Postby cmdr_keen on Mon 13/Oct/08 1:00am

32.84 :O
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Postby therm1te on Thu 23/Oct/08 12:19am

Heres a lil track I made, I got 62.799

-18 1i 18 1i,co 33 fb 47,fa 45 g3 4h gs 4m hl 4k id 47 iv 3p jc 38 jg 2g jg 1o,3j b2 2n b5 1q b7 r b9 -1 ba -t bb -1p bc -2n bc -3m bd -4m bd -5j bc -6f b9 -7d b5 -88 at -92 aj -9r a5 -ai 9l -b8 8v -bq 8b -cb 7q -ct 74 -de 6d -dr 5o -e7 51 -ei 46 -eq 3c -eu 2j -f2 1r,-f3 1u -f3 1b -f3 m -f2 -2 -ev -n -eq -1d,-18 1k -18 p -1a 0,-1a 0 -1c -l -1d -1d -1e -23 -1e -2v -1f -3o,-1r -3o -25 -33 -2f -2c -2s -1n -38 -11 -3k -d -44 6 -4l o -57 15 -5r 1e,-er -1d -en -22 -eh -2p -e8 -3e,-5u 1f -7b 1n -8j 1f -9h m,io -8 i7 -r,jc 13 j4 f,i8 -s ii -e,j4 g io -9,i8 -s j2 -1q,j3 -1q jt -8,jt -9 kq 14,ji 1r jd 15,kq 15 lg 1o m6 2d ms 2v nj 3d oc 3s p7 48 q4 4m r1 52 ru 5d sr 5n tu 60 uu 68 vt 6e 10u 6j 121 6o 13a 6r,cm 32 ch 3m ca 4c c4 54 bo 5q b9 6g ap 73 a9 7m 9o 88 97 8o 8k 9c 80 9r 7b a8,3n b1 4a b0 4v as 5i ao 66 ak 6r ad 7g a6,-ed -34 -eq -2h -fc -1p -g0 -12 -gp -8 -hh f -id 18 -jh 21 -kt 2q -m7 3d -nl 3u -p8 4d -qt 4q,-1q -3o -1l -7g,-1e -7g -1e -3h,1db 6s 1e5 6o 1f2 6g 1g0 66 1gt 5o 1hp 59 1il 4h 1jg 3g 1k4 2l 1kp 1m 1l9 o 1lp -d 1m5 -1g 1md -2l 1mk -3q 1mp -4r 1mp -60 1mp -73 1mp -84 1mo -92 1md -bp,-19q 5u -1ak 5j -1ba 57 -1c4 4l -1cu 41 -1dl 3b -1e9 2m -1es 1t -1fa 17 -1fn i,-1fq j -1gq h -1hs b -1ip 7 -1jj 4 -1kd -b -1ke -1e -1kg -2l -1kh -3s -1kj -4u -1kt -5p -1lj -6b,-28a -d4 -29c -d7 -2aa -cr -2b8 -ca -2cf -bi -2dn -av -2f6 -aa -2gf -9q -2hs -9b -2jd -8s -2l1 -8e -2mo -83 -2oj -7r -2qf -7k,-2qk -7j -2r3 -7h,-2r8 -7m -2rt -7j -2sn -7n -2td -89 -2tv -8u -2ub -9p -2uk -am -2us -bh -2v1 -ce -2v5 -da,-2v2 -d4 -2ve -cd -2vk -bj -2vp -ai -2vu -9j -306 -8i -30g -7h -30t -6k -31e -5p -327 -51 -337 -4e -349 -3q -359 -31 -369 -26 -37g -1f -38u -r -3a7 -g -3bi 3 -3cq 15 -3e4 28 -3ff 3b -3gt 4b -3ih 4r -3k5 56 -3lq 5s -3nc 77 -3og 8e -3pk 9m -3qp au -3rr c5 -3su db -3u2 eh -3vo fr -41e h3 -42s ii -44f jp -463 kn -473 lq -479 n0 -486 ob -49g pj -4ap qq -4c8 rf -4e5 sd -4fo tl,-4fo tl -4hf uu -4in 100 -4k2 110 -4l0 12f -4lt 13v -4n0 15a -4o9 16g -4pk 17h -4r0 18h -4sc 19h -4to 1ah -4v7 1bd -50m 1c5 -525 1ct -53s 1e8 -54t 1fm -55t 1h4 -56v 1ig -581 1jr -58u 1l7 -59q 1mi -5b1 1od -5c4 1pm -5df 1ql -5fc 1rg -5ha 1s7 -5ja 1ss -5l9 1to -5mn 1um -5o3 1vo -5pa 20r -5qr 22b -5sb 23r -5tr 25b -5vc 26r -616 27v -62t 288 -64n 28b -66f 28i -680 29g,-680 29g -69b 2an -6ak 2c1 -6bt 2da,-6jk 2gn -6lb 2hn -6mc 2j3 -6nc 2ki -6oc 2m0 -6pf 2n9 -6r8 2nv -6t7 2nv -6v6 2o6 -714 2ou -731 2q0 -74f 2qr -75t 2rl -779 2si -791 2tp -7ah 2v2 -7c1 309 -7d2 31t -7de 32t -7e0 345 -7f8 34q,-7gq 36p -7gt 38c -7ic 38p -7jo 38v,-7ne 3bs -7nm 3dd -7nk 3ev -7o8 3g9 -7q1 3gk -7r9 3hm,-80a 3l2 -80o 3mh,-84e 3q5 -84u 3s3 -85h 3u3 -86q 3vb -88g 408 -8a1 41i -8bf 434 -8d6 44b,-19r 5t -196 65 -18d 69 -17h 6b -16h 6c -15j 6a -14g 68,-14g 68 -13g 65 -12i 61 -10i 5q -vl 5l -uo 5h -ts 5d -t1 58 -s8 54 -ri 4v -qt 4q,-2v3 -d4 -2uq -cd -2ui -bo -2u8 -b1 -2tt -ab -2te -9m -2st -95 -2s6 -8m -2rb -8c -2qf -86 -2pi -83 -2on -82 -2nr -82 -2n1 -81,-20o -dg -21d -dv -223 -ea -22s -el -23n -et -24j -f5 -25d -f9 -266 -fd -26l -ei -26h -dl -26e -cu -273 -cl -27o -cq -28b -d1,-7md 3bh -7mt 3bn -7nc 3br,9g -85 9a -8m 8p -90 83 -95 7d -97 6m -96 5s -96 55 -96 4c -95 3h -95 2p -95 1u -94 18 -94,17 -94 i -94 -3 -98 -o -9b -1f -9f -24 -9o -2m -a3 -35 -ae -2u -9r -29 -9g -1l -96 -v -8t -7 -8q k -8q 1d -8o 26 -8p 31 -8q 3t -8r 4q -8r 5k -8s 6f -8s 7a -8s 82 -8r 8n -8j 94 -82,91 -81 9f -85,139 6r 141 6u 14o 71 15f 73 166 73 16v 74 17o 74 18e 73 196 73 19v 72 1al 70 1be 70 1c5 70 1cp 6u 1dc 6u,-7f7 34r -7gi 35q -7gq 36p,-7jo 390 -7l0 39j,-7l5 39k -7l6 3ae,-7l9 3ah -7mg 3bh,-80b 3l3 -7vu 3kj -7vb 3k3 -7um 3jm,-7st 3j8 -7se 3il -7rt 3i8 -7rd 3hr,-8d6 44a -8do 44r -8ed 45c -8f7 45q -8g8 466 -8h8 46e -8ib 46m -8jf 46v -8kj 47c -8lm 47t -8mj 48k -8na 49g -8ns 4ai -8oe 4bs -8p0 4d2 -8pk 4ec -8qb 4fm -8ra 4gt -8sk 4hm -8u2 4id -8vj 4iv -916 4jf -92r 4ju -94f 4kk -960 4lp -97f 4n8 -98v 4on -9ag 4q8 -9bm 4rc -9ct 4sh -9e6 4tl -9fj 4uk -9h1 4vi -9ii 50e -9k5 518 -9lp 520 -9nd 52n -9p2 53e -9qo 544 -9sd 54r -9u2 55i -9vn 569 -a1c 570 -a30 57q -a4f 58n -a5o 5a5 -a68 5bd -a70 5cj -a8b 5d4 -a9s 5dn -aaf 5e4 -ab4 5ek -abn 5f9 -acc 5g1 -acv 5gr -adk 5hq -ae9 5ip -aes 5jn -aff 5kj -ag2 5lf -agm 5mb -ahb 5n7,-bdc 6du -bda 6f5 -bda 6g6 -beo 6ge -bfk 6gv -bfl 6hu -bh1 6i4 -bii 6ib -bjd 6ip -bjh 6jo -bjf 6kn -bjt 6li -bl1 6m4 -bkt 6n1 -bl8 6nq -bmf 6ok -bnt 6pb,-c3p 76l -c5a 784 -c6u 79g -c8i 7as -ca6 7c8,-ca5 7c9 -cav 7cr -cbq 7d9 -cco 7di -cdn 7do -ceo 7dt -cfj 7ef -cfs 7fo -cgb 7h2 -cgt 7ih -chd 7jo -chs 7l0 -ciq 7m0 -ci9 7n8 -ci6 7of -cja 7pf -cjl 7qs -cka 7sb -clh 7tg -cmu 7uh -coe 7vd -cpv 80d -crj 81h -ctb 82i -cv4 83j -d0u 84n -d2l 861 -d3s 878 -d50 88i -d64 89v -d79 8b9 -d8l 8ce -da8 8d7 -dbf 8e9 -dc7 8fp -dd0 8h9 -dem 8ic -dgj 8j5 -di3 8kn -dj2 8m8 -dk7 8nh -dlm 8od -dn3 8pa -do1 8qk -dp7 8r8 -dqf 8r4 -drk 8rj -dsj 8s2 -dtr 8si -dv2 8t4 -e05 8ts -e14 8up -e25 8vm -e3d 90g,-1lk -6b -1ma -6o -1mt -79 -1nh -7m -1o7 -82 -1p1 -8j -1pp -91 -1qh -9g -1ra -9v -1s0 -ae -1ss -av -1tl -bf -1ud -bu -1v5 -ce -1vq -cs -20d -d8 -20r -dh,-6jh 2gm -6io 2gb -6hs 2g2 -6gt 2fq -6fr 2fi -6en 2f7 -6dm 2eq -6cj 2e4 -6bl 2df -6at 2ct,-bd0 6cr -bdd 6d8 -bdg 6dp -bd2 6e3,-e2f 90v -e4v 922,-e43 927 -e8f 95b,-e6e 95v -edi 98i,-eag 998 -el9 9c0,-ejb 9cr -erp 9fg,-emf 9fj -f3v 9lc,-f1s 9mf -f68 9o6,-f52 9o6 -f7n 9pt,-f4t 9po -f8v 9s0,-f60 9r2 -f9h 9t1,-f8o 9tq -fbs 9vj,-f86 9vh -fg0 a4j,-fdl a44 -fjj a68,-fiq a6n -fku a6k,17 1h 7q 1k,-fkb a6u -fpl a6j,-fn2 a7a -ft5 a6e,-g6n a6t -gdr a2r,-g6q a6t -fuf aai,-fue aai -fpa ab1 -fda ab4,-fd9 ab4 -f8l ab1,-f8o ab1 -f82 ab1 -f7a aav -f6g aap -f5k aai -f4q aa9 -f40 a9q -f39 a99 -f2j a8l -f21 a7u -f1k a74 -f1a a6a -f12 a5d -f0t a4h -f0o a3m -f0n a2s -f0p a21 -f0s a18 -f0t a0i,-7up 3jl -7td 3j9 -7su 3j4,-84e 3q5 -83g 3p5,-83g 3p2 -833 3nt -82d 3nj -82f 3n1,-82d 3n1 -80o 3md,-c3p 76k -c33 75v -c2d 75d -c1o 74k -c0v 73o -c09 730 -bvf 726 -buk 71c -btp 70j -bt3 6vr -bsc 6v2 -bro 6u6 -br4 6t8 -bqj 6sc -bpr 6rd -bos 6qd -bns 6ps,-ahc 5n8 -ahu 5nq -aih 5od -aj5 5p5 -ajr 5pu -ake 5qm -al3 5rg -alp 5s7 -amj 5t0 -an8 5to -anq 5ue -aoa 5v8 -aou 5vq -apb 60e -apq 60q,-apq 60s -aq2 61i -aqk 61s,-aql 61s -ar7 62b -aro 62o -asc 636 -at2 63i -atl 63u -au4 64d -auc 64u,-aui 65f -av6 65p -avl 66c -b05 66r -b0q 675 -b1f 67n -b28 68b -b34 68t -b43 69m -b52 6aa -b62 6am -b6v 6b0 -b7t 6b8 -b8r 6bf -b9r 6bu -baq 6ca -bbp 6cj,-bbr 6ci -bcc 6co -bcs 6cs##T -f21 a0t
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Postby cmdr_keen on Thu 23/Oct/08 9:52am

Techy as mate. will come back to that lol
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Postby Kez_muff on Sun 9/Nov/08 10:12am

