Should the addition of folic acid become mandatory in New Zealand

Hell yes, why would you not want it in there?
Hell no - you will ruin my tasty bread with that stuff.
Hell no, I have so many other ways to take my folate thankyouverymush.
Hell no, I'm against the helmet law so I need to jump on this bandwagon as well.
Kittens. Because every pole needs kittys.
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Re: Pholic Acid For All - Yay Or Nay?

Postby nostromo on Mon 13/Feb/12 11:54pm

Ahad wrote:Piss easy to get enough folate in your diet if you eat real food.

If not, and you're thinking of having a baby just pop some supp's a few months before trying.

Not my fault if the junkfood generation is too stupid, lazy and ignorant to look after themselves.

They are not the ones that are affected, its the child who has no say in any of this that is (and the rest of society I guess), hence if it does actually work I'm for it.
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Re: Pholic Acid For All - Yay Or Nay?

Postby Simonius_Titius on Tue 14/Feb/12 2:36am

R+P+K wrote:... OMG, have you seen the price of freaking bread nowadays? $4+ for those fancy multi-grain loaves.

I bought a breadmaker years ago and haven't bought bread since. It costs 4.5 minutes and $0.77 for a large yummy half-wholemeal loaf, assuming the breadmakers die every four years. It would be nice to find a non-boutique source of rye flour though.

For iodine I just sneak a bit of kelp powder into curries if we haven't been eating mussels lately. OMG I forgot to plant the folate and winter is coming! Garden is dug over but keep forgetting to buy seeds.
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Re: Pholic Acid For All - Yay Or Nay?

Postby Conners on Tue 14/Feb/12 6:26am

Oli wrote:FOLIC

Oh Hai!
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