Re: 40 Hr 'famine'

Postby FSR_Man on Sun 23/May/10 10:01pm

Wobbler wrote:fair trade coffee isnt going to magically make things better


no but it does gaurantee the workers a wage they can survive on :thumbsup:
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Re: 40 Hr 'famine'

Postby Wobbler on Sun 23/May/10 10:03pm

I hear it also tucks them in at night and gives them cuddles
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Re: 40 Hr 'famine'

Postby fatwombat on Sun 23/May/10 10:39pm

Global thermonuclear war would solve a lot of problems.

That makes me think that a lot of problems are worth putting up with. :p
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Re: 40 Hr 'famine'

Postby Ahad on Mon 24/May/10 2:00pm

My son just finished his famine at 1am last night. :thumbsup: I woke him up and left him a big plate of food to eat.

You can also do a 40hrs no talking one these days! :rolleyes: Reckon that would be harder for him than not eating though! :lol:
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