My Free Rider Tracks

Postby wooshman1 on Mon 13/Oct/08 7:17pm

this is a alrite free rider 2 track

its called
escape from the badly drawn fire
my best time is 31 secs

-18 1i 18 1i,17 1i 1v 1k 2k 1m 35 1o,40 21 4n 2q 5h 3a 6k 36 7f 2q 88 26 9g 38 af 4d bj 5i ct 6i ef 7f g6 84 hs 8c jo 8e le 8s n6 9l of ak q0 aq rv av to bu uq d8 109 d8 11m d0 13a do 14u f4 16l fk 18n er 1a7 e8 1bp ee 1db ej 1ek fj 1fk gp 1h3 gn 1it g8 1ki fn,1ru fa 1sr ef 1u8 dq 1vn dq 216 e6 22k ep 249 en 261 e0 27o da 29b dg 2at e3 2ca er 2d6 fh 2e9 eu 2fb e4 2ga eq 2h0 ft 2io g8 2kc fp 2lv ev 2nm ef,2nn ed 2on f5 2pk ft 2qj gl 2rt hb 2t8 hr 2ur i7 30g i6 329 hn 343 gs 35r fq 37s fe 39j g6 3b3 hc 3cj il 3e4 jv 3fm l9 3h8 mk 3ir o0 3kf pd 3m2 qq 3nn s7 3ov t7 3qp tu 3sj ts 3uc tr 402 un 41j 109 431 11d 44b 11s 45o 127 46t 13u 47r 15h 48t 16q 4a6 171 4bf 16q 4co 187 4dt 19t 4f6 1b9 4gf 1bl 4hq 1bj,4om 1er 4ps 1e7 4qj 1dr 4rg 1ek 4s1 1fq 4se 1h0 4sr 1hu 4tn 1ir 4ur 1jj 508 1ka 51g 1ko 52q 1l6 540 1ld 55d 1m3 56j 1n8 57p 1op 593 1qc 5an 1rk 5cj 1s4 5eh 1ru 5gg 1rn 5hk 1tc 5i1 1v3 5hq 20k 5hc 21f 5id 22f 5ig 241 5hp 25o 5ho 271 5il 282 5jc 29g 5jk 2av 5kc 2ch 5lo 2do 5n7 2f0 5oo 2g8 5qi 2h4 5se 2hm 5u4 2hh 5vn 2h8 61b 2ig 62c 2js 63u 2jp 65e 2jc 66k 2km 67d 2lf 68d 2ka 69o 2k1 6al 2kt 6c3 2k9 6dj 2k9 6eg 2lg 6fr 2ln 6hb 2m8 6i5 2nj 6je 2ns 6kj 2nj 6kd 2mq 6lj 2m3,6rb 2n2 6ru 2ml 6sr 2ni 6tv 2oe 6vg 2ob 70s 2nf 72a 2mj 73k 2md 74t 2mr 75n 2ng,6ln 2m0 6dl 2ke,6dj 2k8 6m5 2lt,6gu 2l2 6g5 2lo,6h3 2l6 6ga 2lt,6ij 2le 6hl 2mr,6iq 2lh 6hq 2mt,6jq 2ll 6jj 2np,6k0 2lm 6jr 2np,6eo 2ko 6eq 2le,6er 2kn 6ev 2ll,6lf 2m4 6m1 2lt,6p9 2n3 6pt 2n7 6qj 2n8 6r6 2n5,75l 2ne 76i 2of 77c 2pf 786 2qa 79b 2r6 7ag 2rq 7bp 2s1 7d5 2rq 7e8 2rc 7fh 2qo 7h6 2qp 7iq 2rm 7kg 2sn 7m8 2tp 7o0 2up 7pp 2vm 7rk 30k 7tg 31i 7vb 32a 815 32t 82t 33e 84h 33o 85q 33r 871 33o 885 33h 891 33a,891 336 8io 30f 8iq 30l 892 33c,896 337 892 33c,88v 33a 8mh 35r,8ic 30r 8fd 34h,8hc 313 8er 34c,8ij 30o 8fn 34h,8hj 312 8es 34e,8bn 32n 8be 33o,8b9 32p 8b6 33n,891 336 87e 33l,8md 35t 90o 381,90l 384 90p 38s 911 39n 91h 3ac 92m 3au 93u 3ba 95h 3bf 96s 3be 984 3b5 999 3ag 9ah 3ar 9bj 3bn 9cm 3cp 9dr 3ds 9f3 3et 9ge 3ft 9hq 3gp 9iv 3h8 9k2 3hh 9l8 3hh 9mh 3hl 9nn 3ib 9or 3ic 9ps 3ht 9qs 3i6 9rj 3is 9s7 3jf 9sv 3jg 9th 3j0 9ul 3iv 9vq 3jb a14 3js a2k 3kd a3u 3kr a5a 3l9 a6n 3li a7v 3le a96 3l8 aad 3ln abj 3md acv 3n2 ae9 3na afd 3n3 ag7 3mi ah6 3mn ahu 3n8 aih 3nr ajf 3od akm 3or aln 3os aml 3om anh 3oe aoj 3os apq 3pe aqv 3po as0 3pj ast 3p8 au0 3pk av6 3qb b0d 3qr b1g 3qu b2e 3qk b3f 3qg b4r 3qq b66 3r7,9mf 3hl 9n2 3hf 9nn 3h9 9of 3h5 9p8 3h5 9q1 3h7 9qr 3h9 9rm 3hf 9se 3hk 9t6 3hu 9to 3id 9u7 3iq,9ur 3iv 9ue 3if 9u0 3i1 9tf 3hm 9sr 3hd 9s7 3h3 9rf 3gt 9qo 3gq 9q2 3gm 9p9 3gj 9og 3gh 9nn 3gj 9n0 3gn 9ma 3h0 9lp 3h9 9l4 3hf 9kh 3hf 9k0 3hg,9ul 3il 9v3 3iv 9vk 3j9,9u4 3ir 9ui 3j3,9og 3h6 9ob 3i7,9on 3h4 9oj 3ic,9n8 3hd 9na 3i2,9ni 3hb 9ni 3i6,9qc 3hb 9qa 3i1,9qk 3h9 9qj 3hv,9s0 3hi 9s5 3jc,9s8 3hn 9sd 3jf,8ih 30n 99s 3ak,8in 30f 9ai 3aq,8jj 316 8je 359,8jr 319 8jn 35a,8li 321 8lf 35k,8lp 323 8lk 35k,8nl 32t 8nk 364,8ns 330 8nq 365,8qa 341 8q9 36n,8qj 346 8qh 36o,8rm 34n 8ro 370,8s0 34n 8s1 371,8uh 35q 8uh 37i,8uq 35u 8uq 37k,918 36v 915 39p,91h 375 91f 3a9,92k 37i 92e 3as,935 37o 92p 3b2,957 38o 955 3bd,95p 38u 95j 3b9,978 39i 977 3ba,97g 39l 97g 3b6,84 29 3k 1s,5j 20 5b 36,5p 22 5g 39,78 27 74 2v,7c 29 77 2u,4c 1u 4e 2f,4l 20 4k 2l,1e9 el 1e9 f9,1ef ek 1ef ff,27n db 2nn ec,29t dl 2n6 ej,2j6 e9 2j6 fu,2jj ee 2jj fu,2br do 2c0 em,2cf dt 2cf f0,rt au 1a8 e6,s8 b3 1a1 e9,165 dd 165 fd,16e de 16e fi,1d9 ej 27g da,27o d9 279 da,27g dd 1u7 dr 1dc em,1kh fm 1l8 fj 1lv fq 1mn fj 1ng fp 1o7 fo 1ov fn 1oo f0 1pj f1 1q9 fd 1qq eo 1rf ev 1rm fh 1rr f0 1sd es 1sq eg,1gi ei 1gm gk,1gq ei 1gu gp,1i1 eg 1i8 gb,1i7 eh 1ig gb,1jf ed 1js fo,1jo ec 1jt fs,1mj e7 1mn fi,1n2 e6 1n2 fm,1p1 e6 1p1 f0,1p9 e6 1p9 ev,1t1 dt 1t2 ef,1t8 ds 1t8 ea,21c do 21c e7,21l dp 21l ee,1r4 e2 1r4 er,1ra e2 1ra es,245 dl 245 ek,24f dj 24e ei,2le e7 2ov da 2p1 di 2lt e9,2ob do 2oa er,2oe dn 2oe et,2oo dk 2on f6,2or dm 2os f7,2n1 e3 2n1 