France To Ban The Sales Of Petrol And Diesel Cars

Postby Rik on Fri 7/Jul/17 9:17am ... 26831.html

Whoa, that's a pretty bold international move, that's up there with launching an ICBM
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""Cities are becoming more rational again, after the folly of car-centric planning," Colville-Andersen"
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Re: France To Ban The Sales Of Petrol And Diesel Cars

Postby Dougal on Thu 13/Jul/17 11:09am

The actual release from Volvo (who are now owned by a Chinese company) said they will be making all petrol or diesel engined cars hybrids. So they're not phasing anything out. Just combining powerplants.
Volvo also have very few engines of their own. They used Ford engines in most.

France might cease to exist by 2040 anyway.

If they plan to phase out coal by 2022 and reduce nuclear from 75% to 50% by 2025 then were exactly will they be getting their energy from?
Electric cars don't run on fairy dust and Paris is not known for sunshine or wind.

The skeptic in me says the Paris agreement is all about global finance deals. How many private jets flew to the conference again?
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Re: France To Ban The Sales Of Petrol And Diesel Cars

Postby phunk on Thu 13/Jul/17 1:52pm

The paris agreement (if implemented) is likely to lower the global temp increase by a fraction of a degree, but cost trillions. Its all fluff and bluster sadly.
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