-18 1i 18 1i 7b 1i 8l 28 9t 31 ap 3v c6 4e cn 5c,f1 4c pt 7h,dt 3s cq 59,e0 3u fn 4l,po 7g va 8e 153 8h 19k 82 1ec 6n 1hv 4k 1l8 1g 1nm -1s,1nm -1o 1pa -53 1qb -8h 1rt -90 1st -8u 1tu -87,20t -6v 21c -6g,219 -6j 269 1r 28r 5c 2b4 7s 2dp a5 2h9 cd 2ll e9 2rj fm 30m gi 373 h6 3b7 hb 3gu hd 3n8 h6 3ri gk 40i fm 445 em 466 gd 49h hb 4ea ij 4jr hv 4ks h1 4n6 dt,21c -6d 207 -8o 1vo -8r 1vb -8o 1v4 -8h 1tu -87,4n6 e0 4pc cq 4s3 cv 53l f5 5cu hs 5l2 jj 5t1 l0 634 lh 6aa lr 6fk lu 6je lp 6nb l7 6r8 k7 6uk ii 71b ga 740 d3 75d am,77h 6r 79f 62,79c 62 7bb 3v 7bq 2d 7ce 10,7cf v 7cm g 7e3 -e 7el -q 7fb -t 7g7 -1e,8ju v6 8of vv 8td 10c,8ta 10e 92p 10m 996 10j 9ds 10e 9i6 107 9m0 ve 9ol u3 9r3 s2 9t1 pq 9v5 m9 a0d jf a16 hh a1s hc a3t ia a4c jd a4r m4 a5s qo a92 vj abb 10r adh 12k adm 141 ahq 16c akf 17a,ch2 2ju cmm 2k8 cq1 2m2,cpv 2m2 cui 2oi d1m 2od d38 2m7 d3g 2lv,d3c 2m0 d45 2m5 d7m 2m5,dn3 2m6 d8f 2hn d8f 2m3 de6 2jj de6 2nv,d8f 2m3 d7c 2m5 d8n 2m3 dc0 2n3 de8 2o6 dgm 2nv dik 2nn dkv 2nl dn3 2n1 dpq 2n6,dn3 2m5 dq2 2n6,dma 2m3 dmf 2n6 dg2 2k7 deb 2o4 d8i 2hn,deb 2jo dgo 2nq dg4 2kc,dgt 2nn dm7 2m5,dn8 2m5 dr2 2n8 dvo 2nv,eem 2ph efa 2pr eff 2ph efp 2pm efu 2pm egi 2pm egp 2po ehb 2pr ehq 2po ei4 2po eil 2pj eit 2pj ejc 2q0 ejr 2pr ek5 2po ekh 2po ekr 2pm el5 2q0 eld 2pj elp 2po emd 2qa emv 2q0 emq 2pr en4 2po ene 2q7 enj 2po,enl 2po enq 2q0 eo7 2po eor 2q5 epk 2pt epp 2po eqp 2qa equ 2q7 er6 2q2 ern 2q7 esb 2q2 esg 2q0 et4 2q0 et9 2q2 etq 2q2 ett 2q0,ett 2q2 eu7 2q0 euh 2q5 eup 2qc ev0 2q2 eva 2q2 evd 2q2 evf 2qa evp 2qa f01 2q7 f14 2qk f1o 2qc f2c 2qk f2t 2qc f30 2qc f37 2qh f3f 2qh f3p 2qf f45 2qh f4d 2qf f4n 2qc f4u 2qh f58 2qk f5d 2qk f5g 2qc f5l 2qa f5s 2qa f64 2qf f6g 2qm f6q 2qm f72 2qf f77 2qf f7c 2qf f7h 2qk f7t 2qh f87 2qh f8f 2qh f8m 2qh f8r 2qh f8u 2qh f9a 2qr,f9c 2qr f9k 2qk fa5 2qr faf 2qk fas 2qk fbj 2qu fbt 2qr fcc 2qp fd7 2r0 fdk 2r3 fe3 2r5 fek 2qu fes 2qp fg6 2ra fgg 2rd fgv 2ri,fda 2r0 fdr 2qp fen 2qu,ffi 2r0 ffs 2r0 fge 2qr fgq 2r3,fgi 2qu fij 2qk,g1m 321 g2u 329,7if -1h 7g6 -1c,75b ao 76o 7p 77h 6p,aiq 166 ahn 16g,bvb 26t c5o 277 c6h 2b4,7nf 65 7pv b7 7t1 ft 813 l0 85f p4 8bs t1,8bp sv 8g2 uf 8m0 vi,7nh 6g 7k3 -1p 7ia -1f,alb 16k ao0 1f4 api 1iv,ap8 1id as7 1nq avo 1sg b3s 20d b9b 23m bel 253 bkr 266 c1g 271,ala 16k ajt 178,dvn 2nu eek 2pg,fil 2qj fns 2qo fp2 2r2 fq2 2rr,fq0 2rr fr8 2t3 fs6 2ui,fs3 2ui ftg 2vv fum 312 g08 31m g1v 323,ej3 2po ejq 2pe eke 2pe el2 2po elh 2pq ema 2pl en3 2po enn 2pq eoi 2po epg 2pt,ejj 2pe eib 2pb egr 2pg,ehs 2pq egp 2pb eg5 2pj efo 2pl ef4 2pb edn 2p9 ecd 2pg,h21 3eq hb6 3g5 hkn 3gr hvi 3gf,hvb 3gh i8s 3fj if9 3ee ilj 3ci iq9 3ao iu9 386 j1u 34t j5p 30o j81 2ti j9m 2qb jb3 2mc,g29 324 gdt 36r gr8 3c8 h6v 3fh,jb3 2mi je4 2ku jjc 2fp jlf 2eh,k6c 2n2 kcp 2pn kob 2se kum 2t7 l6v 2tp la5 2tk lef 2t0 lim 2ro llq 2qb lpf 2nt lrv 2l6 lui 2gs lvn 2do m0v 28r m1h 23e m1m 1r5 m1m 1gk m1j 11m,jnm 2bh ju6 2h3 k78 2ng,jnm 2bk jm4 2cd jlb 2ej,if4 2fv i77 2jd hud 2kt hea 2ko,hoa 2kv i7t 2jv,i24 2kq idl 2h5,heg 2ko h8k 2kh gt7 2in gn7 2h8 gk5 2fr gek 2cu,fej 26t ev2 274 e8f 26l dp0 25g djc 24p,iev 2g4 inn 2bt it4 28k,cek 2ji c45 2q1,cei 2jk cho 2k3,c6g 2b1 c29 2e3 c16 2h7 bvp 2ho buk 2i7 bp7 2j5 bp0 2l6 bml 2lv bkc 2mc bi6 2nu bi4 2o3,c49 2q0 bpg 30b bd0 369,bi0 2o7 bg4 2p2 bc7 2r8 ban 2se b7j 30v b2m 2v3 b0s 2tm asv 2sg as4 2u2 ar8 2uk,b93 37t b4k 3ho as4 3mj aln 3q9 akk 3sa,arb 2uk ant 2va akr 30l agi 33m ae4 348 ad9 34d,a82 41h 9rn 4cn,a82 41k a9u 412 abo 40o adr 41k afs 409 aho 3u3 aia 3tk aki 3s7,9rs 4ci 9ml 4hf 9h6 4lp 9b3 4p4 947 4ra 8qc 4sd 8k1 4sd 8el 4rp 8ag 4qc 86r 4nn 835 4jb 809 4e6,adh 34f abe 34f a4n 34p a0q 398 a01 39s 9sq 36b 9rg 31o 9db 356 9af 37r,7sc 462 7qi 467 7pd 46h 7nm 47s 7n7 488 7hg 49b 7fd 49l,80c 4ea 7u1 480 7sc 464,76l 4rp 6vb 54d 6ld 59d 69a 5b1 60d 5b1 5ot 5a1,5h8 57r 5b7 558 55j 51j,4tk 4qu 4oa 4o7 4fq 4mg 4d2 4lp,bd1 369 b8g 380,7e3 4ae 769 4sf,7du 4aj 7fe 49n,764 4ti 6p3 594,6v6 55k 6eq 5ba,79r 4m9 73c 50m,71q 51r 6oe 58b 6d1 5b5,jnt 2bm jln 29i,1hu 4gp 1ae 4ie 122 4j9 tu 4jh qv 4jj nc 4j7 im 4i9 fu 4hb dr 4fr bn 4cv 9m 499 7t 449,-71 4f2 -8t 4je,-bg 2if -74 315 -45 36i,-8m 4io -e0 4rn -jm 52h -o5 577 -s7 5b6 -v6 5d2 -18a 5gj -1ei 5i2 -1ik 5ih -1qj 5ir,-2aa 5ip -2f0 5ht,-1qh 5ir -1sf 5ir,-2ac 5ip -26k 5j5 -22d 5j8 -221 5vb -218 699 -207 6gm -1uq 6ma -1su 6ru -1q2 703 -1nn 72v -1kv 753 -1du 787,-183 79f -v1 7aa -or 7ak,-jf 7af -bs 7aa -37 79p,-3g 47a -70 4f4,82 44r 6d 3ve -m 3vt -3o 481,geu 2d3 gcv 2bt fpp 2bs fec 26u,1fo 4h7 22g 420,1s0 480 1a4 4k1,1pj 4bo 13p 4lm,1lj 4fb up 4l2,-3c 79o 2d 794 5e 78g 8i 77f bh 75t,j9 757 jj 759,l0 75e m5 75j mu 75h ni 75e nq 75c ns 759 ot 74e pc 741 q0 738 qa 72d qf 71p qh 71h qp 70t r0 70e,-2eq 5hr -2il 5g2 -2l0 5di -2mn 59q -2mp 56c -2lk 52u -2jb 4vv -2g0 4u5 -2cf 4t2 -29b 4t2 -26a 4tp -244 4us -22a 50e -20h 52t -1v4 564 -1ub 58m -1u4 5b9,1oq 7c2 1rp 7eq 1vr 7i8 242 7kt 2a5 7n5 2g3 7oi 2kk 7pe 2pi 7q4 2ta 7qe 32a 7qe 364 7q7 39i 7po 3dd 7oq 3fe 7o1 3hc 7n5 3ip 7mc 3kb 7l7 3m0 7jq 3na 7ia 3og 7gj 3po 7ed 3qh 7cf 3ra 79n,3ru 75i 3sk 76g 3sn 771 3t1 779,-1ua 598 -1u5 5c2,18v 6m7 16m 6oa 13v 6pq 12a 6r4 10c 6sf u8 6ts r4 709,-p0 7ak -hq 7af,-1e3 786 -16v 79l,b8 762 e2 73v,iv 70b jb 716 jo 724 ke 745 l2 75b,in 6vs j3 70j,3ru 75n 3s3 735,du 745 fq 72c,3ru 75e 3ra 79s,3t1 77a 3tv 7ch 3uv 7hm 402 7lr 421 7rm 43q 7vh 45k 828 484 84t 4au 871 4e9 88g 4ig 89o 4mq 8am 4rd 8b3 4ur 8b5 53e 8au 574 8ak 5au 8a5 5e0 89j 5ho 88j 5l8 87d 5no 868 5qn 84e 5st 82n 5up 80m 60j 7u6 627 7rh 63d 7ol 648 7lm,60v 73n 6mc 73m,648 7lo 6as 7lo,1ac 6kb 1e4 6td,1gs 72n 1ls 792,1e2 6tb 1h3 734,1lp 78v 1rv 7et,1ac 6ke 18t 6mf,6ar 7lo 6bu 7lo,6ng 8m8 6pa 8nn 6sg 8pj 6v0 8qh 724 8r3 75n 8rd 7aq 8r8 7ef 8r0 7k3 8qa 7pd 8pj 7ub 8oj 809 8oq 810 8pe 81h 8pj 83b 8po 84t 8pr 86h 8qk 87f 8qr 88s 8qf 89o 8qa 8aj 8q5 8cf 8q7 8eo 8pr 8fr 8pm 8hn 8pt 8is 8q2,fm 72e hs 6vc iq 700,ho 6vk ih 6u4,6bt 7lq 6dh 7ti 6fd 84l 6hh 8ao 6jp 8fr 6lv 8k4 6ok 8n6,8ip 8q1 8m0 8o7,9pa 8s2 9ua 8s7 a0l 8tp a0n 8vb a1e 90b a2e 90t a1v 927 a1b 943 a5n 943 a7m 91e a93 946 a8r 95e aal 969 ace 97h abg 9a6 adk 9ao aef 9ag aes 9at ahc 99g aki 9ab al1 9at am4 996 ao0 969 apl 96m aqo 97f at3 96c,8lv 8o7 8vs 8q1,8vn 8q1 985 8r4 9eq 8rl 9po 8s2,bo9 9cg btc 9de c0n 9dq c4i 9dv c8f 9dt cc7 9dj cg1 9d1 cj5 9c8 clv 9b8 co3 9a7 cq3 98v cre 97d csm 95c ctc 939 ctp 90u,cu3 85l ctf 8gr cu5 843 d0q 7jp d2p 7b8 d4i 74h d5q 72b d7h 705 dab 6tq dda 6sv dg9 6si din 6sl dl9 6t6 dni 6u7,9t9 8s5 9v2 8s2 a0i 8tp,b9p 991 bpq 9cr,at1 96b atq 95l bb8 99d,dng 6u6 dol 6ve dpj 713 dq7 73b,e25 73e dq7 73a,e23 73e e3q 6vs e4v 6tv e68 6sl e7i 6rk e9h 6qf eba 6pk edb 6ot ef7 6oj ehk 6ol em9 6p4 eq3 6ii esh 6a9 est 670 f04 5rr f22 5p6 fc5 5o8 fh0 5m2 fis 5kn fq7 5cr g1a 556,g18 559 g66 4s2 gaa 4ki ge7 4dt gi7 48h gm4 447 gsj 3uh h12 3ra h7r 3mp heg 3jo hl9 3hs hqr 3hf i1p 3hu i5p 3jg ib3 3n6 id9 3pe iem 3rn ifc 3tl ig8 40k,ihg 4si ii1 53t ij4 5d7 iku 5nh imn 5ud ipu 662 it7 6bj j29 6hh j5n 6kg j8m 6mm jb9 6ns jgl 6pe jnr 6qh jsk 6qj k36 6pv k7i 6p6 kbh 6np kfo 6lo kib 6jq kkj 6go km3 6dn ktd 6dp l7n 6dp l9c 6bj l94 691 l5h 68n l4h 6c0 l18 6ab l2d 688 l6s 66t l99 64n lba 66h lcd 65v lf2 609 l9r 5t5 lgk 5sc lhd 5qb lie 5of lkh 5r4 lj9 5lv lg5 5j0 lj2 5gb lff 5em leh 5cb lbp 5c4 lar 5fd la5 5fk l6f 5de l7l 550 l3b 54c ku4 52t kra 56b kq9 53t kn0 529 kkv 542 kp1 4um kuq 4uo l81 4uj lec 4v0,4tj 4qv 55n 51m,5h7 57r 5pd 5a6##T klf 6ck,B 61r 5an 8p,B 6gj 59k 85,B 5mq 595 90,G cuf 8pl 11o,B 539 4vp 2dd,B 58e 539 2d5,B 6b6 5ai 2bo,B 506 4sn 2d9,B 59v 54a 2d2,B 551 50p 2d8,B 5dn 55s 2cn,B 5iu 584 2co,B 5s5 5a5 2cj,B 646 5an 2c3,B 8j8 4s4 2c8,B imj 3br 2gt,B gt2 2if 2nk,G ij5 4bl gn

heres a track i made the other day when i got bord in computing
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Postby Lankyguy on Sat 22/Nov/08 1:34pm

