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Postby ZombieBMX on Tue 19/May/09 10:45pm

James from 72psi drop me an email with a a few photos from his birthday jam, here is what he had to say:
"The other day Me, Chipmonk, Dwayne, baby Rogue, Karl, Prue, Shazza, Eddie and Hughburgers all went out to Pukarua Bay fora low key Jam for my 40th birthday. The air with the Skyway's is Karl and the other's Hughburgers.... BMX gets better the older you get... makes life worth living PEOW PEOW !!!!!!!!!"

Cant wait to come down to Wellington this winter and catch up with James and all the other guys. Wellington is always a fun time.
Wine Ride Please!

In other related news should be back up and running soon.


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Re: From 72psi

Postby Dazzle on Wed 20/May/09 8:07am

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Re: From 72psi

Postby Oli on Wed 20/May/09 8:11am

All ZombieMBX pages show that alert for me.
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Re: From 72psi

Postby Monolith on Wed 20/May/09 8:15am

Your Dwayne sensor is on the fritz.
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