Postby Friendly Llama on Fri 3/Sep/04 5:15pm

Yeah, FF7 was the best, and I think Civilisation (the original) was wicked... Played that and warcraft two against the guys across the road for hours :blush:
Friendly Llama
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Postby jeremyb on Fri 3/Sep/04 5:16pm

Star Control, not the proper game but the Melee bit ruled, that was great fun shooting friends, also Descent ruled, we used to play mass multiplayer lan games of that in one of my old flats, 10Mb on coax... :lol:
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Postby Lamedoggo on Fri 3/Sep/04 5:36pm

Altered Beast
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Yep Gods is a goodie
Wonderboy in Monsterland

Old school is where its at.
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Postby AarowNZ on Fri 3/Sep/04 6:09pm

California Games
Gran turimo series
Tekken series
Unreal Tornament
GTA3 and vice city are up there to.
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Postby kahlian on Fri 3/Sep/04 6:18pm

Asherons call, nothing else comes close. so much better than anything else out there, pity it costs $10 a month, or i'd still be playing it, and school be damned!
[edit] $10 USD a month...
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Postby VERT on Fri 3/Sep/04 6:35pm

I will also like to add UT2000, UT2003, Tribes and Half life as some of the games I have played the most ever
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Postby wachtourak on Fri 3/Sep/04 7:08pm

Oh yeah...forgot UT series. Last man standing instagib on deck 16/17 = coolest thing ever.
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...virtually Real ?........

Postby tankman on Fri 3/Sep/04 8:04pm

It's not even out yet but I just know GTA San Andreas is going to rock my socks !
Also can't go past Gran Turismo 3 ( I heard GT4 looks damn sexy )
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Postby broccoli on Fri 3/Sep/04 8:15pm

me like need for speed under ground at the moment and v8 supercars 2 that is awsome but my all time fav would have to be mx 2002.
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Postby Percy Pig on Fri 3/Sep/04 8:25pm

Battlefield Vietnam
GTA Vice city
MX Superfly
Percy Pig
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Postby dirtmuncher on Sat 4/Sep/04 9:25pm

racing games dont count, slow, fast, left, right, instant boredom add playstation
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Postby OvalWheel on Sat 4/Sep/04 10:00pm

Ah can't believe nobody has mentioned the Sonic series on the ol mega drive!!! Best platformer ever. twas amazing, there wasn't any cheats for it and distinct levels. You got a sense of fun and achievement out of that that you just can't get in games these days. :(
But GT3 rocks and I am getting San Andreas and GT4 when they come out, soon hopefully.
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Postby AarowNZ on Sat 4/Sep/04 10:01pm

dirtmuncher wrote:racing games dont count, slow, fast, left, right, instant boredom add playstation

How bout no.
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Postby user on Sat 4/Sep/04 10:05pm


Sega GT, GT4 these are some of the best games ever. Man they are highly addictive. Can hook you for hours.
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Postby Sprocket on Sat 4/Sep/04 10:11pm

Carmageddon - instant handbrake.
Goodtimes goodtimes
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