Here's a quick 1 I made

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1j 5c 1k,5c 1j 68 1i 6q 1e 79 14 7n k 83 5 8h -5 91 -5 9b -1 9r h ad 10 bp 13 co p dn 7 e5 4 eh 5 ev h fb t g2 15 hq 1d il 1d lb 1d n5 1h o2 1s p7 2f r4 35,r5 36 s9 3a ug 3b 11m 3b 13b 3a 14k 32 15u 2c 16l 1m 176 p 17b 7 17r 7 18a 1o 18t 1o 19o -9 1a1 -9 1a5 7 1ad p 1at 1k 1bm 29 1cp 2m 1e8 2v 1fk 34 1il 35,-18 1h -2b 1h -3u 1c -5i r -6v 1 -7v -v -8o -1v -98 -1q -9s -1q -9s -2t -a0 -2t,-a1 -1q -d9 -28 -fl -2j,-fp -2i -gg -2g,-gn -2g -h4 -2o,-a1 -1q -a1 -61,-9u -2t -9n -2t -9p -61 -a1 -61,-a1 -31 -b1 -1u,-a1 -3b -b4 -23,-h5 -2o -id -2l -iv -29 -jq -2l -ko -29,-kr -29 -m3 -2t -n1 -2j -ns -39 -pc -3t -qf -55,-qh -55 -r3 -53 -rk -63,-rk -66 -sd -6l -sd -7t -to -8h,-to -8m -tl -9u,1ij 36 1k7 36 1lk 34,1lk 34 1md 2v 1ne 2d 1o4 1l 1oc u 1p2 s 1pa 1p 1pp 1p 1pr 1s 1q5 1s 1q8 1n 1qg 1n 1r1 i 1ro i 1rv 10 1se 1i 1sv 24 1tv 2l 1vn 34 21v 37 263 39 26r 39 276 3e 278 3q 273 40 276 49 276 4f,276 4k 275 50,275 52 27q 5k 27i 60,27g 61 27q 6i 27l 6v 284 7l 28q 7s,28q 7v 291 8g,297 8h 2a0 8j,2a4 8c 2ak 89,2am 8b 2b0 8j,2b7 8l 2bm 8l,2bu 8l 2cp 8q,2cv 8q 2di 8m,2dj 8l 2e6 8m 2eo 97 2g9 8u 2go 9b,2gq 9b 2h7 99 2hm 96 2hr 94 2hv 94 2ic 98 2io 9i 2ji a9 2kp bd 2mm d3 2oi dv 2qq ej 2tn eo 301 eq 32j eq 343 ei 35k du 36n da 37l c9 37t bh 38t bh 39f dp 39r dk 39u dn 3bb dc 3bt dh 3ce cq 3d5 be 3dk b3 3eh au 3f5 b1 3fn bl 3hb dt 3i7 ei 3jm f1 3ma fd 3ps fd 3ro fd 3td f9,3td f8 3ug f1 3vo ef 40m dm 41h cj 41r cm 42g ck 42v co 42v b5 42q b4 42r 7j 433 7j,431 co 44c cj,44e cj 475 cs 47r cn 48h d0 49a ck 4a6 d0 4b2 ck 4dd d3 4ed d0 4eg d3 4eu d3 4gr d6,4gt d6 4ho cn,4hp cn 4im ch 4im bt 4ji bt,4ji bp 4jv b0,4jv av 4le a4 4ll 9o 4mm 8q,4mm 8p 4n3 7p 4ph 7h,4pj 7f 4q0 6u,4q2 6u 4rd 6k,433 co 434 7k,42u b3 433 b3,42v b2 42r b1,42q b1 431 b3 42q b3,432 b4 42v b4,435 aq 44p cj,434 ag 457 ck#9 -37 -n -38,9 -2u -k -2u,8 -38 8 -2v,-n -3j -n -2p -13 -38 -p -3l,-td -7v -ss -7i,-ss -7d -sn -6k,-si -63 -s0 -5p,-rk -55 -ra -4t,-qr -4m -q2 -4e,-pt -47 -o3 -2l,-o1 -2g -n0 -2d,-mh -2d -lr -2d -kt -1s,-ko -1s -js -1s,-jq -1s -if -1s,-i8 -1s -hc -23,-h2 -23 -fl -1p,-f6 -1p -du -1p,-dk -1p -bt -1p,-bm -1p -a9 -1k,-9n -1i -96 -1d,-93 -1d -8i -13,4qg 71 4q6 75,4q5 76 4ps 7i 4om 7l,4o2 7s 4nb 7v 4n1 8l,4mv 8q 4mi 97,4mb 9b 4lp 9o,4ln 9r 4lk aa,4lf aa 4ko ap,4kk ap 4k5 b8,4k2 bd 4jv c1,4jh c6 4j1 c6,4it c6 4it ci,4is cl 4ii cn,4i8 cp 4hl cv,4hd d3 4h1 d9,4gn db 4ga db,4ft db 4et db,4el db 4e9 d6,4e4 d4 4dg d6,4dd d6 4cu d6,4cl d6 4ba cs,4b5 cs 4am cs,4ae d1 49v d9,49o d6 491 cl,491 cv 48d d3,48b d3 47l d1,47i cv 46k cv,46h cv 45t cv,459 cv 44v cv,44q cv 43o cu,439 cu 42a cr,428 cr 41u cr,41p cr 41a df,415 dg 410 dp,40k e6 40c e9,405 ed 3vq ei,3vh en 3uq ev,3uj f1 3u6 f4,3u1 f6 3tp f6,3ic en 3i7 el,3hk eg 3h2 e3,3gv dv 3ge d6,3g9 d0 3fn ca,3fi c5 3ev bh,3es be 3ei ba,3ef ba 3e0 be,3dn bf 3dc bu,3d3 ca 3cp cp,3cj d1 3c9 dd,3c2 di 3bh dl,3bc dl 3at dl,3ao dl 39v dp,39s dp 398 dp 38m cn,38k ci 38k br,38i bo 385 bu,380 c2 37r ci,37o cm 379 d8,370 db 36j dn,369 du 35q e9,356 ei 34n ej,34f ej 340 el,2qf ej 2q3 ei,2ps ei 2p2 ed,2of e3 2nl ds,2nj ds 2mn da,2me d5 2li cf,2lb cc 2kn bp,2kk bk 2k5 b9,2ju b0 2jc ag,2j7 ab 2im 9q,2ib 9i 2i2 9d,2ht 9b 2h8 9d,2gu 9d 2gi 9d,2g8 9b 2g0 96,2fu 96 2fa 96,2f2 96 2ef 9e,2ee 9e 2e5 91,2e2 8u 2dl 8u,2dc 8v 2bv 8q,2bq 8q 2b1 8q,2as 8q 2ad 8f,2a7 8d 2a2 8l,29r 8n 292 8f 28g 80,289 7r 282 7m,27l 7k 278 6j,278 6f 278 60,278 5m 279 5e,273 59 26l 4v,26n 4o 26v 43,26v 41 26v 3p,26v 3l 26k 3b,26f 3b 25s 3a,1vc 35 1v2 35,1uq 35 1u7 30,1u1 2s 1td 2f,1tb 2d 1sf 1t,1s8 1p 1rn 17,1rm 15 1r5 j 1qt 15,1qo 1c 1qk 1p,1qj 1u 1q4 22,1pv 22 1ph 22,1pg 22 1p1 1p,1os 1j 1on 12,1oi 10 1oe 1e,1od 1k 1o3 28,1o1 2a 1ng 2c,1nd 2d 1mr 2n,1e6 31 1dp 31,1dd 2u 1d3 2s,1cp 2r 1c5 2m,1bt 2i 1bf 2d,1b5 28 1ah 1k,1ab 1a 19v o,19t 6 19q -5,19n 6 19j h,19d q 198 15,194 1j 193 1o,193 1p 18u 1u,18n 1u 18a 1u 17u 1r,17p 1j 17p 15,17p 12 17i j,17f h 17d 14,177 19 16p 1o,16j 1t 16c 22,160 2c 15l 2k,15c 2r 14t 2u,14l 3b 14b 3b,qi 33 qd 33,pl 2s p8 2n,ou 2i oi 2c,o8 23 np 1t,nk 1r n4 1o,mm 1k mc 1j,pv 30 ql 30,qs 33 rl 3a,h2 1c gn 1c,g9 1c fs 1c,fn 1a f8 17,f5 15 ei j,ed e e5 9,dr g dc h,ct o c4 14,bl 15 au 17,an 17 aa 17,a3 14 9m m,9c c 8t 2,8p 1 8e 7,89 c 7m r,7m 10 7e 17,7b 1a 6s 1k,-4b 1a -4i 1a,-4v 19 -5l v,-5q r -6h j,-6r g -7c 2,-7h -2 -7u -f,-8f -u -8p -18#
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""RAISU" always keen for a ride"
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Postby sircrashalot on Sat 22/Nov/08 5:26pm

dj 1. have fun.
tell me wat u think

-19 1i -19 1p 19 22,1a 1s 1a 22 m 23 5 26 -b 1s -12 1t -1h 20,-19 1i 1a 1s 22 1v 2r 26 3i 2f 4b 2q 56 38 62 3m 6s 41,-19 1h -15 1b -1c 1a -2b 2r,-19 1g -26 2v -2c 2r,-19 1b -28 2s,-27 2m -23 2o,-23 2e -20 2f,-1u 2b -1r 2c,-1q 21 -1r 25,-1n 1s -1j 1u,-1m 24 -1q 23,-1h 1j -1g 1m,-1b 1e -18 1e,-27 2o -29 2r,-20 2i -23 2m,-1u 2e -21 2m,-23 2g -26 2m,-23 2g -25 2k,-1n 1u -1p 22,-1o 1u -1p 21,-1j 1v -1m 22,-1b 1b -1e 1h,-1e 1a -1g 1i,-1f 1f -1h 1i,-18 1l 18 1v,19 1v v 1u,11 1r 10 21,l 1p k 1v,b 1p b 1v,-2 1m -3 1u,-e 1m -f 1u,-q 1j -r 1q,-12 1j -13 1p,-17 1n 16 20,19 21 -16 1o,-1a 1p -1l 25 -1u 2m -2b 36,-26 31 -2j 2l -35 2s -3p 38,-2h 2k -21 2b,-2e 2h -2n 2t,-3n 38 -4d 3j -57 3q -62 3u -6p 43,6q 40 7t 4e 95 4r af 55 bv 5f dd 5n ep 5p g2 5n,g3 5n go 5j hc 5b hs 51 ia 4j ik 44 iq 3m j3 3m jp 5g,jk 5h k9 5e l1 5i lm 5k,lj 5j mh 5n nc 5m,mv 5m ne 3r nr 3u,np 3s of 4a p5 4v q0 5i qu 62 s0 6g t0 6o u2 6q v0 6m vr 6d 10j 5v 117 5c 11m 4o 11u 43 121 3n 122 3j 125 3t 12e 4m 130 5g 13o 68 14l 6r 15i 75 16f 79,121 3k 122 3f,121 3j 121 3n,122 3d 123 3n,16e 79 178 7b 180 7c 18p 7c 19j 7b 1ac 78 1b2 72 1bm 6p,1bn 6p 1ca 76 1cq 7k,1co 7j 1dr 7p 1f3 80 1ga 86 1hl 8c 1j0 8h 1kd 8l 1lj 8p,28k ct 2a9 d0 2bt d2 2df d0,1ld 8r 1m7 8s 1n3 8k 1nv 8g 1ou 8i 1pu 8s 1r3 9a 1s6 9q 1td aa 1uk ap 1vp b6 20s bh 221 br 230 c4,230 c3 244 ca 257 cf 269 cj 27b cn 28a cr 28p cu,2de d0 2es cr,2h1 c9 2hj bt 2i3 bg 2if b1 2io ai,2h1 c9 2gf cg 2fr cm 2f8 cp 2en cr,2io aj 2iu aj 2k2 cb,2jv ca 2ku cf 2m0 cg 2mt ck 2ne d9 2o7 dn 2p3 dv 2pr do,2pp do 2qg d9 2r9 d3 2s4 d2,2rg d3 2sd au 2so au 2tl b9 2um bs 2vl ch 30p d7 322 dr 338 ec 34k es 363 f9,2io ah 2ip ad,360 f9 36s fd 37v ff 39a fi 3al fh 3c1 fa 3da eu 3ec ee 3fa do 3fr cv 3g9 c5 3gh bk 3h8 bn 3hu bu 3ie cg 3iq d0,3ip ca 3ip gv,3ir ca 3ir 7o 47o 7o,3ip gt 476 gt 47n gt 47v 7m 47g 7m,3ja 8e 46m 8e 46m fu 3jk fu 3jk 8e,3ls 98 3kb f0,3kb 9h 3l9 bb,3m6 9a 3m1 et,3m6 99 3mu 9h,3mu 9i 3ng b9,3ng bb 3nh cj 3n2 e7,3n1 e7 3m0 eu,3pm 9f 3p4 9u 3op ap 3ol bn 3on cj 3ov de 3pe e2 3q2 eb 3qm dt 3r0 d5 3r0 c9 3qs be 3ql am 3qc a0 3pu 9g 3pe 9k,3rl 9l 3ro am 3rr br 3rt cq 3s0 dm,3rl 9m 3sb 9g 3t1 9n 3t9 af 3sv b6 3sf bl 3rv c0,3u2 9l 3u5 as 3u8 c2 3ua d5 3uc e4,40r e4 415 d6 41g c6 41q b8 423 ac 42a 9k 42t am 435 bp 43e cs 43l dp 43v ec 44a da 44i c6 44n b6 44s a9 451 9h,3u1 9k 3va 9m,3u8 bd 3vh bb,3ub e2 3vf dt,3o1 ds 3nr dv 3o1 e0 3o1 ds,3o1 dt 3no e9,3n3 fn 3ne f5 3nk fn 3nr f5,3o0 f5 3o0 fo 3o9 fl,3o0 f4 3o3 f6,3o1 fc 3o5 fc,3o1 f5 3o8 f5,3og f6 3oh fm 3op ff 3ot fm 3p1 f6,3ph f7 3pp f9 3pb fl 3pr fk,3q5 f9 3q3 fl 3q7 fl,3q5 ff 3q9 ff,3q5 fa 3q9 fa,3qi f9 3qd fn,3qj f8 3qq fl,3qh fg 3qn fg,3r4 f8 3r3 fl 3ra fl,3rl fa 3rg fm,3rm fc 3rq fl,3ri fg 3rm fi,3ru fk 3s4 fb 3s8 fm 3sc fb,3sj f9 3sj fn,3sj f9 3sn fb 3sq ff 3sq fl 3sl fo,47m gv 48j hc,484 h5 48k gg 49e g2 4a0 fc 4ae ek 4an ds 4b4 d8 4bg co 4br c8 4cf c7 4d4 cf 4dr d3 4en e2 4fo f4 4gq g1 4i5 gr 4ji hj 4l1 i7 4mg im 4nu j0 4pb j4 4ql j6,4qk j5 4rg j5 4s9 j2 4t2 iq 4to id 4u9 hu 4un hf 4uv h0,4uu h0 4v5 gf,4v7 gf 521 gi 52c hh 533 ip 541 jp 554 kl 566 l9 57e lq 58i m5 59n mc,4s7 a8 4s9 55,4sg 9t 4vr 5d 51a 72,519 70 52r 5i 55e 9i 55k 9r,4s9 58 565 58 568 aa 4s6 a9,4sf 9t 4u3 9t 4t3 9l 4vp 61 519 7i,519 7h 52o 65 555 9j,55l 9r 55o a0 54g 9v 546 9v 558 9n 553 9h,4sa 59 4s3 4u,564 59 55m 4v 4s3 4v 4s2 a0 4s6 a6,4s5 53 4s3 a2,4s8 57 4s5 9q,4s6 55 4s5 a1,560 55 4s5 53,55o 4u 4s8 4v,55k 51 4sa 53,55k 53 54t 50,55u 56 4sa 56,4sa 52 4vh 56,4vf 54 4sc 54,4vn 4v 4s6 50,4s9 51 512 51,51j 52 4s6 52,4sc 55 4s6 54,55q 54 519 53,55q 54 53s 53,55n 52 55e 54,55l 54 55p 51,55n 54 55j 50,55m 50 55h 50 512 50,55e 53 53b 53,553 53 54l 52 55a 52 55r 53,55l 52 53u 52,55n 51 55h 53,4vb 53 533 56,52v 53 4vl 58,51d 54 4ve 55,516 51 50h 52,50l 51 51c 52,50s 53 516 55,51c 54 50e 54 51e 52,52j 51 4vp 50,53c 52 52a 53,4ul 55 4s9 55,4vv 53 4v6 50,59m mb 5an mc,59m mc 5ae mc 5b7 ma 5c0 m3 5cr lm 5dk l6 5e8 kj 5en k0,5ep jv 5fa jv,5f9 k0 5hg oa,5h5 nk 5ib nn 5jl nu 5ku o0 5m6 o4 5nb oe 5ol om,5of op 5po nt 5q7 nq,5q8 nq 5r2 oj 5s6 pa 5ta pt 5uf qc,6cn nq 6dp lv 6e6 lv 6el mt 6ff o3 6gd p1 6hd pp 6ic q9 6jg qm 6kl r1 6m1 r9 6ng rd 6oc rc 6p9 r7 6q4 qu 6qr qi 6rd q2,6rr pj 6s3 p3 6si p3,6s3 p3 6s4 ot,6rr pj 6rb q4,6rt pe 6rp pk,63m r4 64k r3 65j qu 66f ql,67b q9 684 pp 68q p7 69b og 69l nm,6bt ns 6co nq,5ue qb 5v5 qh 601 qn 60s qs 61m r0 62h r3 63a r5 641 r5,67c q8 66g qm,69m ni 69o ne,6cf jk 6cc nq,6cf jk 6cf je 6c9 je 6c5 nr,69o nf 69p n9,6sj p3 6tm rj 6ug rm,6vd rm 707 rn 711 ro 71o rr,71j rs 72c p7 72m p7,72m p8 73b pm 742 q5 754 qq 767 rd 77i s2 791 sl,790 sk 79m sq 7ae st,6tn rj 6t3 rp,71k rs 72l s2 73u s8,7ad st 7ba st 7c8 so 7d4 sh 7dt s8 7eh rt 7f3 rg 7fi r3 7g0 qk 7gb q5 7gj pm 7gk pi,7nc qj 7o1 rf 7os s8 7q1 t1 7rf tr 7so ub 7u4 uk 7vj um 812 uf 82i u2 83v te 853 sm 85v rn 86f qq,7gs pq 7ii so,7ig sq 7jg t3 7ka tm 7l7 u0,7l7 tv 7m4 u2,876 qr 88m td,88n tc 89l t5 8aj ta 8bi te 8ce th,6c9 jf 6c9 ht 6cd ht 6cg jp,7gk ph 7gl pd 7gp pd 7gs pr,8ca tf 8dg tn 8ep to,8eg tn 8fj q9 8g2 q6,8g4 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1je aaa 1jh abj 1jf acn 1j7 adp 1is aer 1ic afl 1hs agb 1h9 agq 1gl ah3 1g0 ahe 1g0 aij 1j2 as8 1j2,apu 1fi apu 1fd,aiq 1fd aiq 1fi aiv 1fi,aiq 1fd apu 1fd,apu 1fh aip 1fj,aiq 1fa aiq 1fd aip 1en ait 1en,ait 1em aje 1f3 ak1 1fc ako 1ff,ajt 1fa al4 1fc,ak4 1fa ajl 1f7,ajo 1f7 aje 1f2 aj0 1en,ajn 1f6 ak6 1fa,ak5 1fa al5 1fc,ako 1fc ak2 1fb,aj4 1fj aj6 1j4,aje 1fj aje 1j1,apu 1fi apu 1j2,apl 1fj apl 1j0,as8 1j1 asp 1jq,aso 1jq atb 1km au9 1li ave 1mb b0k 1mt b1p 1n8 b2u 1nd b41 1nd b57 1n8 b69 1mt b7a 1mc b8a 1ln b92 1kr b9l 1js b9t 1js bar 1nh,baq 1n8 bbv 1nd bd6 1nj,bj0 1k2 bjd 1k4 bk3 1l9 bl6 1mg bma 1ng bnh 1oc bop 1p2 bq1 1ph bra 1pr bsi 1q0,bsf 1q0 btj 1pu buu 1pt c07 1pp c1g 1ph c2n 1p5 c45 1oe c57 1nj c62 1md c6f 1l6,c6g 1l6 c6o 1l5,c6m 1l5 c9b 224 c9q 224 c9b 1nl c9j 1no,cea 1vb cf7 20c cgh 21i cia 22r cjs 23l clh 24b cn7 24r cot 251 cqj 24u,cqh 250 crl 24o csr 24a ctr 23n cun 22v cvf 221 d03 211 d0j 201 d0t 1ut d12 1tq,d13 1tq d14 1sr d14 1s1,d15 1s0 df1 1s2,c9i 1np ca2 223 ca4 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Postby Kohveli on Mon 24/Nov/08 3:49am