ed,2n4 e2 2n4 e9,3ub tq 40p tk,40o tk 40p tr 3ui tu,407 tr 405 uq 40c uu 40c tr,3vo tr 3vo ug 3vi uc 3vh tt,lp 8g m0 8v,m2 8i m2 94,ju 7l rv at,jt 7v rj at,k2 80 k2 8f,i1 83 i4 89,ii 80 ig 8c,vg br vg d8,vl c0 vl d8,11f ca 11f ct,11i ca 11k cu,o8 9q o4 9k,o4 9n o6 ah,ob 9m ob ag,6m5 2lu 6pa 2n3,6rb 2n2 6r4 2n5,4hr 1bj 466 11c 45v 11m 4h9 1bh,466 120 469 130,46g 12a 46e 13a,4g1 1ae 4g1 1be,4gb 1aq 4gb 1bj,48k 13u 48m 16h,493 14l 493 16o,4jd 1d0 4ju 1df 4kj 1e0 4lb 1ef 4m3 1ep 4mt 1eu 4nm 1ev 4oc 1es 4p0 1en,4hs 1bj 4jd 1d1,6di 2k7 5k6 2c9,65o 2hl 5ji 2ai,5vj 2f8 5i5 27g,5im 284 5tk 2ef,5ji 2as 646 2h9,5kl 2cq 6co 2k9,5rd 2cp 5ia 22e,5if 232 5qo 2cc,6m2 2lt 6r4 2lc 6r6 2lh 6mc 2m0,6ql 2lj 6qb 2n7,6qg 2ll 6q7 2n7,6qc 2ll 6q3 2n7,6q8 2lm 6q0 2n5,6o8 2lr 6o5 2mn,6oh 2lq 6od 2ms,34 1o 87 26,3h 1p 3v 20,ju 7k i6 6v i0 79 jt 7u,i3 7b i3 8a,im 7h ig 8c,k6 82 k6 8i,b65 3r6 b74 3s0 b88 3t4 b9d 3si bb3 3sj bcb 3tf bdp 3te bf5 3u2 bgl 3tu bhk 3ut bj1 3vc bk9 3vs blv 3vv bno 40i bpg 41g br6 42j bsu 43k bur 44d c0r 44j c2q 44c c4r 44g c6u 45k c8u 46f cb2 45r cd8 45i cfc 45s che 45e cjl 44e clr 447 cns 44n,b65 3r5 bgj 3tr,bgj 3tt bn5 3vr bn3 403 bh0 3u9,bg6 3tv b67 3rb,b86 3rt b88 3t3,b8j 3s2 b8j 3t0,bcd 3t0 bcd 3tc,bcl 3t3 bcl 3td,bhl 3uf bhl 3uv,bi1 3uk bi1 3uu,bjv 3v4 bjv 3vo,bka 3v9 bka 3vo,bm8 3vs bm8 401,bmg 3vv bmg 402,c4r 44f cd9 45h,c52 44k ccs 45k,c67 44q c67 459,c6a 44r c6a 458,cbk 45f cbk 45n,cbs 45h cbs 45l,ca5 458 ca5 462,c9s 459 c9t 465,c8d 454 c8e 467,c87 451 c87 466,cnq 44n col 44u cpi 457 cqb 45f cr4 45n crp 45u csf 466 ct4 46c ctp 46j cug 477 cvc 47p d0b 483 d1i 48a d2v 48c d49 48c d5m 48b d75 48a d8m 486 da9 480 dbq 47n ddc 47e df0 47c dgk 47i di9 47s dk0 489 dlm 48l dnd 48s dp4 48v dqp 490 dsd 492 dt7 49m duj 49g dvk 4au e13 4b9 e2i 4bi e3r 4c8 e55 4cc e6d 4cu e7i 4dm e8u 4dn eae 4e5 eba 4eh ec4 4dk edb 4ek ee2 4fq ef5 4ff ega 4fk eh3 4ge eht 4fl ein 4g1 eja 4gm ejv 4hd el0 4hs em4 4i6 en6 4ia,dsa 493 e1f 480 e1f 487 dsi 497,e9p 49h esc 49p esa 497 e9p 490 e9r 49c,i5 6v c7 64,i1 77 ci 6e,ej 6m el 7h,f2 6q f2 7o,h5 70 h2 87,hf 77 hd 8a,e0v 48e e0v 4b5,e0l 48e e0l 4b5,du0 48v du0 49h,dtp 48t dtp 49m,eat 49m eat 4ec,eb9 49j eb9 4eh,efl 49o efl 4ff,eg4 49o eg1 4fk,ej3 49m ej3 4gf,eji 49r ejd 4gk,elj 4i1 emg 4i1 ene 4i2 eo8 4ic epc 4ia eqc 4hl erd 4he esc 4hm et5 4ia etl 4j1 eum 4io evr 4i1 f0r 4hk f22 4i9 f32 4iv f46 4ik f5m 4il f6u 4jn f85 4l3 f9c 4ml fam 4o7 fc3 4pb fdj 4q1 ff2 4r2 fgf 4sd fhs 4th fje 4u8 fl0 4v3 fmd 50e fni 51o fp5 51r fq8 533 frk 537 fsm 54g ftt 54n fv0 55v g03 56c g07 54v g1i 54v g2c 561 g47 55p g5r 56a g66 57p g71 571 g6j 583 g5d 58b g6q 58q g7m 59s g8r 5an ga3 5af ga5 59p gab 592 ga8 58a gai 57j gb1 572,end 49p enn 4i4,ens 49u eo6 4ic,er7 49u er2 4h1,erk 49p erh 4he,er2 4hj er5 49r,fl1 4v5 g85 55h,flb 4ve g7v 55n,5j0 23p 5j2 285,5j7 23u 5jc 287,5lb 26b 5lb 295,5m9 27c 5m6 29p,5op 2a1 5op 2b4,5p8 2al 5p8 2bg,5k0 290 5k0 2an,5ka 298 5ka 2av,5me 2ab 5me 2bq,5n9 2as 5n9 2bt,5pn 2c2 5pp 2d0,5pu 2ce 5q3 2d5,5l6 2bg 5l6 2ch,5ll 2bq 5li 2cr,5o7 2cj 5o2 2dh,5oa 2co 5oa 2dp,5r1 2dp 5r1 2ei,5rg 2e0 5rg 2ei,5t2 2ek 5t2 2f3,5tk 2ep 5tk 2fb,5mb 2da 5me 2ef,5mo 2dm 5mq 2en,5pd 2ed 5p5 2gj,5q1 2ef 5pn 2gq,5s2 2f6 5rq 2hj,5s9 2f8 5s9 2hj,5ud 2fq 5uf 2hh,5un 2g1 5us 2h7,62m 2h7 62h 2js,63d 2hh 63a 2js,67c 2ih 675 2l4,67r 2ir 67k 2l4,68u 2j3 68s 2k3,696 2j8 696 2k3,6ag 2jf 6ag 2ks,6b2 2jp 6b4 2kq,g84 55i gee 55j,g7v 55o geg 55p gob 55t,gb0 573 gbj 56q gc8 56m gcs 56d gdg 569 gdu 56j gel 56d gfc 56h gge 56m ghr 56k gj5 56j gk5 56v gl2 576 gm4 56o gn7 568 goh 55q gq2 55m grl 55p gt0 55q gud 55p gvo 55n h12 55o,hho 577 hj0 577 hkd 578 hlc 57u hm9 57l hml 584 hm9 58j hn0 58n hno 58b hoi 58m hpd 58i hqb 585 hrf 57d hsi 575 hte 57c hu2 57s hut 57t hvn 57p i0r 57q i25 582 i3e 58a i4l 58a i5u 585 i7d 57u,gee 55i gok 55p,fns 50a fns 51l,fo4 50k fo6 51s,fqf 516 fqh 539,fqm 51b fqm 534,ft1 521 ft1 54f,fte 52b fte 54k,fuo 52o fv7 561,fv7 532 fvh 561,g0k 537 g0s 54u,g11 53d g18 54t,g2r 543 g2r 55t,g3b 547 g3b 55s,g53 54s g52 560,g5l 54u g5i 566,g95 55o g98 5ai,g9e 55r g9e 5ak,gbi 55r gbp 56k,gbr 55t gbv 56o,gf6 