 -27 119,10 13q u 142 q 145 j 147,-1d 15r -1e 163 -1c 169,-1b 16a -18 16c,1c 1at 18 1b5 10 1b7 o 1b4,-2a 1g9 -2a 1gf -27 1gl -23 1go -1u 1gp,9 1ld 6 1lk -2 1lo -7 1ln,-4n 1sm -4m 1ss -4j 1t2 -4e 1t5 -48 1t6,-13 281 -14 288 -18 28d -1h 28f -1n 28c,-2r 2d2 -2o 2d5 -2j 2d8 -2d 2d8 -26 2d5,-51 2en -4t 2es -4o 2eu -4h 2eu -4e 2et,-2v 2ht -33 2i4 -3a 2i7 -3j 2i5,-42 2l1 -46 2l5 -4d 2l7 -4k 2l4 -4m 2kv,-7s 2ou -7r 2p4 -7n 2p8 -7h 2pa,-53 2s1 -54 2s8 -5a 2sb -5i 2sb,-6v 2vp -6t 302 -6p 307 -6h 309,-39 32u -39 335 -3b 339 -3g 33d,-41 398 -45 39c -4c 39e -4k 39b,-5i 3d4 -5a 3d9 -52 3da -4s 3d8 -4p 3d3,-8t 3ea -8p 3eg,-8q 3eg -8l 3ej -8c 3el -89 3ej,-81 3jg -7u 3jl -7q 3jo -7k 3jq -7d 3jq -7a 3jn,-2o 3oo -2q 3p0 -2v 3p4 -38 3p6,-3u 3ra -43 3re -48 3rg -4e 3rg -4k 3rc -4m 3r8,3mb dgv 3n2 dop,3mb e29 3n2 e5s,3n3 e5s 3ne ebi,3nc eb2 3n9 em2 3lj f10,3lh f0k 3j3 fg5 3bm gaq,3gs 94j 3hj 9cd 3hb 9lf,3hb 9l5 3f0 a1d,3f3 a1i 389 an2,387 an7 2ri beb,2ri beg 288 c4o,24 dfl -me dfd,-me dfe -qh dfd,4e8 aee 4el agd,3ji a5p 3j6 a6t,3gr 94q 3ha 85a,-143 f0b -13k f12 -13a f1q -133 f2f -12s f37 -12g f40 -123 f4k -11m f55 -112 f5o -10f f67 -vo f6k -uq f6u -tt f74 -sp f7e -rk f7p -qi f7q -pj f7k -oo f78,-4o fgo -5t ft7,-5u ft6 -8b gd6 -d1 gva,-d4 gva -q2 i1p -164 irq -20o k5t,-55 3s9 -4v 3sa -4q 3s9 -4m 3s6,-6k 3vt -6o 400 -6u 402 -72 401,-au 45d -as 45h -ap 45k,-ao 45k -al 45m -af 45n,-ak 4ck -ah 4cn -ab 4cp -a2 4cm,-9n 4op -9k 4vl,-39 58f -32 58a -30 583,-3a 58f -3j 58l,-h8 9h3 -hl 9kp,-hi 9ij -hg 9nj,-ho 9jg -h4 9o3,-ho 9lc -g9 9pv,-hp 9mv -en 9rh,-go 9p6 -d9 9rt,-d7 9rt -co 9rv,-3k 9vl -3j 9vs -3m a02 -3p a05,8v ann 96 ano 99 ann,bc ars bh aru bm aru bp art,ld bo7 le boe lc bok,ld bok l9 bop,l7 bor l3 bov,l3 bou ku bp4,ia c6t ih c71 iq c70,ck cf9 cs cfa d1 cf5,9n cht 9h cjm,8d cn5 8i cna 8o cnb,9e crq 9o crm##T 8i cmt,T 9d crb,T 9r ci6,T ct cf0,T ic c6m,T l4 boe,T bk ari,T 94 anc,T -3q 9vq,T -co 9r9,T -3e 586,T -ac 4c9,T -ai 45d,T -6t 3vp,T -53 3ru,T -4d 3r6,T -32 3oq,T -7j 3jh,T -8k 3e9,T -55 3cs,T -4d 38s,T -3j 331,T -6l 2vt,T -5b 2rt,T -7l 2p3,T -4f 2ks,T -3e 2hm,T -4n 2em,T -2e 2cv,T -1d 282,T -4d 1sq,T 0 1l5,T -26 1ge,T 10 1av,T -18 167,T o 13v,T -27 10r,T 18 tm,T 7 q8,T 20 nf,T h l3,T 31 im,T k g1,T 2k dp,T -n 89,T 1i 5a


