Postby Jono on Mon 15/Apr/02 8:41am

Warning - the following message contains links to some avi files that are around 1.5-3mb in size. When I get time, I'll cut them down in size...

Today I went out for a ride with the addiscombe cycle club on leith hill. Mostly it was an afternoon of looking for dropoffs, doing lots of uphills way to fast, and really fast downhills with small drops that you didn't see in time.

Anyway, on the way back, we came across a bunch of drops and jumps on leith hill. After playing round for a bit, I started looking at a log that ran from a raised section of the track (about 2.5-3m up) to another raised section. One of the people out with us (Joe Plommer), seeing me looking at it asked "so do you think you can ride it then?". "I can if those branches are removed", I responded.

Then my bluff was called. "If I break them off, will you ride it?"



He (along with a couple of other eager helpers) started bashing off the errant branches that were threatening to pungee me. I started trying to tell myself that it was going to be all good.

Eventually, we had the log in a state where I thought that I would have a chance. It was the time to not chicken out.

Which was harder than it seems. For those of you who rode the roof ramp at the old mud, you will remember the first time you sat on your bike, on the top of the garage, with nothing but a 4m drop to rusty nails and iron roofing, getting more frightened by the minute. This was like that. Except that the ramp was about 20cm wide.

After a couple of false starts, I eventually got started, rolled down the log, and slipped my front wheel off the edge about a 3rd of the way along. Somehow (not sure how), I managed to pull a wheelie drop (first time I've ever done that, especially from neck height), and landed, to much applause. Back to the top.

More false starts, more nervous, and then finally, I started down the log again. To be honest, it was quite easy when you had some momentum (hence the finish)

I must say, at this point, I'm rather pleased with myself. I mean, it was only 5 or 6 metres long, but it was a pretty large mental challenge. And next time, it'll be easier :)
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Postby Hutch on Tue 23/Apr/02 5:16pm

Excellent stuff, Jonno Rey.  Wheeelie drops!  :)  :)  :)

After a weekend at CastleRock (and finally riding down the BSX track a couple of times on Sunday while all the scuttlers were having lunch) I've almost got interested in trying jumps and drop-offs.  And then I remember my mate in Palmy who got one of those open fractures putting his foot down at the wrong time doing something similar.

We all know this craze of yours will end in hospital, do send us the pics though.
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Postby Jono on Mon 29/Apr/02 10:21pm

Right then. Tonight will be officially "pissing around on the computer and making the videos smaller" night. I'll see what I can get posted.
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Postby Jono on Mon 6/May/02 6:07am

...the vids are now with tama, so we'll see what he can come up with. I've even managed to get them under 1mb for all you people without fast internet connections
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