Re: Am I Expecting Too Much From A Trailstar

Postby danose on Thu 28/Oct/10 12:29pm

swtchbckr wrote:ah, right. i'm 6'1" and ride a size L Soul, its the perfect size for me, so i'd consider an L BFe. the M might just be too small. I find the 18inch Switchbacks just right as flickable bikes, (the 16's waaaay too small tho)

big issue isn't so much rider height as leg length - as that's what dictates saddle heigh, and in turn how long a seatpost you need. A lot of 'hardcore' hardtails have relatively short seat tubes for the top tube length, so if you're long legged for your height you end up being unable to get the seat up to pedalling height even with a 400mm post. If you're long torso'd it's not so bad (got a mate who's 6'4" but only rides a 20" due to relatively short legs for his height)

the mighty sherd is a 'M' - which means a 16" seat tube - with a 34" inseam I can just get the seat up to pedalling height with a 410mm post (and still have a safe amount of post left in the frame) - any taller and it'd be no-go
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Re: Am I Expecting Too Much From A Trailstar

Postby Jonnysnow on Sat 4/Dec/10 12:42pm

why not look at a dmr exalt, sounds like it would be perfect for what you are doing.
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Re: Am I Expecting Too Much From A Trailstar

Postby Flyboy on Sat 4/Dec/10 8:27pm

My trailstar is built up similar, heavy duty kit on it, Pike 451 on the front, with an emphasis on durable rather than light equipment to allow me to throw it around however I want. at 6 ft 2 and ~100kgs, it is an awesome bike & lacks only a top notch chainguide to be a do-it-all hardtail. No cracks yet :blink:
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Re: Am I Expecting Too Much From A Trailstar

Postby tricky on Sat 4/Dec/10 8:44pm

Got a top notch weld repair from Gordy at Welding Maintainence, a colour matched touchup pot from Atomic Paint & Panel and it all looks as good as new now. I'll keep you all posted as to how it goes.
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Re: Am I Expecting Too Much From A Trailstar

Postby one_uknw on Sun 5/Dec/10 6:33pm

tricky wrote:Just noticed a hairline crack forming at the headtube gusset weld on my 18" DMR Trailstar.


Only been riding it a month or so, picked up the frame in near new condition off Trademe to build up as a all-round DJ/Freeride Lite/hack-about play bike. Fairly sure that it's me thats damaged it, have come up short on one or two jumps and I'm not a lightweight.

Went for the Trailstar rather than a DJ specific frame as I'm 6'3" and wanted something that was "somewhat" peddlable, but still suitable for a bit of airtime & abuse. But now I'm wondering; am I expecting a bit much from a Trailstar and need to be looking at a frame with a bit more metal in it (Exalt, BFe, Chromag etc. etc.), or should I just get it welded and continue with my current program of abuse.

Running a 5" Bomber up front, so doubt it's due to excessive fork length



May or may not be of any use, but I thrash the tits off my Trailstar. It's an 04 or 05. Currently has 130mm Floats up front but until recently they were 140mm. Don't take it lightly when I say thrash the tits off it. But, I'm 5'7", 65kg and the forks are within the recommended range for the frame. Almost certainly the main contributing factors to the frame cracking there are your size combined with the fact you're running a 5" fork. Def consider something with maor gnar
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