4 Dvds Under $20 @ Vorbshop

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Wed 19/Apr/06 8:16am

You can pick up any of the following mountain bike DVDs for $19.50 from Vorbshop

RISE - http://shop.vorb.org.nz/catalog/product ... ucts_id=72
This movie is about the simple love of riding a bike that so many different people around the world enjoy. Turning the pedals, spinning two wheels across mountains and dirt, and leaving behind the industrial disease of city life.

This movie is for all those mountain bikers who share that passion, and know what it's like to push their personal limits. From World Cup racers trying to squeeze out another tenth of a second to the local rippers launching roadgaps after schools.

Cedric Gracia, Dustin Adams, Aaron Kempf, Kirt Voreis, Stacy Kohut, Doug Fink and more...

BACK IN THE SADDLE - http://shop.vorb.org.nz/catalog/product ... ucts_id=70
Gather ‘ round pardners fer a rootin’ tootin look at all the ridin we bin shootin. We’ve traveled near and far to find a formula guaranteed to make you want to mount yer trusty steed and ride off in to the sunset….

Featuring Andrew Shandro, Chris Donahue, Cory Leclerc, Dustin Adams, Dave Watson, Ian Moult, Jay Hoots, Justin Lansin, Jesse Roberts, Ryan Leech, Thomas Vanderham, Wade Simmons, The young uns, indie the dog.

LOCAL YOKELS - http://shop.vorb.org.nz/catalog/product ... ucts_id=74
Captured on film are 23 local yokels... Many of which you may not have heard... Watch these guys rip in their home towns...

No one knows better than a local.

Show in six British Columbian cities, Local Yokels showcases the talent of many new, never before seen riders while bringing a fresh new style to the mountain bike film industry.

PEDALFILES - http://shop.vorb.org.nz/catalog/product ... ucts_id=69
The Original Badass Movie with 30 minutes of never before seen bonus footage featuring the 2003 Metro Jam BMX Contest, Best of P&B, plus your favorite honchos like you’ve never seen them before. Featuring Wade Simmons, Cory Leclerc, Mad Mike Jones, Kevin Sansalone, Preston Blackie, Barb Haley, Cody Begon, Claire Bouchard.

Contains nudity, fire, and fights - viewer discretion advised

You can pay for the DVDs by Visa, Mastercard, cheque, money order, bank transfer, internet banking, or by any of the major credit cards anywhere in the world through Paypal. All orders and transactions are protected by encryption.
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Postby Tama on Wed 19/Apr/06 8:24am

Wow! Orders already! Awesome stuff.

Remember folks - buying stuff from Vorbshop helps keep Vorb running :thumbsup: - so you've got the opportunity to score some great DVDs for cheap and to help Vorb out. O for oarsome!
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Postby mtbrat on Wed 19/Apr/06 8:33am

I :love: cedric & anne
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