55n gf8 56f,gfl 55r gfj 56k,gjo 55q gjr 56o,gk5 560 gk5 56v,gm6 55r gm7 56l,gmk 55r gmk 56h,hkc 578 hsi 574,hs7 578 hkj 57d,hle 57d hle 57q,hli 57e hli 57r,hr1 579 hr2 57m,hqo 57a hqo 57r,hpo 57c hpo 58a,hpf 57c hpf 58e,hog 57a hoh 58k,hob 57c hoc 58j,hn7 57e hn5 58i,hmt 57e hmu 58n,in2 58s int 599,ifq 5a7 igo 5aj ihj 5b4 ii7 5ci iio 5dr ik5 5e9 ila 5dl imj 5cq iob 5cd ipl 5cv ip1 5dl iq9 5cq irp 5ci it7 5ck iub 5cq iv4 5de iuq 5ea ivl 5f1 iv8 5g4 iua 5gs iv9 5hi j0f 5gt j0q 5fk j19 5e9 j0m 5cs ivd 5c6 iu9 5ch itg 5cu iu6 5c0 iv6 5bu j0b 5bf j1i 5b4 j2n 5bi j3p 5bf j51 5br j5u 5co j7e 5d3 j8r 5d9 ja0 5ds jat 5ep jbd 5fk jci 5fh jdu 5en jf0 5dr je5 5d1 jdt 5bv jf5 5be jg1 5d4 jh8 5ef jiu 5f6 jkd 5f0,jkd 5f0 jll 5e9 jmn 5dm jno 5d2 jol 5ca jq1 5c5 jr6 5cu jsc 5dn jtg 5er juk 5fv jvs 5h1 k1d 5hn k33 5i2 k4r 5i9 k6k 5ic k8f 5ig kac 5ir kc6 5jd ke1 5js kft 5k4 khq 5k3 kjn 5jt klk 5jm knh 5jj kpe 5jj kra 5jl,igv 59i igv 5aj,ihc 59f ihc 5as,ins 59c ins 5cg,inm 59f inm 5cg,iq4 58k iq4 5cs,iqd 58k iqd 5cg,isd 57s isd 5cg,isp 57j isp 5cj,i6v 57r hto 57m,i70 57s i6r 582,i6p 57t i6o 583,i4s 57p i4r 58a,i4k 57r i4k 589,i36 57p i35 58b,i2u 57p i2t 587,i1b 57o i1b 57v,i16 57o i16 57v,hui 57m huh 57t,hul 57n hul 57u,jh2 5e5 jhc 5cj jhc 5ek,jf6 5bi jfl 5an jfs 5ct,ijo 59d ijm 5e6,ik0 59e ijr 5e6,ilr 59e iln 5d8,im2 59e im0 5d8,h10 55p hi8 576,krb 5jl lde 5jr lde 5eh lc0 5ej lc0 5ee,lc3 5g8 lc3 5h6 lcv 5gv ld1 5il lbs 5il lbr 5ib lb2 5ib lau 5il l88 5ih l84 5ht l7k 5ht l7g 5im l6i 5im l6i 5h4 la7 5h6 la7 5f5 lc6 5f8 lc5 5h3,l80 5i7 l7m 5i9 l7h 5it l7c 5j2 l7c 5ja l7h 5ja l7r 5ja l80 5ja l85 5io l83 5i7,l72 5j7 l88 5jk l6t 5jm l7a 5j7,lbj 5ih lb4 5ih lat 5it,lat 5j0 lag 5ja lao 5jh lb2 5jp lbe 5jp lbo 5jk lc2 5ja lbr 5j0 lbm 5ij lav 5im,lc2 57j lc0 5em lc7 57g lbr 5ep,l6g 5h6 kv9 5jn,l6g 5hb kvr 5jm,l52 5hs l4q 5jr,l4o 5i1 l4g 5jq,l2k 5im l2h 5jp,l2b 5iq l2a 5jq,-19 1i -5v 1h -5s -2h,-5v -3 -5a k,-5u -k -5f -6,-5s -16 -5f -q,-5q -1q -5g -1d,-5s -26 -5d -1n,-5v -1 -6j -7 -6s -q -6u -1e -77 -21 -6m -1r -6a -2b -6l -2v -63 -2h -63 -1r -69 -16 -6d -h -5t -3,-5u -14 -5f -1k -51 -25 -4v -2p -49 -2t -3p -3b -3m -2i -4b -21 -52 -1o -5i -1a,-5s f -54 9 -4f -4 -45 -j -4n -i -49 -u -3l -p -3d -1c -2s -s -2q -4 -3g 9 -48 9 -51 a -5o j,-5p -1 -5a -h -4u -13 -54 -1p -53 -2d -5c -2v -4q -2m -4b -36 -4l -3p -44 -34 -3n -2c -3q -1h -4b -s -50 -j -5l -9,-5g 5 -62 -f -66 -17 -61 -20 -5t -2p -64 -3f -5m -2u -51 -3a -53 -40 -48 -3n -3o -2t -3o -22 -47 -1c -4v -s -5m -h,-5u 7 -6a -h -6p -16 -7e -1k -6k -1m -6a -2e -6g -35 -71 -3a -6b -2q -5t -24 -5k -19 -5k -g -5r 7,-63 1h -au 1h,-8t 1h -8r -2q,-8o -29 -85 -1o,-93 -k -9k 2,-8r 5 -8c h,-8r -s -9g -16 -af -1m -b8 -24 -al -2b -a2 -2i -ab -38 -ap -3m -a0 -3k -9f -32 -9e -28 -9j -1h -95 -10 -8i -m,hsd 573 ige 57u,i6l 57r igb 588,i79 580 ifs 5a6,ig9 580 io3 57r isp 55j isu 55o iok 57u inp 585 ifq 588,io5 57u io5 585,ibl 588 ibj 593,ic7 583 ibv 598,i95 580 i95 58i,i9n 57u i9n 58d,ieu 585 iep 59v,ifb 585 ifb 5a1,igq 5al igt 58a,ih4 5ao ihh 58a,ijk 5dp ijk 583,ijp 5du ik1 585,ilo 5d8 ilq 585,ilv 5cp ilv 57r,inh 5ck inh 585,iq6 5cr iq4 572,iqe 5cm iqb 575,isf 5ca isc 562,ism 5cc isk 55t,iok 580 ion 5cf,ip1 580 ip3 5cr#kr6 5jm kr8 57d,kr8 57d lc5 57f lc0 5ee,l0i 5ah kur 5ac kur 5bp l08 5bs,kv3 5bd kvn 5ba,l11 5ak l14 5c3,l14 5am l1t 5bs l29 5af,l2r 5ac l2o 5c1 l3r 5c1 l45 5b8 l3h 5af l2o 5af,k81 5ie k84 5e4 khq 5e4 khs 5c1 kld 5f2 kj4 5il,kj2 5il kit 5g5 k9c 5gd k99 5il,k9h 5et k8l 5et k8l 5g0 k9r 5g3,kb0 5f2 kah 5g0,kap 5fk kbi 5fk,kb0 5f0 kbk 5g0,kbp 5f2 kbs 5fu,kbs 5f2 kcb 5ff kc1 5fm kc8 5fu,kdb 5f7 kd4 5g8,kd9 5fc kdt 5fc kdt 5fm kd6 5fp,ke7 5g0 kej 5f0 kf2 5fu ket 5ff kec 5fk,kfa 5et kfa 5g3,kfa 5f0 kfr 5fa kff 5fh kg0 5fu,kg8 5eo kg8 5fr,kg8 5ff kh3 5f0,kga 5fa kh6 5fr,-19 -2h -30 -2f,-30 -2f -31 -v,-31 -v -19 -v,-31 -1k -23 -1j,-6 -2h -17 -1u -4 -1f -15 -v,13 -2i -c -2a -4 -12 16 -17,23 -2k 1b -15,24 -2f 2o -1h,1q -1u 2g -22,3b -2k 34 -t,3e -2d 4h -2a 4c -1e 37 -1e,5k -2i 4j -23 4o -14 65 -1a,4k -1j 5d -1m,29 -g 3h -g,34 -g 2t 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Heres Another One

