Expecting Great Things

Postby jonathan on Mon 30/Nov/09 10:28am

Sunday 22 November 2009
It was all go on Sunday 22 November 2009 as people amassed for the big opening of Great Expectations, the first track on Project Rameka.
Happenings commenced at 10 a.m. sharp with some track titivation. Many thanks to Ryan, Martin, Andy, Marie, Richard, (and around the corner out of view) Albie, Fil, Ricky, Corina, Patrick, Brent, James, Bronnie, Simon, and Jonathan.
A special mention must go toSeamus’ dog Harry, who kept a sharp eye on all proceedings and made sure the workers kept their noses to the grindstone. Thanks for sending in the delegation Seamus.
By noon, everyone was feeling peckish. Time for the barbeque! Rough Guide New Zealand author Paul Whitfield brought all his investigative skills to bear and managed to find the project in time to join in with the opening, despite being told by the information centre that he needed to go back to the top of Takaka Hill and travel along to Canaan Downs to find it – “I think”! Not to be deterred (he'd just driven past Canaan as he drove over the hill from Mot), Paul put his bloodhound nose to work and sniffed out the barbeque and the speeches. (Paul stayed on to help with more track tidying in the afternoon before trying out the primo flow of Great Expectations in both directions with Jonathan - Good on ya Paul.)
Thanks to Ricky Ward’s most excellent speech outlining the fundamentals of this brilliant track no more needs to be written about it in this blog – Ricky’s speech says it all, so here is that speech:
And what Project Rameka event could be complete without ... chocolate cake!! Thanks Marie, you are the most brilliant star of a cook, we're sure everyone who got to sample the cake would agree.
Ricky and Corina Ward managed to keep four eyes covering all the action at the track opening:
And the track itself? Great Expecations is sweet as a lolly. It flows likea small child down a luge at the water park, or if you prefer, like a diamond ring down the bathroom sink hole - but who are we to say? Come along some time and try it out for yourselves.
Phil Castle and Patrick Ward give it a whirl on Great Expecations:

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Re: Expecting Great Things

Postby DogsBollocks on Mon 30/Nov/09 11:01am

Hi Jonathan. Congratulations all, well done. Look forward to riding it over Xmas. We have our 1st Ramaka mission planned for a couple of weeks time and are going to do it from Mot (big day, hope they have beer and wedges in takaka :p ). I have a fair idea of where Great Expectations is but could you point me in the direction of a map ? We don't want to miss it !
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Re: Expecting Great Things

Postby Guy Trainor on Mon 30/Nov/09 4:05pm

Biked from Mot up the hill and into Canaan on Friday. Warmed up on the Intermediate loop - this is a fantastic track and a credit to all involved! Is there a more varied biking terrain in such a small area...?

Then onto the Rameka which was dry & fast. A track that really rewards being ridden aggressively.

Popped out onto the farmland & cruised down the gravel road to the Great Expectations turn-off (easily spotted on the left just before the road steepens). Flowing, sildling single-track that just goes & goes.
Narrow enough on the steeper slopes to slow your speed and fine little switchbacks where height needs to be lost. Big grins all round.
Then onto the Wholemeal Cafe in Takaka :)
Well done, guys.
Guy Trainor
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