I made this over half year ago.

Automap for BMX!
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E: Please, smaller code...
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Postby sircrashalot on Mon 24/Nov/08 11:18am

a huck map i made, realy

-18 1i 18 1i,49 8e 4l 9a 57 ac 5u bi 6p cs 7i e3 8g fb 9i gj aq hl c6 ii dk j9 f1 jn g6 k5 h5 l7 hr mc i7 nm i9 p3 ic qi ig s3 jb th jj v1 je 10a kd 11j le 12m md 13v np 14t pb 159 qn 15h s8 16l tq 182 v9 19k 10c 1au 11l 1c9 12v 1di 14c 1ep 15p 1fs 175 1gs 18i 1ho 1ae 1in 1c9 1jr 1dm 1ko 1f7 1lh 1go 1m5 1ip 1mp 1km 1n8 1mf 1ng 1o4 1nh 1pi 1nd 1qv 1n6 1s2 1mt 1t3 1mi 1u1 1m5 1v0 1m6 1vv 1mv 20l 1nq 21i 1p3 22d 1pt 216 1r2 220 1s6 224 1tl 233 1uv 244 20e 25j 21n 26r 23a 28d 244 2a2 249 2bn 24p 2cv 267 2ef 27e 2g3 28a 2hf 29h 2j2 29o 2ko 29r 2mi 2ae 2ns 29o 2pb 294 2qn 297 2s1 29j 2te 2a4 2ut 2aq 30d 2bo 31u 2cr 33g 2e1 354 2fa 36q 2gh 38h 2hk 3a9 2ih 3c1 2j8 3dk 2jq 3cr 2l2 3ct 2mh 3ds 2nt 3es 2pa 3fj 2qq 3g8 2sc 3hc 2t5 3im 2sv 3ju 2te 3l7 2u9 3mi 2ve 3o1 308 3pf 30t 3qm 324 3s6 32r 3tn 33o 3v7 34u 40o 36a 41s 37h 432 38o 449 39s 45h 3at 477 3c6 48t 3d9 4al 3e7 4c8 3f3 4ca 3gi 4dg 3ht 4f1 3j8 4ga 3km 4hj 3m8 4iu 3nr 4jv 3p4 4l3 3qc 4ma 3ri 4nj 3sj 4pb 3tn 4r5 3ug 4su 3v2 4sa 40m 4r4 420 4q4 43e 4pg 455 4ou 46u 4of 48o 4o1 4ai 4nl 4cd 4na 4e9 4nb 4g5 4o5 4hp 4p6 4ja 4q1 4kt 4q5 4mm 4qd 4of 4rg 4pv 4t3 4r8 4u3 4sd 4up 4u7 4vd 503 50m 51r 521 52u 538 547 544 55l 548 57f 54g 59a 55g 5b8 56j 5ci 57u 5dt 58u 5f9 59u 5gk 5bd 5hj 5cl 5he 5dl 5go 5f0 5gb 5gb 5gq 5hk 5hq 5ir 5ir 5k4 5k0 5lg 5l9 5mt 5mn 5od 5o8 5ph 5pf 5qm 5qn 5rs 5rv 5t2 5t7 5u9 5ug 5vh 5vn 60q 60u 623 622 63e 634 64o 644 66h 659 68a 66a 6a2 675 6bp 67o 6df 686 6f6 68g 6gt 68n 6il 68r 6kc 68t 6m4 68p 6ng 68c 6op 67k 6po 66o 6qh 65s 6r9 650 6sh 64m 6t8 662 6u7 67e 6ut 68s 6us 6ai 6vf 6c5 70n 6d1 724 6cd 73c 6b5 74j 6a4 763 6a6 77h 68k 78d 677 79v 66i 7bp 664 7d2 657 7ei 63o 7fv 62m,8a0 63h 8ad 65k 8ar 67n 8b8 693 8bg 6aj 8b9 6c3 8b7 6de 8b9 6es 8be 6gc 8bq 6hl 8cn 6io 8df 6jm 8e4 6ko 8es 6m3 8fh 6nc 8g6 6op 8gv 6qa 8hs 6ru 8iu 6th 8k9 6us 8lr 6vv 8nj 70m,7gj 60p 7g7 61n 7fn 62i 7fl 639,7h2 5u4 7i2 5ti 7j8 5t0 7ke 5sl 7ln 5sc 7n3 5s6 7ok 5s2 7q1 5s0 7rg 5rv 7t0 5rv 7uf 5s1 7vt 5s4 818 5s9 82p 5sh 845 5su 85h 5ti 86r 5ua 881 5v3 892 5vv 89t 60v 8ak 624 8b8 63a,8ba 63e 8ak 63h 8a0 63m,8ng 70j 8mr 71o 8n3 73e 8mt 759 8ms 770 8ne 78l 8nt 7af 8ov 7c8 8pt 7e7 8qs 7fe 8s2 7gv 8t7 7ih 8ut 7ik 90f 7i2 91s 7ic 936 7j2 94g 7k8 95v 7lq 976 7n0 98g 7o6 99s 7p9 9b9 7q9 9cn 7r7 9e5 7s3 9fj 7sv 9gq 7u1 9ia 7vk 9jo 80l 9lc 81g 9mv 828 9oi 82s 9q2 83j 9rg 84f 9sv 85a 9uf 860 a08 874 a1s 88f a3l 89k a5f 8am a6g 8bv a6r 8d8 a8c 8ee a8l 8g1 a9n 8hg a9v 8j7 ab3 8km aao 8me abj 8o1 aci 8pn adm 8qu aee 8sd afg 8tp ah2 8uh ait 8up ako 8vi amj 90h aob 90r aq4 91d ars 92b atj 93i aus 94k b05 95o b1h 96t b2u 980 b4c 991 b5q 9a0 b77 9at b8l 9bn bai 9cm bcf 9dh bec 9e7 bg9 9el bi5 9et bk0 9eu blp 9ep bng 9ed bos 9do bpt 9cs bqt 9bq bs2 9bo bsk 9d4 bte 9ed btl 9g5 bv3 9hp c03 9j7 c0r 9kv c1u 9ml c34 9oe c3t 9qe c55 9s8 c67 9tt c67 9vj c6h a1k c7n a2r c8u a45 c9q a5k cbf a6k cdc a7c cer a8b,7j9 5su 7bk 5va 7bo 5vp 7h4 5u5,7c9 5vi 7c3 65u,7ct 5vf 7cj 65h,ceq a8a cfn a8l cgo a8m chj a83 chf a6v chc a5l chc a4h chf a3d chp a2d ci4 a1i ciq a16 cjn a13 ckh a2a clc a42 cm6 a5j cn5 a7a coa a96 cpk ab1 cr4 acn csn ae4 cua af9 cvu ag7 d1g ah2,a5g 8ap a8p 8c3 a8p 8cg a61 8bi,a8k 8cg a7o 8dq,a85 8c6 a7h 8dg,d1h ah3 d2p ahe d4b ahk d5u ahl d7o ahn d9b ahl dat ahg dca aho dds ahs dfg ai5 dh4 aic dif ai5 dk0 ai4 dlb aio dmr aj9 doa ajo drn ajv dsp ajs dsq ak5 doi ak1,doa ajo dp1 akm dq3 ali dr7 amg dsf ane dtq aob dv8 apc e0i aqi e16 arp e1m at8 e2q auj e3l b00 e41 b1f e4q b30 e62 b4d e7h b5m e8l b6s e9q b82 ebg b94 ecu b8r eeb b8e efr b8n ehf b9j ej6 bam ekt bbt em7 bct eni bds eot bes eq8 bfs eri bgq etc bhv ev5 bj2 f0v bk3 f2p bl0 f4j blr f6e bmj f89 bn9 fa4 bnr fbv bo7 fdr boh ffh bp7 fgr bqb fi5 bri fjs bsg fll btc fne bu9 fp8 bv9 fr5 bvv ft4 c0c fv2 c0p g10 c1g g2s c2i g4n c3m g63 c4i g7u c5k g9p c6l gbl c7k gdh c8f gfd c97 gh9 c9t gj6 caf gl2 cat gmu cb8 gop cbg gqk cbk gse cbl gu7 cbj gvv cbd h1l cb2 h35 cak h4d ca5 h5k c9g h6j c8s h7f c83 h88 c79 h91 c6d h9t c5a haf c4d,ha1 c54 hba c5o hcj c6n he4 c7j hfm c8o hgm caa hi9 cbl hjv ccl hl7 cdi,hlb cdh hn6 cf3 hoo cg4 hqb cgf hs2 chd htr cin hvm cjo i1l ck9 i3i cl4 i5c cm3 i73 clg i7v cjn i8j cho i9h cfu iah ce8 ib4 ccc ibc ca8 ibq c87 ick c6e id9 c4g idp c2e ied c0f ifd buq igf bt9 ihb bri ii9 bpt ijf boc ikb bmp il2 bl0 im2 bjb in7 bi1 iob bh5 ipj bgh iqv bg7 isb bg9 itv bg0 iva bfo j0n bes j1j bdh j2g bc1 j3c bai j3u b91 j4l b7g j5o b68 j6u b59 j81 b4k,jn6 b4p jot b58 jql b5s jsf b6i jub b7c k07 b8a k22 b9c k3f ba8 k4s bb5 k69 bc4 k7l bd2 k91 be1 kad bet kbr bfn kd9 bge kf7 bh5 kh4 bhk,hae c4d hat c3g hd7 c74,hat c3g hb6 c2m hbe c1m hdu c7p,dar ahd djt ai4,di6 ai9 det ai4,kh0 bhj kga bin kgi bju kg7 blc kgr bmt kgm bog kh5 bpv khv br7 kj4 bs6 kjs bts kkd bvi kkt c13 klu c2k kn3 c3f ko9 c4m kp6 c63 kqa c77 krs c8g kt3 c9u kuc cb8 l06 cc9 l1g cd9 l2i ceo l2k cg1 l1p chd l2g cj3 l3u ckj l5g cm5 l6o cn6 l8h coj la0 cpp lbh cqo lde cr6 lf8 cqu lgs cq1 li9 cos ljg cnm lki cmo lln cm7 lmu cml lnu cnq lou cp8 lq3 cqt lr2 cs8 ls3 cti lt6 cuo lub cvt 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Postby yakuza on Sun 21/Dec/08 8:57am

