My First Ride - Noob Story

Postby Chookz on Wed 13/Aug/08 3:56pm

Got my first mountain bike on sunday its a Merida - Matt TFS 550.

Took it on its first spin last night. It was just after work and i live in Mount Vic so i rocked up Hawker Street up to the top and decided i would ride down toward Newtown way. It was halfway down to newtown and hit some dodgey gravel and i realized shits its getting dark.. i should probably buy lights :S.. anyway i proceeded on down the main and down onto adelaide Road. I got pulled over by the cops who are doing a crack down on scooters and bike riders to make sure they have lights as there have been increasing accidents, i was advised this is due to rising petrol prices and more people taking up biking. Anyway i told my story to the friendly lady cop we had a bit of a laugh about me being a newb and going for my first ride, then and she issued me a 55 dollar infringement fine for no lights and i walked the rest of the way home. So yea basically im obviously a noobie who didn't bother looking in to bike riding rules and i have no idea of bike rider ettiquette, any tips for a NooBie lol.

For my 55 bucks i did however get given a Katmandu mini light lol.

I guess this is also a bit of a forewarning - Cops are cracking down on bikers without the right gears and not followingn the rules.

Anyway enjoying the bike so far.. my arse hurts but im sure it will get over it.
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Postby ThingOne on Wed 13/Aug/08 3:58pm

Great first experience..

Welcome to Vorb.
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Postby Chookz on Wed 13/Aug/08 4:01pm

Haha yea i guess its better to be warned on the first ride rather then injured/dead on the next one :)
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Postby E Dogg Capizzle on Wed 13/Aug/08 4:08pm

Nice one! Pity about the fine.

Breaking in your arse can be rough for first-timers. :huh:
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Postby neels on Wed 13/Aug/08 4:29pm

You're not the first person to get caught out in the darkness because you decided to take the long way home, I've found myself riding in the forest in the dark because I went a little bit further than planned.

You'd think they'd let you off with a warning being your first time out. :hmmm:

Don't worry, your arse will get used to it after a while. :D
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Postby Chookz on Wed 13/Aug/08 7:43pm

Second Ride -
Mt Vic took it kinda slowly from the top, had a good ride down at first then tried a bit that was kinda stupid for a noob like me.. over the handle bars and whacked my head into a tree nice half inch cut in my forehead and some grazes as well. Oh well lesson learned - you need to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. To be honest i think i got off a bit lucky. Still had a good ride other then that just gonna take things a lot more slowly. Feel like a kid again a bit haven't had a proper cut or graze in years. Is there some noob award coz thats two days and two awesome noobish events. Winnah.

Incase your wondering no im not the guy in my avatar but he is a good friend lol.
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Postby pb on Wed 13/Aug/08 7:51pm

Nice stories. I look forward to tomorrows update.
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Postby tartgrandmother on Wed 13/Aug/08 8:22pm

you seem to like the term "noob" a lot!!!
anyways seems like you are having fun riding your bike! good stuff
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Postby dented on Wed 13/Aug/08 10:01pm

Chookz wrote:. . . Feel like a kid again . . .

this is the best bit about riding bikes :thumbsup:
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Postby dicks-naughty-account on Wed 13/Aug/08 10:21pm

sucks about the fine from the copper. i recently got done by a cop for
1. no head light
2. riding on footpath
3. no tail light, all was $165
kinda gutted cause i was travelling at walking pace, and there were drunken boy racers burning rubber just up the road :(. anyways goodluck with your riding bol
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Postby Chookz on Wed 13/Aug/08 11:07pm

On another note heres the americans winning the gold in the relay swimming event

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Postby MissChaff on Wed 13/Aug/08 11:13pm

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Postby Ahad on Wed 13/Aug/08 11:29pm

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Postby Chookz on Thu 14/Aug/08 10:49pm

For the record heres my head after the bail lol. No stitches required if you were wondering.


Looking to go up Makara Peak tomorrow with my First Timers guide to Makara and do some of the easier trails. Judging by the thunder/hail/weather it might not be a good idea tomorrow. See how it goes eh. lol.
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Postby dented on Thu 14/Aug/08 10:51pm

Theres your problem right there
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