Is endurance sport a lonely sport?

Yes, it takes up too much time to have relationships.
Nonsense, you just need to find a passive lady.
You need to harden the f#$k up.
Polls are gay.
It's all about balance, yo.
You need to find a lady who sympathizes with the sport.
My bike is my girlfriend.
My girlfriends better than me at endurance sport.
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Re: Is Endurance Sport A Lonely Sport?

Postby Joel on Wed 23/Sep/09 8:22am

ThingOne wrote:
SteveC wrote:
Joel wrote:
Nick_K wrote:
Joel wrote:having time pressures does make you more focused. and my training is targetted.. i don't have the time for "just riding", pretty much every time i jump on a bike it has a training purpose. i am either riding hard.. or not riding.

That is the most depressing post Ive read in a long while :(

however i enjoy riding hard, so it works for me. if i did not enjoy it.. i would not be doing it.

I've seen you doing those hard rides and often wondered why you never take an easy day. With all that training its a shame your never seem to use the fitness in a race - your wife must spend a fortune at the hairdressers but ;)


no love there :huh:
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Re: Is Endurance Sport A Lonely Sport?

Postby Fraser on Wed 23/Sep/09 8:56am

Yes you are selfish bastards.

Instead I bought the heaviest single speed steel 50's cruiser possible. I bought a kiddie trailer to slow me down, put my son and as much paraphanalia in there as needed. Now I am considering a Electra or Schwinn Tandem, essentially to slow me down even more by pulling the wife along too. I look forward to taking the weeks shopping and my son in the trailer and keeping up with roadies.
I love the physical aspect as much as you do. The nice thing is that I know I am not compromising my training or buzz of being fit.
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Re: Is Endurance Sport A Lonely Sport?

Postby Chickenman on Wed 23/Sep/09 9:02am

My thoughts as has been been mentioned are balance, and a supportive partner.

The thing most people forget though, you need to have balance for you too, as well as work and relationships.

My example is over the last 12 or so years I've had a couple of long term relationships, neither of them got my love of cycling (one of whom was a mountainbiker herself) I had to be at their beck and call 24/7. So between work and having to spend time with my GF's my riding took a back burner, I got out fuck all. Anybody who knew me toward the end of those relationships met a very different Chickenman, I was an angry jaded man, I couldn't pin point what it was, I thought it was work. And to some extent it was, long hours gave even less time to ride.

But the main thing in hind sight was I couldn't go riding like I wanted too. Any body who has met in the last 2 years of being single has met a happy balanced individual, I'm still working long hours, and commuting long distances so am constantly tired, but now I'm happy. I've even had customers and friends mention how happy I am compared to previously.

So I've made a very selfish decision, if another relationship comes along, and she doesn't get my cycling, I'm moving on. Without my bike, I'm no fun to be around.
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Re: Is Endurance Sport A Lonely Sport?

Postby Gordio on Wed 23/Sep/09 12:02pm

You were angry???? Your gonna have to get a bloke Chicken! As your an attractive man I'd normally put my name forward. :love: ..but the Beautiful Mrs Mac would be a bit upset and burn us at the stake.. :love:
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Re: Is Endurance Sport A Lonely Sport?

Postby Chickenman on Wed 23/Sep/09 12:17pm

Don't worry I wouldn't do that to her.

I'd hate for her to loose her husband, and bit on the side in one sordid relationship!

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Re: Is Endurance Sport A Lonely Sport?

Postby Lynskey on Wed 23/Sep/09 12:37pm

happybaboon wrote:
Lynskey wrote:I gots to thinking I did. Endurance sport takes up a lot of time. This must surely put strain on marital relations, especially if you work full time. I know personally my lady is very supportive of my sports, but she warns me I'm not allowed to do Ironman anytime soon :lol: . Do you lads find that the sport distances you from the non-endurance community, or is finding a balance easy for you? Its a topic thats always interested me, especially w.r.t triathlon, as they can appear to be (and arguably are) quite selfish sports.

You might piss your lady off even more if you just sat around the house all day eating, drinking beer and farting... Endurance sports might actually be good for your relationship, perhaps?

No doubt it has. I'm speaking in generalities here, not as an appeal to my own situation. I was just interested as I've heard of ultimatums being dished out to some guys in the training scene, and I wanted to hear peoples opinions on the matter. I'm lucky enough to have a girl who supports and admires my sport, she's always waiting on the finish line :)
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