smooth, flowy track

-18 1i 18 1i,1s0 u 1s0 1i,1j8 -jc 1ji -jc 1js -jc 1nu 1i,1ji -jc 1ge 1i,1ji -jc 1nu 1i,1ji -j2 1nk 1i,1ji -jm 1ji -jc,1js -jm 1js -jc,1iu -ec 1kq -ec,1iu -e2 1kg -e2,1i0 -8e 1lo -8e,1i0 -7q 1m2 -7q,1hd -4c 1mc -4c,1ha -3k 1mn -3k,1h5 -3c 1j8 1b,1h7 -3n 1jl 1b 1mh -3n,1mk -3c 1k0 1h,1it m 1jb 1h,1ii -bv 1l3 -bv,1id -bn 1l6 -bn,-v2 5f -121 4m -13q 3t -15m 2b -16u u -18b -26 -18p -6j -18q -a5 -18j -2s,-194 -86 -17n d,-18t -4m -16s 1d,-18o -42 -16i 1l,-17l 5 -14e 3m -181 -k,-16i 18 -12b 50,-15a 2j -10p 5n,-14r 37 -vh 5k,-139 42 -sk 63,-11a 4u -qj 66,-18r -a7 -1a3 -ac -1b1 -9t -1be -9e -1dk -9o,-1du -b8 -1ea -bd,-1ed -bf -1gg -dj -1gt -ee,-1gv -ej -1hj -f0,-1ho -f2 -1ih -fp,-1ik -fp -1jf -gk -1kb -ga -1m3 -ga -1oq -he -1qk -kj,-1dt -b9 -1dr -b0,-1dp -b0 -1dp -an -1dl -a1 -1dg -9n,-1dn -a9 -1dg -af -1d3 -ad -1d1 -a0 -1d2 -9m,-1d2 -a5 -1cp -ad -1c2 -aa,-1c2 -a9 -1br -9s,-1br -9o -1br -97,-1bu -a4 -1bf -ad -1ar -ac -1al -a8,-1cg -af -1cc -b2,-1c8 -b2 -1bh -b2 -1b4 -an -1b4 -ae,-1dc -af -1d3 -b2,-1d2 -b2 -1c6 -b4,-1bc -b2 -1ar -b2 -1a5 -ad,-1d5 -b3 -1dc -bh -1dt -bq -1eb -bm -1eb -bc,-1d9 -bh -1d3 -bt,-1cu -bt -1cl -bt,-1ch -bt -1c3 -bp -1c3 -be -1c3 -b8,-1c3 -b7 -1c3 -b4,-17 1j -4q 1g -67 19 -7d n -88 3,-ch 4 -e7 6 -fc 13 -h2 2h -jo 44 -m9 51 -pg 5k -sb 5m,-v9 5b -r9 5p,-rl 5l -nq 5d,-q7 5p -lh 4n,-nk 57 -jq 45,-lv 4r -ig 3f,-k4 49 -gt 2g,-ii 3f -ft 1i,-h5 2i -ec 3 -e4 7,-g5 1o -ei -1 -e2 5,-gh 20 -em -7 -ee 1,-f0 1 -h1 2g,0 1i 3ai 1i,tk 16 12a 1l,97 -49 fp -1f mt c u3 1b 13h 1j,v6 1e ob f,se 13 kd -5,nn h fe -1l,h5 -16 d0 -2k,g0 -1f 97 -49,7g -56 c6 -32,ac -3o gf -14,fg -1j l3 -2,g0 -1a l3 -2,kk -5 q9 m,v1 1b 13k 1h,11c 1h 15f 1e,13m 1j 168 19,15b 1e 16v 10,16a 15 17g o,170 10 18m -2,17e o 19h -o,18g 8 1ab -1s,19r -19 17s k,19e -j 1au -2t,1ac -1n 1bp -4n,1av -2q 1bp -50 1br -4r 1ae -1p 18g 8 16m 14 14j 1j,1j7 -jd 1g1 1c,1bq -4v 1d5 -4v 1dc -4p 1dc -4c 1di -3v 1do -3k 1dr -3a,1dt -3a 1dt -2v 1e7 -2e,1ec -2a 1eg -1r 1f5 -1e 1f8 -r 1fg 6 1fn p,1fp p 1ft 1a,1bo -48 1bm -3c,1be -2c 1bt -17,1cv -17 1de -7,1cm -3i 1c9 -2c,1c9 -1e 1ck -e,1ab -c 19v -1,1bk a 1bo l,1ci l 1cv 11,1dk 11 1e5 14,1ea t 1ec 16,56 -6b 2k 1k,54 -6b 2f 1h,54 -5s a6 -37 g7 -q ma o t2 1h,5k -5i 34 20 5k -5l,au -2r 9a 20,9c 1m b1 -2t,bn -2m aa 1r bq -2m,hg -d gq 1p,gs 1h hg -l,i2 -b hg 1h i7 -b,4r -32 7t -4f,50 -3u 6v -51 50 -3u,4p -32 7o -4a,bn -29 dj 1h,cg -27 ef 1c cj -29,bl -29 dh 1m,1j6 -jd 1j6 -jl 1jt -jm 1j6 -jm,1p7 -o 1os -a 1os i,1oq i 1on p 1oe 1b,1oe 1e 1oe 1n,1ro -2b 1t4 -l 1ub d 20a 1e 224 1l 1vj 14,a7 -3u 2b -7n 28 -79 54 -5t,3d -6n 4c -4a,3m -6j 4h -4h,1qg -1p 1qg -1f,1q9 -p 1pv 0 1rc k,1rr -c 1sk n,1sr n 1td p,1ti p 1td s,1qv -k 1r7 0,1qb k 1q4 13,1qq -21 1r4 -1k,1r9 -1f 1rc -13,1rh -p 1s5 -5,1u6 p 1v6 16,1rm -29 1t0 -n 1ua g 1vm 13 21c 1g 1vi 15 1ua e 1st -s 1rl -2c,13 1h 2h 1a,19 1i 2k 15,1h 1i 2m 13,1o 1i 2m 12,1v 1i 2k v,24 1g 2o m,26 1l 2q c,2c 1h 32 -9,1s4 -1j 1ph -6a,1s3 -1o 1p8 -6q,1r4 -3b 1sj -18,1tr 0 1uq l,1p8 -6o 1rq -23,1p6 -6o 1or -6m,1or -6o 1or -5t 1om -5g 1om -53 1om -4c 1oi -46 1oi -3o 1oi -34 1o6 -1s 1oi -1c 1ob -v 1nu -6 1nr -2,1po -46 1pl -3h,1p4 -3f 1p4 -2r,1p4 -2k 1p4 -30,1p6 -4c 1p8 -45,1pl -3f 1po -2p,1po -2k 1ps -23,-1qi -kt -1rk -m3,-1rq -m7 -1ts -n3,-1tu -n3 -208 -mv,-20a -mv -227 -ml,-1od -ha -1o7 -h8,-1o5 -hg -1nt -ho -1nj -hu -1n9 -hu,-1o1 -hk -1ob -he,-1mf -hi -1mb -h4 -1lp -go -1ln -gc,-1mj -h6 -1mj -go -1md -ga,-1n3 -hc -1nb -ha -1nl -h2,-1nd -i2 -1mp -it,-1mp -iv -1m7 -k3 -1ln -lb -1md -lp -1mt -lp -1nl -ll -1o7 -ll,-1o7 -lp -1nr -m1,-1np -m3 -1mp -m3 -1lv -m3 -1lr -m3,-1lr -mv -1lr -n7 -1lb -md -1lb -m3 -1kf -l9 -1kb -kv -1k9 -kb -1kp -l1 -1l7 -l5 -1mf -he,-1nr -m5 -1nv -mj -1nh -mp,-1nf -mp -1mt -mh -1mt -m5,-1n9 -mr -1mt -n9 -1mf -n5 -1m7 -mj -1mb -m5,-1mb -n3 -1lb -nf -1kn -mr,-1kp -mp -1l1 -mn,-1l5 -ml -1kn -mh,-1kn -mf -1kn -mb,-1kn -m9 -1kt -m7 -1l1 -m3 -1kt -lv -1kh -m3 -1k9 -m3 -1k5 -ln,-1k5 -ll -1k7 -lb,-1k9 -l9 -1kd -l9 -1k9 -l7,-1k7 -l7 -1jp -kp -1jp -k7 -1jv -k5,-1k1 -k5 -1kv -k7,-1l3 -k9 -1l1 -kr,-1l3 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urban slopestyle

-18 1i 18 1i,15 1h ao 4d gu 4d,gp 4e hr 4b ip 42 jk 3n,jj 3p jl i6,jk 4h aj 4h,aj 4f 13 1n -19 1n -18 1i,14t 8l 1k0 l3,1jt l3 1lb m6 1n3 n5 1p0 nv 1qt oi 1sm ot 1uc p2 20b p2 220 p1,14o 8l 14o i2 jm i2,14m 90 1jf l3,14j ht 1k0 l7,156 9c 154 i5,21h p1 22s p1 24a os 264 ol 280 o7 29j nh 2b0 mn 2c5 lq 2d5 ks 2dv js 2em ik 2f5 hf 2fe ge 2fm fd,2tv p7 2vs q3 31r qq 33r rc 35s rq 37t s1 39t s3 3br ru 3dg rl 3es r8 3g8 qp 3hl q6 3j1 pc 3k7 oe 3l1 ng 3lr me 3md lg 3ms kg 3n6 jl 3nc iq 3nj i1 425 i1,j8 4h ja hv jh hv,ak 4f ah ht b4 ht b2 4d,-1a 1p -1c ht -m ht -j 1h,2u 29 33 hg,2u hg 3m hg 3i 2d,jq i3 at hs,ah hs 3i hg,2u hg -l hq,19e cu 19e j0,19t da 19t iu,1du gh 1du jo,1e8 gv 1e8 h2,1ea go 1ea jv,-1b 1q -1b -m,3rg 4s 43f 4s,3rg 4u 3rg 5c 43e 5c 43e 4r,3rf 5a 3ri i1,3rn 5a 3rp i2,421 i4 421 5d,41j 5c 41k i2,3rq 5d 41j hh,3rn 5o 41h i1,41j 5j 3rv i2,41b 5d 3rp hm,43f 4r 49n 4r,49k 4r 4ar 4p 4c2 4f 4d2 42 4e0 3h,4gn 77 4gd 77 423 i3,43a 5a 4ej 5a,49p 4r 4el 4r,4eg 5a 4eg 8i,4e2 5c 4e2 91,49k 5c 49k ca,498 5c 498 ch,43f 5a 43h h1,43o 5e 440 gq,43j 5o 498 cm,43m 5c 49a c3,49a 5h 445 gn,493 5c 442 g2,49u 5a 4e4 8n,49k 5e 4e2 8v,4dv 5j 49r c8,4do 5a 49k br,4gp 77 4km 77,4kj 7a 4ql 7a 4ql 7v 4rb 7v 4rb 8l 4s0 8l 4s0 98 4sm 9a 4sm 9t 4tp 9q 4tp ab 4uh ab 4uh at 4v9 at 4v9 be 502 be 502 c3 50q c3 50q cp 51i cp 51i dc 52a dc 52a e1,52d e1 533 e1 533 en 540 en 546 ff 553 ff,2ng gn 2ns hv 2od jd,2p2 kk 2pl lk 2qe ml 2ra ng 2s8 o5 2u4 pb,2ob jc 2p4 kn,2ni gq 2n6 fd,2fo ff 2n4 ff,4eh 58 4eh 4s,4ge 77 4ge 34 4go 34 4go 74,3nk i1 3np h3 3rj h3,4qk 7b 553 fi,4du 3i 4dt 4s,4du 3l 4ec 3l,4ed 3l 4ed 4o,4dt 3q 4d5 48 4bi 4s,4d7 48 4d7 4n,4d2 4b 4d2 4o,54j u3 56k 10e,54u ff 5j3 qf 5k9 r4 5lj rg 5n4 rr 5oj s0 5q5 rv 5rp rp 5t2 rb 5u8 qo 5v5 q4 601 pa 60m oe 616 nh 61j mj 6ck mj 6ch l3 6f7 l3,54s fi 54u gd 56f gf 56f ha 57i h5 57i ie 58r i8 58r j6 59u j1 59u ju 5ap jp 5ap kk 5bn kf 5bq l7 5cl la 5cl lq 5dd ll 5dd mg 5eb md 5eb nd 5fk nd 5fm om 5h7 om 5h7 pp 5io pp,5ii pp 5ii qf,65o gg 6c6 gg,6f9 l4 6la q6,6lb q6 6md qv 6nf rg 6oj rr 6pt s6 6r9 se 6sq si 6u5 sj 6vg sg 70n s9 71t rt 72u rb 73m qn 748 pv,75s pa 75h qa 760 rb 76q s2 77q s9 78p s2 79k rj 7a7 qq 7aa ps 7a3 ot 79j o2 78n nj 77p ni,769 on 75q p9,77r ni 773 nt 769 oq,7b6 k5 7a1 ke 798 l6 791 m6 795 n3 79j nt 7ad o6 7bc o0 7c5 ni 7cj mq 7cn ls 7cf ku 7c0 k8 7bb k5,7dl nb 7cm nj 7bl nt 7b1 on 7an po 7ag qp 7ap rs 7bj si 7cl sr 7do sl 7ek s3 7f7 r8 7fd qa 7f7 pa 7ep od 7e2 nl 7d9 n4,6vf sh 7hb sv,748 pu 748 sm,65o gg 65o mg,6c5 gi 6c5 mj,65o gq 6c5 gq,664 gq 664 mh,6bo gt 6bo mj,7g3 oo 7gl pn 7hd ql 7i6 rd 7iu s0 7jq sf 7kj so 7le sv 7m5 t4 7mr t4,7h6 sv 7mb t5,7mm t6 84j t6,848 t4 85n t4 873 sv 88f sj 89n s1 8ap r9 8bs q6 8cp p2 8di nn 8e6 ma 8et l6 8ft kf 8gu kc 8hs l5 8io m5 8k6 mk 8lg n6 8me od 8n8 pk 8o6 qs 8p7 s4 8qb tb 8rj uc 8sv v7 8ue vu 8vv 10i 91h 10v 935 119 94p 11g 96e 11k 983 11n,97u 11o ass 121,asi 121 au8 125 b06 126 b2e 11v b48 11k b61 115 b7j 10i b9d vk bat ul bc2 tk bct sk bdk re be3 q8 bec p7,bok lr bp5 mt bpk ns bq2 oo bqi pn br6 qq bs3 s4 bt1 t7 bu3 u6 bvc v0 c0j vg c21 vq c3c vt,bom lt bnh lo bmd m7 bl8 n3 bka o5 bjf p7 bil q7 bhi r0 bgk r7 bfp qk bfc pl bev ot,c38 vs d2k vs,d2a vv d49 100 d65 vt d7v vk d9i v6 dbc ug dcp tn ddu sr deq ru dfk qq dg8 po dgk on dgu nk dh5 mn,dkh nt dli ov dma qa dn0 rh dnt sm dp1 tm dqc ui drt vc dtm 104 dvj 10o e1h 115 e37 11a e4m 11b,dh6 mn di4 mv dj2 nc djr no dkg o3,e4g 11b e5m 115 e6r 10k e7n 100 e8d v8 e8t uh e96 tq,eda nr ekm nr,ekk ns eph lk,erd l4 f2l l4,f2j l4 f45 l5 f5n l9 f7c lo f8j mq f9g o0 fa4 p8 fai qg fb1 s0 fbj t9 fcb ub fdc vb fei 107 ffu 10u fha 11e fih 11m fjt 11s fl7 11t fmi 11t fo5 11q fpi 11h fqv 10o fs8 vl ft6 ul ftm tl,g3c o2 gce o2,eda nr eda 11k,eda o2 el3 o4 epm lu eph lm,edc 11i fjk 11s,fhd 11o ffo 117 fe9 10b fd7 vf fc4 uc fbc tb faq s1,fao s1 f9t pb f8f mu f79 ls f5l le f3f l9,f3h l9 erd l9 erd l4,edo o3 edo 11i,el5 o7 el5 11j,eko o5 eko 11l,epn lv epn 11n,epc m5 epc 11i,erd la erd 11l,ern lc ern 117,ern 11j ern 114,f5j lg f5j 11s,f55 lg f55 11q,f0i lc f0i 11q,f06 la f06 11p,f8h n0 f8h 11p,f8q ni f8q 11n,fcs v7 fct 11q,fca ul fca 11v,fpr 11m fr8 10s ftf uq fu1 ts,ftt ts ftn tm,fpt 11k fo6 11s,fu1 tu fu1 11i ftf 11i ftj uq,ftf 11i fpr 11m,ftv 11k gcv 11i,gcb o4 gcb 11b,g3b o0 g3b 11k,g3b oi gca oi,g3q on g3q 11k,gbu ok gbu 11h,gcs 11h glp 11h,glp 11g gvk 1b8,gvh 1b6 h0s 1c1 h2p 1cu h4d 1df h63 1dp h7o 1du h9p 1du,h9k 1e0 hot 1e0,hol 1e0 hqe 1e0 hs6 1e0 htv 1ds hvk 1dj i1l 1d1 i3b 1c9 i4n 1bd i5r 1ae i6n 19f i7h 18b i84 17a i8m 168 i90 15a i96 14d i9b 13i i9d 12p i9e 123 i9e 11l,i9d 11m ikl 11m#-1a 11 16 11,-1a k u k,-1a -l 13 -l,-1a -b 11 -b,11 -j 13 1i#
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Postby yakuza on Sun 21/Dec/08 9:10am

freeride track, don't pedal!