Postby wooshman1 on Mon 13/Oct/08 7:35pm

another free rider track
this one called: safety zone???
no idea why

-18 1i 18 1i bq 1m,83 1j bm b bq 1n al 2g gf 4n,bm m 8v 1j,bi n bi 1j,ag 14 ag 1l,aa 16 aa 1l,ge 4n h2 54 hp 5g ig 5r jg 69 kn 6q lv 7c nb 81 ol 8s pj 9u qa b7 r8 cb sg dh tu em vk fp 11h gl 13h hb 15h hr 17f i6 199 ia 1b1 ia 1co i7 1ef i3 1g2 ia 1hi ia 1j6 i0 1kq hs 1me i1 1nv hn 1p6 hj 1q9 hr 1r4 h9 1s4 hd 1t1 h2 1u5 h7 1vf hk 20r hn 22c hj 23l he 24s hg 25v i0 273 if 28f in 29s it 2bg j2 2cs j4 2eb j7,2e6 ja 3ja kk,26h i6 270 hi 2eq il 2eq jc,26r hl 2eo iv,2dq iq 2dq iv,27f hq 275 ib,2dv it 2dv j2,23h hf 23l hu,23g hc 241 h6,23e hb 234 hg,2dm ie 2f4 i5 2f4 ja,2f4 i7 2eq il,2im jd 2im il,2iv jc 2iv ij,2il il 2j3 ig 2lg jf,2iv ik 2im in,2iu ij 2l6 jh,2ld jd 2lq ji,2jm iu 2jm je,2jv j2 2jv jh,3ja kj 3jb li 3jc mn 3jc np 3jd op 3je pl 3jf qc 3jf r0 3k9 rj 3ld s3 3mk sh 3o7 t2 3pj to 3qv ul 3s6 102 3t9 11n 3ud 13e 3vl 151 419 168 431 17c 44g 183 464 18m 47s 193 49l 19e 4be 19p 4d6 1a3 4et 1a7 4gi 1a9 4ik 1a7 4kg 19u 4mb 19i 4o5 197 4pu 18u 4ro 18s 4tj 19a 4vd 19u 517 1ai 532 1b6 54s 1bp 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656,pcl 64u pcj 663,pco 651 pcj 64d pdg 64u pcn 658 pdb 65l,pdo 64d pdr 65f,pdr 64u peo 64a,pe0 64r peh 65a#T 3pb mf,T j49 5g5,T bqs 38n,T j74 4vd,T jcm 55d,T hs8 55v,T cpg 3uv,T abc 2ak,T 7ri 1ek,T 25f gh,T k8 -a,T q26 65t,T em5 42r
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Postby wooshman1 on Mon 13/Oct/08 7:39pm

yeah i working on a new one its going to be big as like 50 kb in text i will keep you informed on its progress ;) :D
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Postby wooshman1 on Mon 13/Oct/08 7:42pm

hey please leave feed back on how my tracks are and if you liked them or not :) :)
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Postby MattV on Mon 13/Oct/08 7:45pm

wooshman1 wrote: yeah i working on a new one its going to be big as like 50 kb in text i will keep you informed on its progress ;) :D

Please do, you show real talent. You obviously know what you're doing. You could have a bright future in IT
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Postby wooshman1 on Mon 13/Oct/08 10:16pm

hey post your fastest times on the tracks i would like to compare them to my own
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Postby dicks-naughty-account on Mon 13/Oct/08 10:18pm

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Postby wooshman1 on Tue 14/Oct/08 12:58pm

okay so i was just mucking around and i made this track and it totally works. well i can do it anyway

