Fox Float & Fit, Evolution & Performance

Postby RugbySucks on Sat 7/Feb/15 4:32pm

Anyone on here ridden the different types of forks above, and can honestly comment on the noticeable difference (if any) between them all.

Hopefully in laymans terms.

Eg. I had F29 RL 120mm on the front of my PIVOT Mach 429. Upgraded to Fox 34 Kashima CTD (Float) with trail adjust, and 130mm travel. They (appear to me) to be stiffer in that they deflect less on rocky trails, and soak up the bumps better.
I don't know if I would even notice the better function of the Performance level fork.

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Re: Fox Float & Fit, Evolution & Performance

Postby Dougal on Sat 7/Feb/15 8:36pm

Fox mix and match the damper and springs. So the FLOAT is an air spring which can be with any type of damper (CTD-EVO, CTD-FIT, RL etc). Alternatives to the FLOAT are the Vanilla coil spring and TALAS air spring with travel adjust.

The CTD-Evo dampers are the ones no-one seems to like. It's an orifice damper which has the spike-wallow-spike problem. Just like Boxxer race etc. The difference is you've got a knob on the top that can chose from three different size holes.

The old R, RL and RLC dampers were quite good at the time, but their layout makes tuning them for different riders difficult, you are basically limited to oil viscosity and the adjuster dials.
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