-if -g7 -h0 -g6 -fi -fu -e5 -ff -cu -f2 -bo -en -af -dk -9i -cf -93 -av -8d -9n -7o -8g -78 -78 -6k -6e -5u -56 -5d -44 -4v -34 -4j -28 -3s -1d -30 -f -2f 9 -1s r -15 1e -a 1o k 2b 1h 3a 2i 45 3l 59 4i 6a 5i 7a 6k 8c 7p 9d 8u af 9t bm b1 cq c5 du d4 f8 e4 gf f0 he fr ih gk je h5 kd hu la im mf jm nm ki on le ps m7 qp n3 rl np sg ol ta pl tu qj uu rg 103 sg 117 tq 126 uv 13k 109 153 11o 16e 133 180 14g 199 15r 1ao 174 1cc 18i 1dt 1a4 1f6 1bh 1go 1ch 1i2 1dj 1j9 1f2 1kr 1g4 1m5 1h7 1nd 1ip 1oq 1k9 1qb 1lc 1rk 1mi 1sm 1o7 1tu 1pd 1v3 1qi 208 1s7 21g 1tm 22s 1v2 24c 20i 25j 221 26t 23d 287 24s 298 265 2ak 27c 2bn 28c 2ci 29g 2dg 2ak 2e4 2bn 2eu 2d2 2fm 2ec 2gf 2fn 2ha 2h2 2i6 2i5 2j2 2je 2jn 2kn 2km 2m2 2lf 2nd 2m9 2oq 2n9 2qc 2o2 2ru 2ok 2tf 2p2 2uo 2p9 300 2pd 316 2pg 324 2pj 332 2po 33r 2pv 34f 2qh 34e 2rm 34m 2sq 352 2tu 350 2vj 35h 310 35o 32d,99 b0 ke fb k9 fo 9r bk,jv fj mc qt,jg fe lq qc,ja fb fi i5,fq if jg fo,fi i2 fd dp,ev dm f3 hf,nt sm p1 st q0 sd qr ru rn rv se rm t4 rc tr re uc s4 up t0 v5 u0 vg v0 vp 100 103 10u 10d 11u 10n 135 115 144 11k 151 128 162 12r 16s 13d 17i 13t 186 14b 18q 14n 19b 152 19p 15c 1a5,tl s2 ss s8 s6 sm rb sj,r0 s9 qg si,1a4 1f5 1b7 1fh 1cg 1fs 1do 1g1 1ev 1g1 1g5 1fr 1h6 1fh 1i5 1f4 1ir 1el 1jg 1e6 1ka 1eb 1km 1f4 1kk 1g2 1k9 1h1 1k1 1i1 1k9 1j3 1k9 1k6 1kn 1l2 1kv 1m0 1l7 1mv 1lj 1no 1lj 1oi 1lh 1pa 1lh 1q0 1lf 1qk 1ln 1rg 1lp 1s0,1t3 22a 1tt 22h 1ut 222 1vo 21s 20j 21p 218 21a 21s 211 22j 219 231 223 237 232 23d 241 23k 251 23u 25u 248 26n 24k 27h 24v 289 25b 291 25n 29q 266 2a9 26j 2ao 26u 2b6 279 2bj,27l 2c0 2is 2gr 2in 2h5 28o 2cs,2ib 2h1 2i6 2iv,2hu 2gs 2hp 2in 2gu 2gd,2h8 2id 2gd 2g3 2g0 2hf,2fp 2g0 2ff 2h3,2fe 2h1 2eb 2fa,2do 2f4 2et 2gr,2dn 2f5 2db 2fr,2dd 2et 2d3 2fk,2mm 2lt 2nh 2lq 2o6 2lh 2ol 2l5 2pe 2l8 2q8 2lp 2r2 2mb 2rt 2mt 2so 2nd 2ti 2ns 2ud 2oa 2v5 2on 2vr 2p3 30i 2pb 315 2pg,2p9 2lj 2om 2ll 2on 2m6,2o9 2lr 2np 2m1,35o 327 366 339 36v 345 384 347 39h 34v 3am 35q 3c0 361 3d3 35r 3e3 367 3ev 35s 3fb 34t 3fh 342 3fs 33c 3gs 33e 3hp 348 3il 35c 3jk 36i 3kh 37i 3le 38m 3mc 39s 3nc 3b3 3ob 3c8 3p7 3d7 3q4 3ea 3r0 3fh 3s0 3gq 3ss 3ht 3to 3is 3uj 3jp 3vd 3kv 40i 3m3 41g 3n5 42h 3o4 43e 3ph 44g 3r1 45p 3s9 46u 3tn 482 3v4 497 40g 4ac 424 4bn 43e 4d3 44v 4eg 46d 4fm 47v 4h1 49h 4id 4av 4jh 4ci 4kv 4ds 4mg 4f5 4nn 4gn 4p0 4i2 4q2 4jg 4r0 4l1 4s3 4m6 4t0 4n8 4tu 4oi 4v2 4pl 506 4qs 518 4sa 52c 4tk 53f 4v4 54m 50f 55s 51v 572 53j 58e 54u 59m 56i 5at 581 5c5 59e 5d7 5b1 5ed 5cb 5fg 5dr 5gl 5fa 5hr 5gl 5is 5i8 5k0 5jg 5l1 5kv 5m8 5m6 5n6 5nn 5oe 5ot 5pg 5qd 5qp 5rs 5sa 5sv 5tt 5tq 5vf 5uf 60k 5uo 61p 5uu 62n 5v7 62r 60i 630 61q 63f 638 63h 64k 645 65s 649 679,3uh 3jp 4e3 3r6 4dt 3rj 3v7 3km,4e2 3r6 4o2 3t8 4nt 3tn 4dq 3rj,4ni 3tk 4ou 4hv,4oc 4hf 4mu 3tg 4eb 46a,4md 3tf 4e4 45r,4dv 45r 4e4 3rk,4dl 3ri 4dh 45h,4dj 3rh 46r 3tk,46c 3t5 4d0 3r5,46e 3t3 47h 3ok,462 3sm 474 3of,5cg 4pd 5hb 52i 5go 52q 5c0 4pj 5ch 4pc,5h3 52l 5hf 5g5,5gh 52e 5gt 5fk,5gq 5f5 5cl 4qt,5c6 4q4 5ga 5er,5ca 4qm 54s 50m,5c5 4q4 54j 505,5lu 5lq 5mm 5lh 5nd 5l9 5o0 5l3 5om 5l7 5p2 5lt 5pe 5mr 5pu 5nr 5qb 5oo 5qr 5pm 5rb 5qe 5rp 5r5 5s8 5rq 5so 5sb 5t9 5ss 5tu 5ti 5ug 5tt 5v0 5u6 5vd 5uf,5o3 5lf 5nm 5lu 5n3 5lt,648 674 64o 684 65n 69d 67e 6ae 69a 6b1 6av 6bm 6cc 6co 6dl 6dq 6es 6ek 6g8 6eu 6hg 6f6 6ii 6fl 6jk 6fn 6kd 6f6 6l1 6ef 6lg 6ds 6ls 6d7 6mj 6d2 6n7 6cp 6np 6cg 6o1 6cs,6o0 6ct 6og 6dn 6p2 6eo 6pn 6fo 6qb 6gn 6qv 6hm 6rm 6iq 6sf 6js 6tg 6l3 6ug 6m5 6vj 6n7 70o 6oa 721 6pd 73b 6qa 74n 6r3 764 6rp 77j 6sd 793 6sv 7aj 6tg 7c5 6tv 7dq 6uc 7fe 6un 7h3 6uv 7in 6v5 7k1 6v9 7lb 6vc 7md 6vd 7nf 6vb 7od 6v4 7pc 6un 7q4 6u8 7ql 6tn 7rg 6ts 7rt 6un 7s0 6vj 7sg 70j 7sr 71h 7so 72f,7so 72c 7ti 722 7u9 71j 7v6 719 7vn 70i 7vr 6vm 7vv 6us 80t 6uj 81t 6v2 82s 6vm 83p 70a 84r 712 85q 71g 86u 71r 881 729 892 72n 89u 72t 8ao 730 8b9 73n 8b7 74h 8br 75a 8bu 766 8bv 771 8bv 785 8c4 791,8c4 792 8d9 79b 8du 7a1 8ee 7ai 8fu 7as 8gu 7b7 8hn 7bg 8id 7ca 8j8 7df 8ka 7eg 8l0 7fp 8lm 7h4 8mg 7i8 8n8 7jm 8oa 7l0 8p6 7md 8ps 7nr 8r1 7p2 8s0 7qc 8t4 7rn 8u7 7t4 8vg 7ud 90p 7vs 91v 81a 935 826 947 83c 95b 84f 96k 84r 97r 855 98s 85n 9a0 862 9av 86f 9bl 87j 9bk 88n 9bf 8a7 9bs 8bl 9cf 8d0 9cg 8e4 9ci 8f4 9cm 8g0 9dd 8ge 9eh 8gl 9fq 8gk 9h8 8gr 9io 8gt 9k4 8h1 9lo 8h9 9n6 8hf 9og 8hu 9q2 8i6 9rl 8if 9t8 8ip 9ut 8it a0i 8j9 a28 8ji a3v 8jm a5l 8k4 a7g 8k6 a99 8kc aap 8ko ac4 8kt adf 8l8 aem 8l9 ag0 8li ahb 8lk aic 8lq aja 8m0 ak5 8m2 aku 8m6 am2 8m8 amo 8mc amt 8nk and 8op an2 8q0 amp 8r4 amv 8s1 an2 8t6 an7 8u6 anf 8v7 an4 906 an6 912,9ev 8gj 9fl 8fr 9ft 8f2 9gn 8ev 9h3 8dv 9hg 8d7 9i0 8ck 9in 8c9 9jj 8cn 9kc 8dd 9l5 8e4 9lt 8er 9ml 8fh 9ne 8g4 9o6 8gj 9ot 8h3 9pk 8hg 9qf 8i4 9r6 8id 9rr 8ij 9sd 8il,a3r 8jm a84 8i4 aap 8hl aek 8hj aek 8hv aao 8i0 a83 8if a4d 8jp,aed 8hv aei 8l8,ae1 8i0 ae6 8l8 aas 8i0,aag 8i2 adk 8l8,aaj 8i7 a9u 8kg,aa8 8i2 a9f 8kd,aeq 8la af5 8kg afj 8k1 afo 8jb agh 8jf ah1 8k2 ahk 8kl aic 8l4 aj1 8lf ajm 8ln aka 8lt aks 8m1 alc 8m6,ag5 8jd ag8 8k0 afr 8kc,agf 8kl aft 8ko afs 8l9,aml 8mb an7 8mh anq 8mp aoc 8n3 aoo 8nj ap1 8o5 ap8 8ol apb 8p6 aor 8p7 aoj 8ok aod 8nv ao5 8ne anm 8n3 an5 8mu amm 8ms,aoo 8p3 an6 8pa,aoj 8op anb 8ou,an4 90t ana 91s anj 92q anq 941 aog 94u apf 95d aqp 95m as0 963 ate 965 auq 964 b0a 965 b1t 967 b38 96e b4m 96g b65 96o b7k 96q b97 96t bas 973 bch 970 be8 978 bfv 97f bhm 97f bje 97m bl5 97j bmt 97o bol 97r bqb 97s bri 97u bsd 97u bs9 994 bsf 9a8 bsk 9bc bsd 9cn bsq 9do bst 9ep,ane 8v7 ao6 8vk aov 8vj apm 8vl aq8 901 aqt 8vl ari 8vf as4 8vb asn 8vm at8 90b atl 90v au5 91p auq 92k avj 93a b0f 940 b1c 94h b26 94u b30 958 b3u 95m b4u 967 b5s 96c b6m 96g b7d 96l b82 96p b8k 96s,bst 9em bsu 9fu bsu 9h6 bt2 9ii btb 9ju bth 9l9 btn 9mh btv 9np bu4 9p3 bu8 9qf bua 9rl bu6 9sr bu5 9u2 bu8 9v7 bu9 a0e buk a1d buo a2o buq a44,buq a42 buq a51 buq a68 but a7g buv a90 bv6 aab bvc abj bvc acu bvd ae7 bvl af7 bvq ag8 bvu ahi c04 ain c07 ajs c0d akn c15 akt c1q akk,c1q akk c2j akj c3a akk c3v al6 c4f amd c4u anl c5f ap5 c5u aqg c6f art c71 atd c7k auv c88 b0i c8t b27 c9l b3r cag b5f cbf b70 cch b8e cdk b9p cem bap cfu bbk ch2 bc6 ci3 bcg cj4 bcn ck2 bcq ckt bco clk bcm cm8 bdm cml bes cmf bfq cmk bh1 cn3 bi6 cn5 bjh cn7 bkr cnc blo cnd bmm,cnd bml coa bnr cpr boj crj boo ct8 bpb cv1 bpm d0m bpc d24 bp6 d3f bp0 d4o bo8 d5i bn9 d65 bmd d6r blo d75 bkq d7j bk0 d86 bje d92 bjg da7 bk4 dbh bku dcn blj de1 bm7 dfe bmp dgu bnb dif bnr dk0 bo8 dli boj dn2 bos doj bp3 dq4 bpa dre bpf dsq bpj du3 bpn dvi bpo e0q bpo e24 bpn e36 bpl e46 bpk e59 bpf e6d bp8 e7e bos e89 boe e8v bnv e9j bnj ea5 bo5 ea7 bp7 ean bq9 eb7 brc ebe bsj,ebd bsi ebg btk ebl bul ebr bvn ec8 c0m ecr c1t edc c31 ee1 c4a een c5h efi c6q egi c82 ehr c97 ej7 ca8 ekm cb5 em6 cbs enh cca eov ccm eq9 cct erf cd2 esh cd7 etl cdc eul cdd evt cdc f16 cdc f2m cdc f4b cd9 f5p cd3 f79 ccs f8q cch fa8 cbv fbj cb5 fcn ca5 fdd c94 fdt c7k fe8 c64 fej c4f feo c2t fes c1a feu bvl fet bu1 fes bsd fen bqp fei bp5 fed bnp fe6 bmc fdr bl5 fdg bjm fd6 bic fcp bh1 fc6 bfr fbc bes##T eou cbi
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Postby yakuza on Sun 21/Dec/08 9:32am

dh track post times 54.026

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10b hi 105 he,103 hd 10d hc 106 h7,106 h3 10a h3,105 gv vp gm vs gj,10f im 10l ir 10r j6,14s o2 16d o5,16f o5 180 p7 186 pl 184 qd,182 qd 15q qt 14l qp,14c qd 12u ph,12s pd 13t oc,140 oa 12s pf,12t pf 136 pl,14c qe 14m qn,16p qm 18s r2 1a7 ss 18v ug 167 v2,165 uv 15h u9,15c u4 144 sf,144 sd 15h rc 16m qr,191 ub 1ao ub,1at ub 1c5 v7 1d6 11f 1bm 121,1bk 121 1a4 12g,19t 12d 17s 11k,17p 11i 173 10a,173 107 17i vj 191 uj,113 hc 11r hr 11j ii,11b ho 11j hr 11g i8,11l jg 134 k0 135 l6,12s kj 12s l3 11f l1,12b mi 13f ls 13u ls,13i m4 146 m2 14o m9,13p pk 14o q7 14s qg 15l qm 16i qf,15o qg 16p q5 16q q9,17o r3 18u rb,18t rb 19v sr 18u u7,18s tv 19m st,19k ss 18s rn,191 v8 17t 106 180 10q 190 116,193 101 18h 10d 198 10g,1ae uh 1an uh 1b4 up,1d3 11c 1fe 131 1dg 16r,1db 16r 19o 15j,19l 15h 19e 13n,19e 13b 1ah 12d,1ep 12p 1f7 132 1ep 13q,1d3 11m 1ai 12p 18e 146,19m 13k 1ai 131 1cu 120,1ef 14q 1gr 152 1hv 179 1g8 18g 1f1 187,1et 183 1e2 16t,1e2 16r 1e5 15l,1f1 184 1ep 17r,1en 151 1gm 157 1hg 16s,1fq 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896,ie7 8b2 idl 8b2,eua 7l9 es8 7kp#T pmo 9sp,S 33v 2al,S 2uv 288,S 2r9 25r,S 2mc 248,S 2jp 22d,S 2hr 1u0,S 2f1 1pi,S 24k 1g1,S 281 1mu,S 259 1k0,S 1tv 1ch,S 1oa 17t,S 1kv 156,S 1hg 12p,S 1du 104,S 1bi ro,S 16t nm,S 13e iq,S vt fr,S 7p2 3sg,S 7th 40i,S 829 44f,S 86v 493,S 8df 4f1,S 8iu 4k3,S 8mm 4mt,S 8r4 4ro,S 920 4vq,S 97f 55e,S 9bu 5ar,S 9h3 5eb,S 9mn 5hd,S 9s8 5jq,S cb9 5uk,S cfa 5vs,S cj8 62s,S cmb 65m,S cre 67q,S cn1 66s,S cpf 691,S cus 6bn,S d2f 6e7,S ctl 6ai,S d7b 6i5,S d5i 6gh,S d9l 6k8,S dc5 6mp,S df3 6ot,S dfl 6rp,S dhh 6rk,S dh4 6qd,S dkf 6t0
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Postby kieran121 on Fri 26/Dec/08 4:39pm