-18 1i 18 1i,1a 1k 86 6m 94 70 a1 79 b5 7o cf 7r dv 7i f9 7c gl 76 i3 72 jh 70 ko 74 lv 78 mv 7k o1 89 p9 8r qk 9f s1 a0 th ab v2 ak 10i ap 120 ap,sm c2 th c0 ug bq ve bl 108 be 112 b7 11r aq 12h a8 135 9g 13n 8n 14a 7v 14v 7b 15s 6o 173 60 18e 5i 19p 5d 1ar 5d 1bs 5h 1co 5s 1dg 6d 1e3 74 1f2 7q 1g3 8b 1h6 8i 1i6 82 1j5 7a 1k3 6d 1kr 5k 1li 4u 1mb 4i 1n5 4h 1nn 57 1o2 61 1o3 6q 1nh 7c 1mm 7d 1ls 76 1l3 7k 1kb 88 1jj 8t 1in 9g 1hm 9t 1gm a4 1fn a5,1fi 9v 1fh ar 1fg bo 1fa cl 1el d5 1e6 cc 1e4 be 1e3 ah 1dl 9r 1cn 9p 1bu a7 1b5 ap 1a8 b4 19d b9 18i br 17v cp 17u db 177 dj 16p cq 16m bv 168 b7 15d bb 14f bn 13b c5 11u cl 10m cm vj cj uk cg to cd sv ca sc c4,1n0 4i 1ns 57 1on 62 1pi 6u 1qj 7r 1rm 8m 1sl 9d 1tk a0 1ui ae 1vi au 20n bh 21t c2 239 cn 24g d9 25p dq 275 e8 28n ed 2ac e9 2c2 du 2do df 2fc cs 2gr c5 2i2 bd 2j7 ai,2mq aa 2nf ae 2o0 b3 2ob bp 2p0 cn 2q3 dj 2rd ea 2sn eo 2u4 ev 2vl es 317 ei 32n e4 342 dl 35d d6 36e cm 37a c3 383 bd,386 bc 38p b4 39f b2,37g d5 37k e2 388 et 396 fg 3a8 g1 3bf gf 3cp gi 3ds g4 3el fa 3fg e6 3gb cs 3gd bl 3ft am 3f8 9o 3e9 8u 3db 8d 3ce 7t 3bj 7e,3bd 7c 3ak 7c 39m 74 38p 71,39r 8e 38u 8g 380 8h 372 8f 363 87 352 7o 33s 76 32d 6m 314 6a 2vr 5t 2uh 5g 2tf 56 2se 4v 2re 4r 2q2 4l 2ok 4d 2na 45 2lu 3s 2kh 3g 2ja 2v 2i2 2q 2gu 2r 2g8 3h 2fv 4g 2f8 59 2e2 5v 2co 69 2b8 67 2ak 53 2a4 45 29j 35 28t 24 27s s 26p -5 25f -11 243 -1q 22m -2c 217 -2s 1vn -3a 1u6 -3m 1sp -3r 1rf -3v 1qe -43,1qh -42 1ph -42 1og -42 1n4 -42 1lq -3t 1kt -3l 1ka -39 1jf -31 1ia -36 1h0 -3c 1ff -3h 1e4 -3k 1cm -3n 1b2 -3q 19b -3s 17i -3u 15o -40 13s -42 11v -44 101 -45 u3 -47 s4 -48,s4 -48 q4 -49,os -eb q2 -48,vo -fe 110 -ff 12e -fh 13o -fi 14s -fk 161 -fl 171 -fl 17u -fm 18o -fm 19j -f6 1a8 -eh 1ai -dl 1ak -cs 1a4 -c5 19a -bo 18b -bf 178 -b9 166 -b5 151 -b3 13r -b3 12j -b5 11i -bb 10b -bl va -c6 ul -cv uc -ds ud -er ut -fi vo -fj,14e -gm 138 -gj 120 -gh 10s -gg vq -gf uq -gd tv -g8 td -fd t5 -ed t4 -dc te -ca u8 -bg va -as 10k -ad 11v -a0 138 -9n,19m -gr 1ai -fq 1b9 -ev 1bv -e6 1ch -de 1c4 -cf 1b8 -bn 1a6 -b5 199 -am 18f -a4#116 -v 12t 2o,116 -v 158 -h 12s 29,16u i 176 1g,166 -1r 166 -j 17j -b 17i -22 161 -22,197 1p 192 -17 1am 1d 1ak -28,1bq 1q 1co -1p 1f3 10 1d7 3t,1d6 3r 1bq 1s,-4r -f9 -71 -bk -4k -8v,-2n -91 -21 -f6 q -94,-2t -bh -d -c8,31 -9i q -fh 4d -eo 28 -b5,27 -b7 6k -94,54 -ev 7d -ag a6 -e9,-4k -59 -3c -3a -4h -2a,-2g -4d -31 -31 -29 -2k,-28 -2k -1l -3f -37 -4e,-15 -2r -1d -4l -3 -4l,-1i -3f -k -3l,-15 -2u -5 -35,2c -4i 2a -3q,28 -5t 1o -5c 2i -52 23 -5l,4g -52 41 -52,3s -52 3k -4d 4i -3v 4i -3f 3l -3d,83 -56 6c -4q 6f -3a 7c -33,7d -38 72 -3u,72 -3v 7r -3v,8l -30 9d -5g 9o -3i,93 -3s 9n -3s,a1 -5e b5 -3i,bh -4v at -3f,ar -3g 9t -10,2c7 fk 2ca hj,2br et 2du g3,2du g1 2ca hb,2ek fm 2du gq 2eq hn,2eq hl 2fg gl,2f6 ga 2ef fm,2fv ff 2gl h1,2gj h1 2gq fr 2hp fn 2hp ej,2j6 hi 2j3 g0,2j3 fu 2js hb 2js f7,2ll f8 2lt hq,2lr gu 2n2 gn,2mh fh 2n8 ij,2ni hq 2n8 fr 2nn fr,2nm gs 2o5 gu,2n8 hj 2o3 hg,2os hl 2os fk 2q1 ho,2p1 h1 2pg h3,2pj fn 2qe hg,2pe fi 2qb fd,2q9 fd 2q4 gb 2qr gl,2d3 jt 2d3 m8,2cu i9 2ck ih,2cj ig 2ct it,2cu it 2df ih 2co i2,2f9 jh 2eb jk 2en l5,2el l3 2fl ld 2fi m8 2e6 mi,2hm md 2if j7,2if j5 2jf lq,2i3 l5 2j8 l5,2jq ja 2ke m4,2jp ja 2lr kp,2lq kn 2kq m6,2mc j7 2mt m9,2m7 jf 2o5 kf,2n3 m1 2o3 jt,2pv jf 2op je,2oq je 2ou kd 2qg kn,2qg km 2qg ll 2op lp,2lj 3j 2lr a 31d 1l,31i 1k 31a 6g,2lt h 2on -38,2op -3a 2v7 -2a 31i 1g,2lv 2d 2m1 44,2m1 2i 2ml 2i 2ml 4j,2m9 1a 2ll 1c,2ln 1c 2lq 25,2lq 23 2mb 23,2mg 23 2mg r 2ln r,2ne 3s 2nh 2d 2ou 2d 2ok 4j,2oc m 2ne o 2o5 1r,2oa 1r 2p3 1p 2p3 10 2nt t,2pi 4e 2ps 2p,2ps 2k 2qs 2k,2r1 2k 2qn 4l,2qn 15 2qd 17 2ql 1r,2qs 1r 2rg 1r,2rg 1m 2qs 10,2rt 4e 2s9 2p 2st 31 2so 52,2so t 2sc 1a 2sj 20,2st 20 2tm 1u 2t2 m 2sm m,2u0 57 2u0 33 2uu 33,2v1 36 2v1 5o,2uk r 2tu 1a 2u3 1p,2u8 1p 2up 1p,2v1 1u 2uf h,hr -2 g6 2u ir 59,iu 59 kn 3s kb 2p,kb 2n ks 3v ks 57,kq 54 mr 5o,nf 5o ok 54,q1 4v p3 2p op 9,o8 5c q4 57,i5 2k hr 38 i7 3l,if 3l ir 33 hr 2i,mj 4g mc 4q nk 4t,nk 4q na 41,n7 41 mm 4b,ei -6d g4 -28,e0 -5c go -6u,h7 -3q he -2q,j3 -68 lg -71,kl -71 ks -4e,nh -6f m9 -63 me -4t,mt -4t o0 -4r nu -3q mo -3l,12n -el 104 -el 107 -c7 12d -ca,11m -c5 11m -bm,12a -bm 13d -ei 13v -bo,13i -cu 12s -cu,14b -bt 146 -el 15m -eb 15m -d0 14l -cp 15m -c7,162 -c7 16r -en 178 -c2,170 -cu 165 -cu,199 -el 181 -en 18g -ck 19q -ck#S 2mt 8e,S 2ll 89,S 2kn 84,S 2im 89,S 1qd 6a,S 1pa 5f,S 1o4 4h,S 1mg 3e,T s5 -6i,T tb -5s,T sf -7j,T rf -5f,B 14o -53 8d,B 181 -54 8g,B 224 -37 93,B 25q -1g 97,B 27v 6 9j,B 29h 23 a4,B 2ag 3q a0,B 2bl 5h 9h,B 2bo 5l 5k,T 39b 7k,T 39j 7m,T 3ao 7s,T 3bf 86,T 3ci 8s,T 3db 9e,T 3eb ab,T 3fc bu,T 3f6 ck,T 3ei e1,T 3ed ed,T 3dn et,T 3cn fr,T 3bh fr,T 3aq f4,T 39s eq,T 396 eo,T 38u ee,T 38b e9,T 38a dp,T 385 d8
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