Re: Election This Year . . ..

Postby happybaboon on Sun 8/May/11 10:57am

Also, have they beefed up Parliament security a whole bunch recently?

I still very clearly remember teh Wellington urban rides in the early/mid 2000s, going to Parliament, faffing around right out front of Parliament building and the Beehive on the big grassy driveway/park area for about twenty minutes, before a security guard game over........ And wanted talk to us about bikes.... and generally didn't really mind that we were there.... And then eventually suggested that he should probably ask us if we wouldn't mind moving along :D
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Re: Election This Year . . ..

Postby j2hyde on Sun 8/May/11 10:59am


More evidence towards my theory that you two are basically the same person, somehow inhabiting different bodies.
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Re: Election This Year . . ..

Postby CrustyMTB on Sun 8/May/11 3:59pm

happybaboon wrote:Also, have they beefed up Parliament security a whole bunch recently?
The grounds are still open but to get inside you need to go through a security station with metal detector and scanners, airport styles, lots more security personnel than previously too.

j2hyde wrote:If a commie like you can get in then anyone can. Duh ;)
Fascist Keyfanboi! :love:
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