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Postby Reuben on Tue 23/Dec/03 3:03pm

tht is farken poorly done :(
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Postby SammyP on Wed 24/Dec/03 5:24pm

yeah yeah this guy has put what I was gonna put- vidios of it, he lands them! it was about a year ago though hence the crapass bike
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Postby Owen on Fri 2/Jan/04 4:58pm may be shopped, but its still amusing
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Postby krankin on Fri 2/Jan/04 7:10pm

it kinda looks as though he knows what he's doing, take a look at his hand still on the brake lever Im guessin he's holdin his rig rock solid for a reason, it wont roll back and he can cartweel the bike over his head once his feet hit the ground.
my observations any way.
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Postby Baur on Sat 10/Jan/04 1:37am

I think it could be real, I mean there is nothing impossible just improbible.

ok here is one explination

•Guy trys to pull a endo infront of 3 chicks
•Pot hole just happens to be right infront of bike
•wheel goes in hole. guys falls off
•3rd party with a seemingly good quality camera happens to be there •with his lens cap of and a really short exposure time. 3rd party takes photo fractions of a second before impact.

But hey what are a odds. My guess is: one to the power of negitive 13, yes that is 0.00000000000001 chance of this picture happening that way.

methinks its a setup (jackass ripoff) or mabey a photoshop image from a DJer doing some crazy stunt imposed onto a stalkers ass-shot of three chicks.
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Postby Kyle on Sat 10/Jan/04 11:16am

Look close some of the spokes are missing on the front wheel

If it is real i hope he hurts himself cos its his own fault for not wearing a helmet

Where would a deep whole come from in the middle of a flat field?
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Postby Dinsy on Sat 10/Jan/04 11:18am

who cares, seriously.
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Postby Baur on Sat 10/Jan/04 11:40am

Kyle wrote:Where would a deep whole come from in the middle of a flat field?

thats what what to know. It may be a hole for a sprinkler system? I know I used to trip up heaps in them back in primary school, that place was a minefeild.
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Postby RossW on Sat 10/Jan/04 11:44am

ive actually seen someone do one of these :0 for a transition in the 02 mooride ,but it does look suspect and wouldnt he nail the(ugly) chicks.
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Postby Bigfoot on Sat 10/Jan/04 12:14pm

Kyle wrote:Where would a deep whole come from in the middle of a flat field?

The field in front of my house has plenty, because when they made our subduivision they buried all the stumps ect. they dug up. Then they rot, and viola, you have a sink hole type thingy. Some dude broke his ankle in one few years back, got pissed at the dudes who did a shotty job, sued, and they dug it up and filled it properly.
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Postby DH_Dave on Sat 10/Jan/04 12:28pm

Owen may be shopped, but its still amusing

same i think its funny :)
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