Hi From France

Postby dranem on Thu 5/Jun/08 10:08am

hi all
my name is damien, i live in france, i do downhill, i ride an ironhorse yakuza kumicho (with upgrade)
i want to go live (and work) out of my country for 1 year (maybe more, maybe less) and i'm searching for a nice place where i can go and it can be New Zealand, but before i want to know if there is a good country for MTB (i think it is :p ) and if somebody know or can give me some good adress where i can find a work ( i can repair bikes and do some other jobs, but prefer repairing bikes)

thank you.


and sorry if my english is not perfect.
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Postby Mr_Bob on Thu 5/Jun/08 10:13am

Welcome to vorb :)
There is always a lot of seasonal bike shop work going in the summer.
And there's a lot of good riding all around the country.
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Postby dranem on Thu 5/Jun/08 10:33am

thank's for your answer
do you think that i can come and find a work or is this better to have contact with a shop before ?
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Postby Owen on Thu 5/Jun/08 11:45am

Quite a few people just seem to show up and walk round all the bike shops looking for work.

Rotorua has AWESOME riding and the living is cheap, though you wont get paid as much there (I think?!). Don't know anything about the bike shop market there, so unsure if you would get work.

Both Wellington and Christchurch has lots of awesome riding to, at this time of year there isn't a whole lot going (in Welly at least any way..).

Like Mr_Bob said, you are likely to find work in a bike shop in the 'main' cities over summer. Not so much in Winter.
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