:) :)
its called: loopy
my best on this is 28 secs

-18 1i 18 1i,1b 1g 2g r 3f -a 3n -1r 3g -37 2v -4j 1u -5m q -67 -l -6f -23 -65 -3e -5f -4g -4j -5m -3j -6s -2b -7q -m -8d 16 -8p 32 -8m 4u -81 6o,-5i 93 -48 9f -2t 9c,-2t 9c -1c 8u c 8d 27 7h 43 6g 5r 59 74 3r 7u 24 8d a 8h -1i 89 -3d 7k -55 6k -6m 59 -82 3g -95 1u -9r 8 -ae -1f -at -37 -b9 -50 -bg -6q -bh -8k -bd -ae -b3 -c9 -ak -e2 -a0 -fr -97 -hg -87 -j4 -74 -kj -5u -m0 -4l -na -3a -od -1r -p6 -a -pj 19 -pq 2t -pv 4g -pv 6k -pk 8l -ot aj -o0 bv -n1 d9 -lj es -k8 fr -io gm -h7 ha -f4 hn -d2 hq -b1 hh -92 gu -7b g4,-4m ki -4o mi,-4l u9 -36 vr -14 vo 11 v3 31 u5 4p t1 64 rr 76 qj 81 or,er jk g4 l5 he mo j1 o9 l8 pf no qd qe r4 t7 rl 101 rv 12s rq,-58 es -4r ee,-4q ed -4m e6,3d mq -9 mt,-9 mu -s mu -1h mq,3c mp 3m mp,3l mn 4e mn,3c mo 58 mm,-57 er -7b g4,-4m e8 -4l kk,-a mu -t mt -1i mm -27 m8 -2o li -32 kr -37 k1 -3a j8 -38 id -2v hj -2g gv -1t gg -18 g6 -k g1 -18 fl -23 fh -2r ff -3l fe -4a fe,bs hv 80 p0,a4 l4 a3 hd at hf ao k0,ar hf bo hf bm hu,-4k u9 -ee u9 -g5 vj -rn vc,9s lf 9m j7,9q lo co lv,a2 l7 9i ji,a0 lf 9j jp,9o lo 9s kb,9q m4 9r k4,a2 ls 9k jo,-rm vd -1cj em,bq hf eo jh,12p rp 14e o8#-16h e7 -17q ei -17q f6,-17q f8 -173 f5,-17t eq -17m em,-16h ei -16i fe,-16g ek -163 f9 -15t ef,-15g e8 -15j fl,-15h e9 -13r f0 -146 fs,-146 fr -15n fe#T -14 mh,T -a3 tj,T -1ba f9,T -32 vb,T 126 rd,T -8k -11,T 4 8u,T 7 -6e
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Postby wooshman1 on Tue 14/Oct/08 1:37pm

so i was going through my computer and i found the first free rider 2 track i ever made check it out.
its called easy/hard its got two different tracks that take you to the same place
collect all the stars
my best time 48 secs :(

