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Postby great uncle bulgaria on Tue 6/Nov/12 6:55am

blitzer maloney wrote:
928pedlr wrote:Just not long ago finished reading Jon Krakaur's book Into thin air, and this sort of thing was an issue then just seems to be getting worse.
With numbers like this up there and many lacking any real mountaineering experiance its just time before a disaster worse than '96 happens up there, seems to be in many respects another case of have $$ can/will do what I want no matter what the risk to self or others.
It is personal choice to take the risk, but it would be good to see somebody applying the common sence factor to the numbers and experiance of climbers getting on the mountain.

It might seem like a common sense thing to do if you live in a country where you have clean running water, earn good money, trot off to the supermarket when the cupboard gets a bit low on bread and milk but when corrupt 3rd world govt officials who live in one of the poorest countries in the world can make goodness knows how much off each climber they send up there, then common sense it isn't.

BTW, now that you've read Krakauers 'very one sided' view on 96, give Anatoli Bourkreev's - The Climb, a read. It'll put Krakauers 'account' (I could use other words in place of account) into perspective somewhat.

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Re: Everest - Join The Queue

Postby sidlomavpa on Tue 6/Nov/12 10:22am

Krakauers' account reads like he would have liked to be even half the man Anatoli was but was instead sleeping inside his tent while the storm raged and the rescues were effected.
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