try this map ( copy paste it). :) -18 1i 18 1i,6p 1k 9m 1k,60 1k 6l 1b 73 l 7a -4,7b -6 7c f 7b 12 7b 1j,6s 10 6s 1f,3f -86 c5 -85 c5 -9a,c5 -99 3g -99,3f -99 3f -86,6s 1d 6s 1i,7e m 7l m 7l 1j,7f m 7c n,3d -8k -aj -8l,-ai -8l -aj -85 3i -86,-7r -8m -7l -u7,-7m -ua -75 -u9 -7d -8l,6s -99 6b -1aa,74 -1aa 7t -9d,7r -ce c4 -9a,6q -cd 3e -99,3q -9a 6q -bv,7s -c3 bl -9d,-18 1i -18 1l,-188 9u -8c a0 -8c 89 -184 8b -189 9t,-186 9t -187 -2n -1al -2k -1ag 9u -185 9u,-1ai 9k -1ag bl -8l bp -8q a2,-8l bm -8e bm -8e 9q,-8g 88 -8b 8d,-88 5j -7c 5l -6f 5n -5c 5q -44 5v -2s 67 -1m 6h -f 73 o 81 1t 94,-8h 88 -7m 8d -6o 8g -5p 8m -4p 8s -3p 98 -2h 9q -18 ae 2 bb 16 c7 2b d4 3k e2 50 et 6c fm 7r gc 95 gq,s 1h 9h 1j,-16 1k -18 3g,-16 3g 9k 3g 9j 1j,-jf 9h -ia 9h -i9 90 -j8 93 -j8 8n -ib 8n,-i1 8r -i1 9p,-i1 9m -h4 9h,-gu 8q -gu 9u,-gu 9r -fs 9i -fv 8q -gr 8r,-fn 8p -fm 9l -f8 9g -f3 9r -eo 8l,1o 90 2a 9c 31 9t,3p ag 4j b0 5c bg 67 c1 77 ck 8b d6 9h di,3p ah 19 8e,5s ra 81 r8 9s r9 bg ra cf rc dk r7 ev r0 g4 r9 hi rb j1 rf kh re m8 rb o0 r7 ps r8 rp rg tp rt vf rt 117 rr 12t rq 14j rp 168 rq 17s r9 19f qp 1b2 qa 1ck pu 1eo pf 1gq p1,4r -8o 55 -92,52 -92 68 -8l,6f -8l 71 -8q,4u 99 4u 9d,1lo p4 1ks p4 1k0 p3 1j1 ov,1gm ov 1i6 on,1mk od 1ml p6 1ma q9 1mc rl 1m3 t2 1ne ud 1mm vs 1m8 11q 1lr 13o 1ll 15n 1la 17j 1l0 19f 1ke 1b4 1mq 1c0 1oc 1ca 1ns 1do 1or 1f2 1og 1gd 1p1 1hu 1o8 1je 1pf 1l0 1nm 1m6 1nc 1nq 1ms 1pf 1mu 1r7 1md 1sp 1nc 1un 1md 1vs 1o3 212 1nj 22b 1ph 239 1pj 24i 1o7 255 1mf 25d,1nb 2ab 1o4 2al 1n6 29v,1nb 24q 1o4 264 1pa 26q 1qv 274 1so 26v 1uc 25u 20a 25u 211 24j 22t 23n 23j 21j 233 1vh 22f 1tg 23d 1s9 23l 1qs 256 1ph 23f 1nl 21c 1md 22h 1kv 23a 1ju 24i 1ik 237 1h8 21g 1g2 1vt 1ep 21e 1df 20a 1bv 20t 1aa 1vp 18e 20v 174 20t 159 22h 142 24k 136 248 11d 23i 10a 24p vh 236 v6 21t ub 20r ti 205 s2 1uv r6 1vf q1 1vb ou 1us nn 1v1 mi,1hd os 1mn mt,1j2 ou 1hq op,-ft s5 6f ra,1mi o9 1mi n1,1li p4 1mg p2,1v0 mf 29s ma,29n ma 2am mc 2bm mc 2cn mn 2dv n7 2f8 no 2gi of 2hs ou 2jg pa 2le pn 2ng q4 2pe qo 2r6 rd 2t7 rn 2vb rs,2uu rv 31q rs,31o rq 323 sn 32n tj 33k uj 34j ve 35r 10d 36v 11b 38a 12b 3a7 12s 3ca 139 3ee 13k 3g1 13r 3i4 146 3k6 14j 3m7 152 3o7 15e 3q8 15j 3s8 15o 3u8 15v 408 166 427 16e 448 16g 46b 167 48d 160 4af 15p 4ch 15k 4ei 15d 4gf 153 4ia 14r 4k5 14h 4m0 145 4nr 13o 4pn 13c 4ri 131 4te 12m 4v9 12a 515 11v 530 11j 54s 118,31o ru 3oi rp 3oi sd 31r sa,33n sa 33n uq,347 sc 347 v5,36o sc 36l 115,374 sc 375 11e,39h sc 39h 12m,39u sc 3a0 12q,3cf se 3cg 136,3ct sa 3cv 138,3ga se 3ge 13q,3gl sa 3gn 13v,3k3 sa 3k7 14k,3kj se 3kp 14l,3na sd 3na 157,3nl se 3nu 15c,2o7 k9 2oo kj 2p2 l8 2op ls,2op lr 2o8 m3,2p6 ke 2p8 m5 2q3 m5,2p7 l7 2pt l9,2p4 ke 2q1 kg,2qe kg 2qe m6,2qc m6 2r7 m6,2qe l3 2r6 l2,2o7 lu 2o5 k8,2qe ke 2r7 kh,2rn kg 2ro mf,2ro kg 2sc kh 2s8 l9 2rn l7,2t3 lf 2ta m2 2te lq 2tk m3 2tr ld,2tr m5 2tv lf 2u7 m3,2u0 lp 2u3 lq,2u3 lo 2tu lp,2ug ld 2uh m6,2u7 ld 2uv ld,2us lg 2us m3 2vb m3,2us lm 2va lo,2uq lh 2vb lh,2vj lf 2vl m3,2vl lh 302 lm 2vn lt,2vn lr 2vt m1,2t7 k6 2tu k4 2uk jr 2vc k4 304 jv 30u jv,2vo k0 2vk ji 2vf jh,2vs ju 2vm jh 2vp jg,2vk jh 2vh jd,2vk jg 2vl jc,2vl jf 2vq jd,3od sb 3p7 s6 3q4 sf 3r8 sd 3sa se 3tg sg,3tk sd 3u9 sa,3v1 sh 400 sg 411 sh 420 sg 42v s9 43q sf 44o se 45u sh 478 s4 48i rr 4a4 s3 4bl rm 4d6 rr 4eg s5 4fs rv 4hf rv 4j4 s2 4kp rr 4mh ro 4oa rp 4q4 rk 4rv r9 4tp r9 4vj rb 51d r5 537 r0 552 r6,3tf sh 3u2 sc 3uk se,3ui sf 3v2 sf,3ir ro 3ji rk 3k9 ra,16a rp 1mq mr,3jg rh 3o7 pr,3oa pr 3oc rn,3vn sg 3vm rv 406 sg,41a sh 422 sl 41v st 40m su,40q st 40q t8 40i su,40j t2 40a t4 409 su,409 t0 3v4 sv 3um ss,3v0 si 3uk sm 3ui sg,3uh sh 3ug t5 3un st,420 sp 41r sp,547 118 55d 10g 56o v7 588 tl 59k s6 5aq qs 5bq p9 5co nl 5dl mg 5el lh,611 io 61l jt 62h l5 637 ma 642 nf 654 ol 66c pr 67o r0 698 s6 6aq tb 6ce ug 6e4 vl 6fr 10r 6hk 120 6je 135 6kq 142 6m6 14u 6nk 14a 6ot 13p 6qg 13o 6s8 13t 6tp 13p 6vc 139 711 13r 72p 14k 74n 14i 76l 146 78j 14c,53r r4 59f rj,59d rl 5ag r4,5ef lq 5f6 lb,5f8 l3 5f9 lu 5fc mq 5g0 ne 5g0 oc 5gf pj 5gf qq 5g3 rt 5gh sr 5g3 tp 5h0 up 5hb 100 5h8 11a 5hu 12c 5go 13e 5hm 14f 5h5 15q 5hi 173 5hl 18b,5hi 17q 5gm 186 5fe 18r 5df 196 5ci 1a5 5bg 1bo 59q 1ce 58k 1ct 599 1e0 57i 1es 560 1fj 54u 1gr 53a 1h4 51u 1gv 515 1ft 4ve 1ge 4uv 1ho 4uv 1jg 4tt 1l5 4ut 1mo 50k 1nr 52a 1p2 536 1qu 540 1sr 53v 1ug 55a 202 56r 20p 58n 21a 5ae 21j 5c2 22h 5di 23t 5fi 24g 5hb 24l 5im 25h 5kc 251 5m2 243 5no 230 5pe 22o 5r3 22s 5si 23i 5uk 234 5vv 22n 61k 22h 63f 21r 65b 21h 66u 22h 68a 23m 69s 230 6bg 22e 6cv 213 6et 212,6et 212 6gq 22e 6hu 23o 6jr 22u 6lb 235 6mj 223 6lk 20t 6k5 204 6ku 1ut 6m4 1u0 6ks 1t5 6km 1rv 6ir 1ra 6go 1qo 6fq 1q7 6gj 1pd 6h8 1ok 6gk 1nf 6hb 1ma 6gb 1la 6f2 1ks 6di 1k7 6ch 1j4 6bj 1hs 6am 1gj,6ar 1h0 6a9 1g1 69n 1f5 68j 1ea 675 1do 65q 1da 64m 1cl 63m 1bo 62i 1av 61n 19h 60q 18h 5vk 17t,5vj 181 5v6 16v 5uo 15p 5uq 14j 5to 13k 5t2 12m 5t8 11g 5ud 124 5vn 12l 60k 13r 61r 157 63l 160 65c 16b 66u 16e 68e 17i 6a2 18r 6bo 19i 6dk 19q 6fb 1a2 6gq 1ao 6i6 1bj 6jj 1cj 6ku 1d3 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Postby konakid888 on Fri 26/Dec/08 6:08pm

hey, i made this, actually

-18 1i 18 1i,1f8 cd 1e8 es 17c i0 17h i8 1ed f4 1ea eq,1ed f4 1f8 cf,1ee ns 1ee nd 1e7 nf,1ee nd 1eb ng,1e3 nf 1ef nc 1g5 p4,1ee nr 1fr pb 1g5 p3,1fr pb 1hu qb 1kj qe 1kj q4,1g3 p3 1i4 q1 1ki q3,1i3 q1 1hv qc,1kj q3 1kk 1b6,1ki 1b6 2ei 1b2,1kf qb 1la 1b7,1kf r2 1m6 1b7,1kh tn 1n9 1b2,1kf v1 1o9 1b2,1kf 109 1pu 1b2,1kf 11m 1s4 1b2,1kf 131 1v8 1b2,1kf 14g 237 1b2,1kf 15o 27j 1b2,1kf 16p 2ar 1b5,1kd 17i 2ef 1b2,1kh 1b2 35n 1av,1ke 18f 2hn 1b2,1ke 198 2n1 1au,1kh c2 1ki kb,1kk c2 1kl k9 1ki k9,1kh c4 1kl c4,3d6 16i 3ik 16i,39g 1as 3ac 1ag 3b4 1a2 3bq 19h 3cb 18s 3cn 187 3d0 17i 3d5 16t,3d6 16i 3d5 16t,1kd 19p 2rv 1av,1ke 1ag 2tn 1au,3ih 16i 42p 16i,42p 16k 42p 1bp,42k 16o 438 16o,42k 172 43i 172,42k 17c 43s 17c 43s 17m,42k 17m 446 17m,42k 180 44g 180 44g 18a,42k 18a 44q 18a 44q 18k,42k 18k 454 18k 454 18u,42k 18u 45e 18u 45e 198,42k 198 45o 198 45o 19i,42k 19i 462 19i 462 19s,42k 19s 46c 19s 46c 1a6,42k 1a6 46m 1a6 46m 1ag,42k 1ag 470 1ag 470 1aq,42k 1aq 47a 1aq 47a 1b4,42k 1b4 47k 1b4 47k 1be,42k 1be 47u 1be 47u 1bo,42k 1bo 488 1bo 4lm 1bo 4nl 1an,437 16o 438 172,43i 171 43i 17c,446 17n 447 180,1ee nd 1g3 p4,1g4 p3 1i2 q2,1i2 q1 1g4 p4,1i3 q3 1kj q5,1ki q4 1i3 q2,1eb ne 1ee nd,1ec nt t9 nt t6 nb,nv av p0 bb q1 bl r5 bu,r2 bu 16t dg,16s dg 16s dp r0 c6 r2 bs,r0 bu 16r dg r0 c0,1e9 et 17d i2,t6 nd oa j7 o0 jj t8 nt,oa jb t2 nb,1kh fd 1im fd,1kg fn 1in fn,1k6 fm 1kh g0,1k5 fc 1kh eu,1il fe 1im fo,-1a 1i -1l e -1e c -18 1i,-1j f -1g e -1f i,-1f j -1i j -1j f,e8 1n en 22 ek 30,em 2c f9 2a,fq 2i g4 34 g6 3n g0 47 fh 4f,17 1i ec 1i,e7 1n dn 1s d3 29 d5 2k dh 32 dr 35,d4 28 cq 24,cp 24 ce 22 c8 1q c0 1r bn 1i,cb 1i ca 1s,co 1i co 24,dl 1j dl 1s,eb 1i eb 1p,ga 43 g4 3r,em 2e f8 2c,f7 2c fo 2k g1 34,g0 34 g2 3n,e6 1q ek 23,ej 22 eh 2s,d6 1i d6 26,-1b 1h -47 1h -5h 10 -6u i -81 5,-83 6 -fr -1s -gi -2f,-84 7 -80 6,1ke qd 1kd 1b6,qu c6 oe be ns at,r0 c1 o6 b5,o4 b2 qu bu,qv c0 o5 b4,4nu 1ak 4pl 19l,4lm 1bn 5em 1bl,4nk 1an 4nk 1bn,4mr 1b5 4mr 1bn,4nu 1ak 4nv 1bn,4pm 19m 4pm 1bn,4oq 1a5 4or 1bn,4pt 19m 4tg 19m,4q0 19m 4q1 1bm,4te 19n 4te 1bm,4rn 19n 4rn 1bm,4tm 19l 4v9 18g,4tp 19k 4to 1bm,4v8 18h 4v9 1bm,4ug 194 4ug 1bl,4ve 18e 54g 18d,4vm 18e 4vn 1bm,54a 18d 54b 1bn,51s 18e 51t 1bl,54n 18c 583 16k,581 16m 581 1bj,54r 18e 54r 1bl,56l 17e 56m 1bm,5ek 1bj 6b4 1bi 6gh 1bi 6h6 1bc,58c 16h 5c5 15c,58i 16g 58i 1bk,5c2 15d 5c5 1bm,5a6 161 5a6 1bl,5cf 15c 5nk 15a,5ck 15d 5cm 1bk,5gq 15c 5gr 1bi,5nd 15b 5ng 1bj,61m 1af 63d 1bc 644 1bi,63d 1bd 63e 1bi,61n 1ag 61q 1bi,62i 1av 62i 1bi,6h2 1be 6h2 1em,6ck 1bi 6ck 1cb,6ej 1bi 6ei 1dd,6h1 1c3 6c4 1c3,6h1 1cn 6d8 1cm,6h0 1da 6eg 1da,6h3 1ds 6fh 1ds,6h1 1eg 6h0 1ed,6h2 1ee 6ge 1ed,6g5 1bh 6g5 1e9,6gj 1bi 6h8 1bh 6h6 1bc,ga 43 gd 4e g2 52,g1 53 fp 56,g6 44 g9 4e,ga 4k h4 4c hu 4p,hu 4q ic 5j,id 5k ia 6g hm 6u,gg 4o h4 4i hn 4q i5 5h i6 6b,ic 66 k6 6h kq 6i lk 7b,lk 7c le 83,ld 84 kp 8h,ko 8h kj 8h,j4 6j kn 6l le 7b,lf 7d la 81 ks 8b,lf 7r mm 7m nf 89 nj 98 na 9l,n9 9m mv 9q,ll 7u mg 7t,mi 7t n8 89 nc 93,nh 94 o1 92 oj 9e on a1 oh 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Re: Freerider 2 - Share Your Maps Here