-18 1i 18 1i,15 1h km 1k,kj 1k lj 1l mn 1k,th -2c tj -1i tk -o tl 3 tm 11 tn 1t u1 30 ts 45 tf 54 st 5v s6 6k r9 75 q2 7f oo 7l nm 7m mh 7k lg 7j kg 7h j9 7e hs 7a g9 7c es 7h db 7m bk 7o 9s 7s 80 80 64 82 47 83 29 82 a 7v -1l 7s -3i 7n -5b 7d -71 70 -8i 6g -9j 5u -ah 57 -b8 4d,17d 15v 17e 16p 17i 17n 17m 18j 17s 19f 189 1a5 18m 1ar 198 1be 1a0 1bs,1e8 1di 1fk 1e9 1gq 1et 1i3 1fi 1jk 1g5 1la 1gk 1n3 1h0 1os 1h5 1qm 1h1 1sf 1gm 1u8 1g2 1vq 1f6 20u 1e8 21e 1d5,225 1cb 226 1d7 227 1e9 227 1fg 226 1go 227 1i7 22c 1jh 22j 1kt 22t 1m9 23b 1nl 23t 1on 24n 1pm 25o 1q7 26n 1q9 27o 1pq 28k 1ov 296 1nu,2eq 1mq 2ea 1no 2dl 1ot 2ct 1q3 2bt 1rc 2aq 1si 29j 1ts 27v 1v2 268 1vv 24m 20i 236 20t 21p 212 208 213 1uk 211 1sr 20n 1r0 208 1p4 1vk 1n9 1ur 1ld 1tv 1jj 1sv,1d6 1tk 74 2h1,70 2h1 63 2h9 4q 2hm 3e 2hq 23 2hs k 2hu -u 2hu -2i 2hs -46 2hl -5o 2h9 -79 2go -8n 2g1 -a2 2f4 -b9 2e2 -cd 2ct -dg 2bl -ef 2ab -fe 291 -gc 27l -h5 266 -hs 24m -ie 233 -j1 21h -jk 1vt,-n1 1rf -n1 1sh -n4 1tr -nc 1v8 -no 20p -oa 22h -p2 24b -pv 264 -r3 27q -sb 29e -to 2at -va 2c6 -110 2d8 -12q 2e6 -14m 2es -16j 2f8 -18h 2ff -1ae 2fg -1cc 2fc -1ea 2f5 -1g5 2eo -1ht 2e7 -1je 2dg -1kn 2cl -1ll 2bq -1md 2ar -1mr 29m -1mu 28k,-1nl 2gf -1nu 2ho -1oc 2j1 -1p1 2k8 -1pr 2lm -1r1 2n6 -1si 2of -1u7 2pi -1vt 2qh -21m 2r6 -23h 2rj -25b 2rs -26u 2rn -288 2rg -29k 2r8,-b9 4b -1l6 248,-29m 2r8 -2aa 2qs -2av 2qb -2bn 2pm -2cb 2p0 -2cv 2o2 -2dm 2n1 -2ec 2lp -2eu 2k9 -2fb 2j0,ml 1k ms 1i,mt 1i nc 17 nr q o9 c ol -2 p3 -h ph -10,-1a 1o -24 1i -2u 13 -3n i -4d -1 -4v -l -5g -1d,19v 1bt 1e8 1dj,tg -2d v0 -2g,uu -2h vg -2c vo -1t,vn -1q vr -19,uu -14 u4 -25 ti -1g,-2fb 2j2 -2fi 2k8 -2g6 2lo -2h0 2mt -2i2 2nr -2j6 2oi -2kd 2p1 -2ln 2p6 -2n4 2p3 -2ok 2op -2q4 2o6 -2rn 2ne -2td 2mh -2v6 2li -312 2kl -32r 2k4 -34m 2jo -36h 2jh -38c 2je -3a7 2jg -3c2 2jm -3dt 2ju -3fn 2k8 -3hi 2kj -3jf 2l0 -3lc 2le -3na 2lk -3p8 2lf -3r2 2l1 -3sk 2kc -3u8 2jc -3va 2ie -40f 2iq -40c 2ka -3vb 2lj -3ur 2mo -3vi 2oa -40e 2pm -41l 2r0 -436 2s6 -450 2t6 -46h 2tq -485 2ud -49p 2v1 -4bc 2vl -4d2 308 -4ep 30s -4gf 31f -4i5 324 -4jr 32o -4lh 33c -4n7 341 -4ot 34m -4qj 35b -4s8 360 -4tu 36m -4vl 377 -51g 37h -53d 37j -55c 37h -57d 37a -59g 371 -5bk 36l -5dt 366 -5g6 35n -5ig 358 -5kt 34q -5nc 34b -5ps 342 -5s7 344 -5ud 34l -607 35n -61s 36v -63e 38c -652 39m -66t 3ac -68t 3aj -6b2 3ac -6d9 39t -6fh 399 -6hq 38o -6k4 398 -6mb 3a6 -6oi 3b6 -6qo 3c7 -6sv 3d6 -6v5 3e6 -71b 3f6 -73i 3g5 -75o 3h4 -77u 3i3 -7a3 3iv,-3va 2ie -40d 2h8,-7i7 3k8 -7k1 3lo -7lr 3n8 -7nl 3oo -7pg 3q7 -7ra 3rn -7t5 3t6 -7v0 3ui -80r 3vc -82l 3vl -84e 3vo -867 3vl -881 3vi -89q 3vf -8bk 3vd -8de 3va -8f8 3v8 -8h3 3v6 -8it 3v4 -8ko 3v3 -8mj 3v1 -8od 3v0 -8q8 3uu -8s3 3ut -8tu 3us -8vo 3uq -91j 3up -93e 3uo -959 3un -974 3um -98u 3ul -9ap 3uk -9ck 3uj -9ef 3ui -9ga 3ui -9i5 3uh -9k0 3ug -9lr 3uf -9nm 3ue -9pg 3ud -9rb 3uc -9t6 3u9 -9v0 3u3 -a0p 3ts -a2g 3tg -a45 3t0 -a5o 3sb -a7a 3rm -a8v 3r0 -aaq 3qb -aco 3ps -aem 3pr -agd 3qg -ai0 3re -ajj 3sd -alc 3sr -anc 3sj -apf 3s3 -arh 3rh -atj 3r0 -avn 3qk -b1u 3qj -b41 3r4 -b61 3rr -b82 3sk -ba2 3td -bc3 3u6 -be3 3uv -bg3 3vn -bi3 40g -bk3 418 -bm3 420 -bo3 42o -bq3 43g -bs3 448 -bu3 450 -c03 45o -c23 46f -c43 477,-1nl 2gh -1mt 292,-2fb 2j5 -2fb 2ig,-5ni 349 -5s6 335 -5s3 32m -5lq 34i,-5rk 339 -5q5 343,-5qr 33f -5pr 340,-5s4 32t -5mo 34c,-5r6 33d -5q2 342,-7a2 3iv -7an 3j8 -7bh 3jc -7cd 3je -7d8 3jc -7e1 3j0 -7ej 3if -7f4 3hh -7fa 3gr -7fo 3hg -7g2 3i7 -7gb 3iq,-7gn 3ja -7h8 3jj,-7gb 3io -7i8 3k9,-c43 479 -cc7 47o,-cc7 47j -c6e 4ad,-c7u 48s -ceb 49f,-c6h 49s -cd6 4a4,-c7u 49g -cdb 49g,-c8k 493 -ch3 48u,-c9j 48c -cl4 487,-cah 48d -chd 48h,-cag 48a -cia 48a,-c9t 48k -cej 48k,-c9q 48i -ce8 48i,-cbj 48h -ch3 48n,-cc0 48n -cel 48s,-cbu 48r -chr 48s,-cd6 48s -ces 48u,-cd1 48p -cgk 48p,-cg9 490 -cjd 49p,-cgo 49p -cke 49k,-cin 491 -ck1 48s,-ck2 48r -ck7 48r,-cg5 48n -cj3 48n,-chs 48m -clu 48h,-cii 48d -cn5 48d,-cl2 487 -da2 484 -d3b 49n -d8i 4b6,-d7r 4b6 -d23 4b6,-e58 4d2 -cs3 537,-cs6 536 -crb 53m -cqh 546 -cpi 54l -cob 553 -cmo 55e -cl8 55j -cji 55k -chm 55e -cfs 54v -ced 548 -cco 53g -caq 535 -c8u 53n -c73 54j -c58 55l -c3c 56f -c1s 56e -c0h 55o -bv1 559 -bta 558 -brh 55p -bpo 56h -bnu 57d -bm4 58c -bk9 591 -bio 594 -bhg 58i -bgc 57j -bf1 579 -bdu 580 -bcv 599 -bc4 5af -bb8 5bn -ba3 5cl -b8m 5d8 -b76 5dj -b5k 5dp -b40 5do -b2a 5dl -b0g 5du -aul 5ei -asr 5fe -ar0 5gd -ap5 5he -an9 5ii -als 5jd -ake 5k6 -aig 5kt -agn 5l5 -af2 5l0 -ade 5kn -abq 5kb -a9t 5k6 -a7t 5kh -a5s 5l5 -a3r 5lu -a2a 5mi -a0o 5mu -9um 5mv -9sk 5mp -9qn 5m9 -9om 5ln -9n2 5lm -9le 5lv -9jq 5mf -9i6 5n3 -9gi 5nn -9es 5o1 -9d6 5nt -9bg 5nk -99q 5ne -985 5nr -96g 5oh -94s 5p4 -938 5p2 -91k 5ot -900 5p8 -8uc 5po -8so 5pq -8r4 5pi -8pg 5pg -8ns 5pq -8m8 5q6 -8kk 5qj -8j0 5r0 -8hc 5rc -8fo 5rk -8e3 5rq -8cf 5s1 -8ar 5s7 -896 5sd -87k 5sj -85r 5sq -84d 5t0 -837 5t6 -81u 5tb -80m 5tg -7vf 5tl -7u0 5tq -7sd 5u0 -7r0 5u5 -7ph 5ub -7o0 5ug -7me 5um -7kr 5uq -7j7 5ut -7hk 5us -7g0 5uq -7eq 5uk -7dq 5u9 -7cu 5ts -7c5 5td -7bh 5st -7ar 5si 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Postby wooshman1 on Tue 14/Oct/08 2:09pm

ok so this track is the beginning of the 50 kb track i working on. i started this at the beginning of the year and i have just started again now so some bits like the plane are really bad and i will edit them for the next time i upload it.
so have fun enjoy
i have given it a temporary ending

