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Fork Feels Rubbish

Postby cep32 on Wed 10/Jul/19 9:48am

I have a couple of bikes on the go at the moment.

Bike 1: Trek Fuel with a Lyrik fork with a Debonair upgrade
Bike 2: Kona Remote CTRL with a Yari also with Debonair

Both a freshly serviced (dampers included) but I just can't get them to feel any good.

They are both set at 150mm travel and I have followed all the set-up guides I can find. I've also spent hours bracketing the compression and rebound settings.

The best I can do is a set-up that results in me struggling to hold on at moderate speed on straightforward trails (Firball and P51 in Nelson are examples). The only time they feel any good is when I'm at super low speed on the steep stuff.

Do I just have unrealistic expectations for a 150mm fork or is there some magic trick I don't know about?

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Re: Fork Feels Rubbish

Postby AgrAde on Thu 11/Jul/19 9:55pm

Sounds about right to be honest. Some forks feel good. In my experience they're not Rockshox ones.
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Re: Fork Feels Rubbish

Postby Dougal on Mon 15/Jul/19 5:34pm

You didn't mention how old your Lyrik was or which model. There have been several dampers through in that time (charger 1, charger 2, charge 2.1 and RC/RCT3 versions of each). Some are okay, some are outright awful. But all can be improved to a very good result with modification and tune.

The Yari is the same chassis as the Lyrik but has an awful damper in it which can't be tuned. It can do okay on slow speed single hits but beyond that gets out of it's depth quickly. Your only real options there are upgrade to a new charger damper and then tune that. The cost to do so is significant. It may be more economic to sell the Yari and buy a better fork.
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