Postby shotcaller41 on Sun 11/Jan/09 6:22pm

-18 1i 18 1i,-17 1h -5p 1j,-5q 1h -7e 13,-7f 12 -8n -6,-8o -7 -9m -1t,18 1h c3 1a,15 1h 15 31 -9s 38,15 31 c0 2p c0 17,15 2u 12 8n 2a 8i 25 33,5e 31 5e 8b 6m 8b 6m 2s,a9 2u a9 8b br 88 bu 2s,15 2a bp 23,-9s 2s -9p -1t,-9s 2n -a1 8l,15 28 -9s 25,-2r 38 -2m 8d,-2o 88 -48 88 -4a 36,-a1 7s -8k 81 -8h 36,bv 18 bt 0 2h 1e,5e 1d br l,uq am us i3,2pt lt 2s4 qt 3b2 r1,2ps lr 3au qt 3of uv,3of ut 3pg v6 3qf vd 3ri vm 3so 100 3u5 109 3vn 10e 414 10h 42j 10h 444 10e 45n 102 47a vd 48s ug 4ac t9 4bk rs 4cj qc 4dg ot,4p4 m3 4pf n3 4pp o4 4q4 pb 4qh qe 4r6 ri 4s4 sm 4t7 ts 4ue v2 4vo 103 516 111,4df ov 4d6 116,45l 10o 46e 10h 47b 108 486 vr 491 va 49o un 4ac u4 4au th 4bi sv 4c1 sd 4ce rp 4co ra,4co r8 4cg 116,48m vo 4ca vs,49j uv 4ce v6,4b1 tf 4cg th,4bs sk 4ci sm,4p2 lt 4p6 11q,4pl q8 4pt qu 4q8 ro 4ql sf 4r4 t3 4rn to 4sd ue 4t4 v2 4ts vm 4ui 109 4va 10u 501 11g 50r 11v 51l 12b 52c 12k,4pl qh 4pq 122,4pl t3 4r5 t6,4po u2 4rv u6,4ps vi 4tq vm,4ps 10g 4ur 10i,bt -1 dk -b dl 17 c0 19,bt j di e,1oh rb up r0,us i2 up qu,102 ee 102 qm,14o r0 14l kg,15s qu 15p lf,19f r0 19f om,1ac r5 1a4 p2,105 ec 10h f8 114 g9 11p h8 12e i8 135 j7 140 k3 14s kr 15k lf 16a m1 171 mh 17o n6 18e np 198 od 1a1 p0 1at pj 1bu q6 1d3 ql 1e9 r0,us al 102 ch 12i g7 14d ik,2g7 ng 2ee r8,2f5 pe 28d ra,2am ra 2eq qa,2qc mu 37t qt,2r6 n7 2st qn,2rv on 33m qs,2sc pn 309 qs,5ic 11p 5jf 11k 5ki 11d,5ln 113 5mr 10j 5ns 101 5p6 v6,5q8 ua 5r8 t9 5s1 s4,-9q -1u -i3 -20,-i4 -20 -q3 7o -a2 8k,-am -1s -b1 8j,-oj 71 -ht -18 -ap -13,-ok 6v -b1 7m,-ht -17 -i7 76,-hi 77 -h6 -18,-ar 24 -hd 21,-hd 2v -ap 37,-q5 7q -qo 85 -rf 8g -sc 8m -te 8o -ui 8k -vk 89 -10h 7q -11b 78,-11a 77 -120 6b,-1dq 56 -1dl 64 -1dg 77 -1da 8e -1d4 9i -1cr ao,-15d in -13o ja -12a jj -110 jm,-1ct ak -1ci bi -1c3 cg -1bl dc -1b4 e7 -1af f2 -19m fq -18t gd,-18t gc -15c in,-1dr 55 -1df j9,-1da j9 -101 jo,-120 6e -11t 9d -a2 a3 -a2 8j,-2c kf 80 le,-2c kd -2c lg,7r ld 8r li 9p lm av lp c7 lt db m5 ef me fk mo gn n7 hq nr ir of jm p2 kk po lg qg m8 r6 n1 ru nu sp ot tl pv uk,s9 10d tn 119,10r 12p 12g 13d 143 13r 15h 141 16q 143 187 142 19e 141 1aq 141 1cc 142 1dn 141 1f4 140 1gi 140 1i2 13v 1jk 13v 1l6 13v 1mp 140 1od 141 1q1 143 1rl 145 1tb 146 1v0 146 20m 146 22c 147 243 148 25q 149 27h 14a 298 14c 2av 14d 2cm 14f,2hi 12l 2ih 121 2jg 116 2k5 108 2kp v8,2kp v8 2lb u6 2lq t3 2m4 140,2ck 14e 2df 14c 2eh 145 2ff 13t 2gd 13g 2h8 131,2i0 12i 2im 123 2j8 11l 2jo 116,-102 jn -v9 jp,-vg jn -a4 j8 -a2 l7 -1dd kt -1df j9,-1db k2 -a2 ka,-1ck ja -1ct d0,-1ct d2 -1ce dn -1bu ee -1bf f4 -1au fr -1a9 gg -19j h1 -18s hg -182 hv -179 id -16i ir -15q j8 -154 jj,-1cr f8 -1be f8,-1co fs -1at fu,-1cm hh -190 hg,-1cm i2 -17r i4,-h4 -5e -fo -67,-h2 -5e -fs -4q,-go -a1 -ir -a4 -ip -8i -h0 -8g -h4 -72 -ip -77,-ft -a6 -g4 -77 -es -73,-ct -a9 -ed -a1 -eb -75 -co -73 -cp -a9,-cf -ab -ca -72 -bg -73 -bl -a7,-bh -73 -an -73 -ao -a9,-h0 -5h -el -5e,-24 13n -2b lc,-2d lc -1e lh -i ll,-l lj b lm 1c ln 2e lq 3h lt 4o m3 5u m8 77 md 8h mi 9p mm au mq c3 mt d9 n5 eg nh fl o3 gq ol hs pa j3 pu k4 qi l1 rb lo s0 md si n5 t5,pt ul qj v3 r7 vj rv 103 sp 10i ti 113 ua 11k v3 123,n3 t8 pt vo sb 11h ur 130 10p 13v,-29 ks 1b l9 4a lj,54 ll bb mh,c5 mh fg n9,gc nq jk pl,kq qk n5 sm,o4 ti ps v4,r4 100 sv 11b,-27 13j 167 143,uv 121 10r 12o,tq 11s vu 12t,10h 13b 121 13s,-17 nl -a p7,-1b ll -17 127 uc 12n,21 lo 28 12b,30 lt 39 12d,6v mg 72 11v,88 ml 85 121,b6 ms bb 128,cf n3 cj 12d,ga op go 12b,hk pj i3 11j,i0 11h i3 12f,lb ro lr 12i,mq su nb 12i,q2 vt q2 12f,r6 10p r8 12k,-1a s1 ld sn,ld to -1b t8,-19 nl g8 oc,-1b p2 hv pi,-17 v6 pl vn,r7 10o -17 107,2lp 141 2cc 14e,2gb 149 2h3 13v 2hp 13j 2ii 136 2jb 12o 2jt 125 2kd 11h 2ks 10r 2l8 105 2lh vg 2lp ut,2l3 10a 2l6 141,2kg 11d 2kg 13v,2jc 12q 2jc 13t,2ie 13b 2if 142,2n5 t0 2ne 13v 2lq 141,2mc t3 2mm 13t,2lq t3 2n4 t0,2lr t1 2n5 pm 2na vu,2mk r2 2mk sp,2o9 13s 2nf 13u,2n4 pn 2n9 om 2no 13s,2tr bt 3oo n5,3oo n3 3pi ne 3qh nm 3rm nu 3sm o5 3tk ob 3us oh 402 op 41f p1 431 p8 44d p9 45r p6 472 os 488 oc 495 np 4a0 n2 4ao m9,2tr c1 2u0 gv,2u2 h3 3q1 nj,2uo d5 2ur g7 3ih l8 2up d5,31a ea 31f gq,327 ek 32c h1,359 fs 35c hq,369 g9 369 hv,38u hb 391 im,39n hl 39n ip,3ch ir 3ci jk,3d8 j3 3d6 jr,4ue k4 4un kv 4v3 lr,5ro th 5rl 10r 5nr 10v 5ro th,5q8 v1 5rj uv,5rj vp 5pb vp,5a5 12q 5ba 12o 5ch 12m 5di 12j 5en 12g 5ft 12a 5h1 124 5i3 11t,5j6 11m 5k3 11g,5lj 113 5kr 119 5k1 11f 5j7 11l 5ig 11q 5hs 11u,5sf 11p 5c2 12q,5s0 s3 5sf 11n,14c ij 14u j9 15n jv 16f kj 177 l7 182 lt 18v mi 19v n7 1b0 ns 1c3 of,1gi qg 1hr qr 1j6 r0 1ki r4 1lm r7,1c2 of 1cs ov 1dn pe 1ej pt 1fg q9 1gg qi,1oh rb 1pa rb 1qa rc 1r9 rc 1s9 rb 1t9 rb,1t8 rb 1u2 ra 1v0 r7 200 r2 20s qu 21l qp 22e qk 239 qf 240 qa 2h1 mu 2f7 rb 1pc rb,2g5 ng 23m r6,5q8 u9 5p7 v5,4v3 lq 4ve mh 4vu nb 50k o7 51b p0 522 pp 530 qh 53v r6 54v ro 566 sc 57f sq 58q t5 5a7 td 5bf tj 5cv tn 5ed to 5fu tk 5hg te 5j2 t1 5kg sd 5ls ro 5mv r2,5n0 r2 5oq pg,42c 10f 4d2 116,4p3 11l 52c 12l,515 110 51u 11d 52q 11o 53q 121 54u 12b 564 12i 57d 12m 58g 12n 59l 12o 5aj 12o,6e4 ss 6e6 tr 6ed uv 6eo 107 6f4 11d 6fk 12l 6g9 13r 6h4 150 6hr 15m 6im 167 6jm 16r 6kp 17e 6lu 17v 6n5 18e,6lr 17t 6mu 189,6oi 18p 6q3 193 6rd 198 6so 19d 6u0 19e,6n3 18e 6og 18o,6e3 st 68p sq,68r sq 695 18p 6sl 19d,6tu 19c 77a 19e,778 19f 782 19d 790 19c 7a6 19a 7bc 193 7cm 18o 7e6 189 7fd 17p 7gj 176 7ho 16c 7ib 15f 7io 14f,6mv 12i 6o4 138 6pe 13u 6qq 14g 6sa 14s 6ts 156 6vg 15d 715 15h 72r 15j 74h 15h 768 15e 780 15b 79n 154 7ba 14n 7ci 149 7dh 13o 7e5 134 7eh 12e,77d 19f 7kr 19h 7ko 14b 7io 14d,7s9 142 7sc 152 7sj 164 7st 17c 7ta 18h 7u0 19m 7uq 1as,8gt 1j7 8il 1ja 8k6 1j7 8le 1j2 8mp 1ir 8ns 1il 8ot 1ig,7un 1as 7vm 1bp 80r 1cn 827 1dk 83f 1ee 84s 1fa 86h 1g7 88a 1h1 8a4 1hn 8c4 1ib 8e7 1iq 8g8 1iv,8ga 1it 8gu 1j5,7s8 140 7po 143 7qe 1ih 8gv 1j8,813 12o 81i 13l 823 14i 82p 15o 83l 16s 84g 17r 85f 18p 86m 19o 87p 1af 890 1b4 8aa 1br 8br 1ce 8dh 1cv 8f9 1df 8h0 1dp 8ig 1dv 8jo 1dr 8ks 1dl 8ls 1df 8mn 1da 8nf 1d6,5or pe 5qb o8,8op 1ig 8pk 1ic 8qi 1i4 8re 1hm 8s9 1h3,8ne 1d6 8o9 1cu 8ot 1ch 8pg 1c1 8s2 1bv,8gv 1j7 8v3 1j9 8v3 1ga 8t2 1ga,7ku 19o 7qb 1ie,7kn 149 7ph 142,6i6 rh 6ic sd 6in td 6j1 ua 6jg vb 6k5 109 6l2 117 6lu 11r 6ms 12c,9ek 1g7 9es 1h6 9fa 1i9 9g4 1jf 9h0 1kf 9i0 1li 9j3 1mg 9kc 1ng 9lp 1od 9nb 1p7 9p1 1pp 9qp 1q7 9sg 1ql 9ub 1r1 a0b 1r9 a2c 1re a4c 1rf a6b 1rb a88 1qv aa4 1qc abu 1pk adl 1oo af8 1nn agf 1mi ahb 1lf ai6 1ka,8sm 13f 90j 13f 9jr v2 9r3 v1,9r1 uv 9rn v0,9u0 nq 9hv nq 9dt mt 9a9 l1,9rk uv 9sj ur 9tg un 9uh ui 9vk u7 a0n to a1m t3 a2i s8 a33 r8 a3a q3 a35 ot a2m nq a20 ms a14 m2,8pf 1c1 8pq 1bf 8q2 1ap 8q7 1a0 8qc 197,9a9 ku 99i kg 98v jm 98h ih 988 h7 983 g2 985 es 98j do 997 co 99q bt,9d1 ef 9eg ek 9fu er 9h8 eu 9ik eu 9jt eu 9kv ev 9lv ev 9ms ev,9eg 1g8 998 1g3 99l 1r1 ap9 1s0 apb 1k3 ai8 1k8,9mq et 9ns f1 9ou f4 9q5 f5 9re f8 9so fb 9u1 ff 9vl fp a0s g2 a24 gb a35 gi a47 gp a5a h2 a69 hd a78 hr a86 id a90 j0 a9r jk aar ke abo l5 aco lv adq mq aem nh afm oa agm p0,b25 1k9 b2b 1rp,b25 1k9 asp 1kc asm 1rv,b2b 1rn b2a 1sj b2d 1tj b2g 1uk b2n 1vt b33 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