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1h 23 1e 33 1e 46 1p 58 2n 65 3l 6v 4o 7o 60 8f 7d 93 8t 9m ag a2 c2 ac dk an f8 b2 gr be if bq k6 c4 m1 ca nv cg pt cr rs d6 ts di vu du 11h ec 134 es 14o fe 16d fv 182 gi 19o h4 1bf hk 1d7 i5 1f0 il 1gp j5 1ij jl 1kc k5 1m5 kl 1nv l5 1pp ll 1rj m5 1tc ml 1v6 n5 210 nl 22q o6 24k oo 26g pc 28l q2 2av qo 2da rd 2fm s3 2i2 sp 2ke te 2mr u4 2p8 up 2rk vf 2u2 104 30f 10q 32s 11f 359 125 37n 12r 3a4 13g 3ci 146 3f0 14r 3he 15h 3jr 166 3m9 16s 3on 17h 3r5 187 3tj 18s 401 19i 42f 1a7 44t 1at 47b 1bi 49q 1c8 4c8 1ct 4em 1dk 4h6 1eb 4jo 1f4 4ma 1g0 4ot 1gt 4rg 1ht 4u3 1iu 50l 1k1 537 1l4 55o 1m9 589 1ng 5ao,1op 5d5 1q3 5fh 1rf 5hs 1ss 5k5 1uc 5md 1vt 5ok 21g 5qp 235 5st 24q 5v1 26i 612 28c 632 2a8 650 2c6 66r 2e5 68k 2g5 6a9 2i7 6br 2k9 6d8 2mc 6ei 2of 6fp 2qi 6gs 2sk 6hr 2um 6im 30n 6jb 32o 6js 34p 6k8 36q 6ki 38q 6kn 3ap 6kp 3co 6kq 3em 6kn 3gg 6kf 3i8 6k0 3jv 6jf 3ll 6iq 3n9 6i0 3ot 6h6 3qe 6g8 3ru 6f7 3tc 6e4 3uo 6cv 401 6bp 419 6ah 42e 698 43h 67t 44f 66i 45h 64o 468 62v 46q 616 479 5vd 47p 5tk 489 5rq 48k 5q1,502 3t9 5tq 3tu 5v1 3tu,5do 3lo 5ek 3nm 5go 3ll 5hn 3nn 5jp 3lj 5kt 3ng 5m1 3kt 5mi 3ne 5o3 3l2 5p5 3n7,5ou 3n2 5r1 3ku 5u2 3kv,5u0 3l1 5vc 3n8 60c 3l0,5dn 3lq 5da 3l2 5df 3k3 5du 3j1 5dt 3hr 5df 3gh 5d2 3f8 5cu 3do 5d4 3c6 5dd 3ai 5de 38t 5d2 374 5cj 359 5c3 33d 5bh 31e 5av 2vg 5al 2tm 5ap 2sb 5b8 2r1 5bu 2q5 5d1 2pn 5el 2pl 5g4 2pn 5hn 2pr 5je 2pu 5l3 2pq 5mj 2p9 5o2 2ol 5pl 2o2 5rb 2nq 5t1 2np 5ul 2nr 60a 2o0 620 2o4 63p 2o4,60n 3ts 60h 3uh 60b 3v6 60j 405 612 40p 61j 411 61k 407 61g 3ve,61j 40a 62b 409 633 409 63r 408 64i 407 657 40c 64v 3vb 64t 3v1,61h 3ve 61a 3t5 63q 3t3 63q 3tv 61e 3u3,64s 3v1 64n 3v1 64v 408,64p 3vc 64e 406,64s 3vn 64l 406,63p 3td 61c 3tf,63o 3th 61d 3ts,61n 3t9 61q 3t8,62o 3t8 62r 3t9,632 3t8 637 3t8,62f 3tj 629 3tk,62i 3tq 62o 3tp,62o 3u1 64i 3vl,63a 3u1 64m 3vh,64e 3vh 64k 3vo,63m 3us 636 406,63u 3v5 63e 409,636 403 633 40a,61m 3u1 62a 40b,61r 3u1 62h 40c,624 3ur 63c 3vg,629 3vj 635 400,603 3tc 603 3tg,60l 3th 61a 3tj,60j 3tn 61c 3tn,619 3t5 60l 3t8,60l 3tc 61a 3t9,61g 3tp 60c 3v3,61f 3u0 60c 3va,60m 3v1 61k 40a,60v 3ul 61j 3vn,60u 3vk 60g 404,614 3vn 60k 40d,60m 3tj 60i 3ua,603 3tb 60l 3t8,652 40a 68g 408,750 43u 76i 44e 78a 44p 7a4 44q 7bu 44j 7dp 44a,6kg 412 6lc 40s 6m4 40j,68e 40b 691 40n 69q 40s 6al 411 6bj 414 6cl 416 6dl 417 6el 418 6fq 41a 6gt 41a 6hu 41b 6iv 419 6js 415 6kl 411,60b 3l0 61v 3o7 63h 3j7 64k 3n6 67h 3jr 6be 3ng 6ea 3je 6hr 3l5,6ht 3l8 6le 3il,6le 3ig 6o3 3mb 6s2 3i6 6ud 3ls 72q 3hj,72r 3hj 73n 3ks,73n 3kp 76j 3io,76c 3ih 77h 3no 7at 3ir 7cr 3pa 7fe 3ja 7rb 3io,6qb 3u5 6rj 3un 6qu 3vs 6s6 3uo 6s0 3vi 6sj 3ue 6sl 3va,6sk 3v9 750 43u,6m3 40j 6mj 408,6op 3tk 6o7 3tt 6nq 3ug 6ni 3v1 6n9 3vj 6mu 401 6mf 40a,6ta 3vf 6ta 3vn,7dl 44a 7ei 44b 7fh 44h 7gk 44j 7ht 44f 7j4 44b 7ki 447 7m2 43p 7n7 434 7oa 42e 7ov 41f,7qb 3v2 7ri 3vd 7t0 3vi 7ui 3vk 808 3vk 820 3vi 83q 3ve 85l 3v9 87c 3uu 88h 3u8 89f 3td 8a9 3sh 8bb 3rn 8ck 3r3 8e2 3qh 8fl 3q5 8hb 3pt 8j2 3pr 8kq 3pq 8mj 3pj 8ob 3or 8pv 3ns 8r4 3mq 8rn 3ll 8sb 3ke 8tl 3jg 8v0 3j4 90e 3j6 91k 3jc 92o 3jh 93t 3jk 958 3jk 96f 3ji 97k 3jf 98h 3je,98g 3jf 996 3js 99j 3kk 99t 3la 9a9 3m3 9av 3mu 9c0 3nq 9d3 3ob 9e5 3oi 9f4 3ok 9g0 3og 9gn 3o6 9hb 3nn 9hp 3n7,9sg 3k5 9sm 3l4 9sr 3m7 9t5 3no 9te 3p7 9tb 3qq 9t1 3sa 9si 3tj 9rs 3uu 9qs 403 9pj 412 9o5 423 9mh 432 9kq 440 9iv 44h 9h7 44g 9fj 44a 9ds 440 9c4 43l 9ac 43b,9ad 438 99r 43p 98u 44a 980 44m 975 450 963 45c 950 45o 93k 46a 92c 46s 911 47g 8vk 485 8u6 48s 8sm 49k 8r4 4ad 8pi 4b7 8nu 4c2 8ma 4ct 8kl 4dp 8iv 4em 8h9 4fj 8fj 4gg 8ds 4hd 8c5 4i9 8ad 4j3 88m 4ju 86u 4ko 856 4li 83d 4mb 81h 4mv 7vl 4nc 7tp 4nn 7rt 4o2 7q2 4ob 7o9 4og 7mg 4oj 7km 4om 7it 4oo 7h4 4or 7fa 4ot 7dh 4ov 7bn 4p0,7bm 4ou 6uf 4jo 6a8 4ju 5qf 4u8,5qe 4ua 5pp 4ud 5p3 4uf 5o2 4un 5mr 4v6 5li 4vi 5k4 4vv 5ii 50c 5h8 50n 5g6 50q 5f8 50n 5eb 50h 5di 505 5cs 4vo 5c7 4v6 5bm 4ul 5ba 4u1 5b2 4td 5as 4sr,5as 4st 5ao 4th 5an 4ua 5ad 4v7 59j 4vr 58i 50d 57a 50t 55s 51e 54j 51p 538 51s 51r 51p 50g 51m 4vc 51j 4ua 51f 4td 515 4sl 50l 4s5 502 4r9 508 4r0 512 4qq 51s,7qd 3v2 7pp 3v3 7ot 41h,4nb 4vt 4n4 51d 4mv 52o 4mr 54e 4mn 566 4mk 57t 4mi 59g 4mh 5b0 4ml 5cc 4mv 5dk 4ng 5f0 4oi 5g4 4pn 5h1 4qt 5hl 4s7 5ia 4tk 5io 4ut 5ir 508 5im 51c 5if 52f 5i6 53e 5hs 548 5hi 54u 5h9 55h 5h2,501 3tb 501 3u9 4vs 3vd 4vd 40k 4uo 41r 4u8 432 4u2 44f 4u4 45u 4ug 47g 4v4 499 4vo 4b6 50b 4d3 50p 4ev 50p 4gq 50h 4im 503 4kj 4vm 4mf,4ta 5o4 4t0 5pm 4sl 5r9 4si 5sr,4nj 4u2 4ns 4t9 4o7 4si 4ok 4ru 4pa 4ra 4q2 4qu 4qr 4ql 4rf 4qd,5aa 5gn 5b6 5h3 5c6 5hk 5da 5i5 5ef 5ih 5fm 5ir 5h2 5j3 5ic 5jc 5jq 5jn 5lh 5jt 5na 5k2 5p6 5k5 5r4 5k5 5t2 5k3,55e 5h6 55e 5j9 5ar 5j4 5a9 5gp,55c 5j4 562 5hq 56k 5j4,57k 5iv 58i 5gi 59e 5j9,59e 5it 59o 5hi 5aj 5j4,5t2 5k4 5tn 5k4 5uf 5k3 5v8 5jv 5vu 5jm 60e 5j4 60p 5ic,60t 5ia 60t 5j3 60t 5jv 60t 5ks 612 5lr 61m 5mm 62i 5nh 63n 5ob 654 5p5 66c 5pn 67l 5q0 68u 5q4 69t 5q2 6an 5ps,56j 5j8 57c 5h3 57l 5j4,60p 5id 60t 5i4 60u 5ic,6am 5pq 6uk 5q4,6un 5q4 6vk 5q6 70p 5q8 71v 5q9 73c 5qb 74v 5qc 76a 5q9 77m 5q3 78v 5pp 79u 5p7 7aj 5oi 7b2 5nt 7ba 5n5 7bg 5o3 7bm 5p7 7bp 5q8 7bs 5r9 7c0 5s9 7cg 5t3 7dh 5to 7eo 5ud 7g0 5uv,7ft 5v0 7gt 5vg 7i5 604 7jh 60u 7kq 61i 7m3 627 7na 62q 7oh 635 7ps 634 7r0 62t 7s2 62k,80k 5vn 81g 60a 829 614 82r 624 839 63d 83f 64q 837 665 82l 67a 81k 688 809 68v 7v0 69d 7to 69j 7s5 69l 7qu 69k,7jb 65s 7ig 669 7hu 66v 7hk 682 7hf 69d 7hc 6b1 7h8 6ch 7hi 6e4 7ig 6ff 7jn 6gk 7lf 6hi 7n8 6ia 7ou 6in 7qd 6iu 7rl 6iu 7t0 6im,84g 6cn 856 6dm 85o 6ev 868 6ge 86i 6hr 86i 6je 85v 6l2 857 6ml 83u 6o0 82b 6or 80g 6pc 7uj 6pl 7sq 6pq 7r4 6ps 7pj 6ps 7p1 6pm 7q8 6rt 7rr 6rt 7pl 6ps,7fu 6of 7fr 6pk 7fq 6qs 7fp 6s4 7g3 6td 7go 6uu 7hm 709 7it 71n 7kl 732 7m3 73u 7nj 74k 7pe 756 7r6 75f 7sp 75k 7uc 75l 7vs 75i 815 75e 82h 75a 83m 756 84r 753,7ho 6kf 7he 6l5 7h2 6lu 7gk 6mm 7gb 6nf 7g5 6oa 7g0 6p0 7fn 6pl 7fi 6qa,7rt 62l 7nh 64c 7m1 639 7j7 65r,7r4 69o 7s4 6ar 7un 6ac 84l 6cq,7so 6io 7nt 6ka 7m9 6it 7ka 6k2 7ie 6ig 7hg 6ku,9se 3k4 9tv 3gl 9s3 3ef 9ur 3c7 9sg 3ag 9tt 38h 9v2 39u,9v2 39s 9v5 358 9tt 34s,9tq 348 9um 31o 9si 31o,9tt 34a 9u9 35b,9sq 31q 9nv 33b 9jt 304,9jt 302 9hk 31c 9eo 31f 9cs 32u 9cd 34q 99g 33p,9cs 32u 98s 344,98s 343 7qs 3ip,94g 35g 8vv 34v 8ms 39s,63o 2o2 a3d 2oc 9ve 2qs a0e 2r8 9tu 2sq 9uk 31o,9ho 3n3 9hl 3q2 97l 3ov 8v5 3sp 8t1 3qc 8qv 3tl 8j2 3qe 8j5 3uk 8dp 3sj 8bj 41r 83q 471 7o2 48q 7m6 46p 7j4 49r,7iv 49t 77b 47f 6je 430 6cu 470 63g 4ad 5q4 455 5fn 46i,5fn 46g 50n 4h0,9t9 3rr 9jd 515 96q 4lc 9f6 4j4 972 4f5 92h 4ie,9jd 515 9k8 534 9j3 546 9kb 553 9k3 577 9i0 57g 9ki 58l 9k9 59k 9kg 5ae 9kk 5ao 9l6 5c5 9kd 5cj 9ih 5cg 9in 5dt 9l0 5ds 9kv 5fd 9ku 5fh 9jd 5g9,92f 4i9 94s 4pu 8t7 4qs 8tr 522 8p5 522,8o9 517 8ot 4ql,8o7 512 8p2 522,8or 4qn 8j1 544 8se 5fs 8ct 5gv 8ek 5j2 8a5 5j7 8ek 5m1 86s 5n7 8cq 5q8 86v 5ql 8bl 5ro 88t 5t0 88j 5t2 8ak 5v1 87e 5tk 86b 5rq 847 5tc 84f 5ua 858 5vb 855 5v8 81l 5tp 7sl 5uf 80k 5vl,84p 752 85m 758 86v 75f 88a 75l 89p 75r 8bb 761 8cr 764 8e6 762 8f8 75n 8g6 74u 8gs 747 8hk 74s 8hv 762 8i8 77a 8ik 78p 8j7 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