Postby Jono on Sat 19/Jan/02 7:10am

mmmm...I know where you're coming from. This morning I felt decidedly delicate (probably the fatty lamb for din dins last night), so kept to a couple of bananas on the train this morning...

...and I was pleased to find that work pays for my lunch when I am working at a customer site, so they were paid-for bananas (as opposed to ones that I had stolen, of course  :sneaky: )
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Postby Hoz on Mon 21/Jan/02 9:59am

ahhh, but the stolen ones are always sweeter :)

my present morning fragility may have something to do with it being Monday(and the vorbers are all still on welly anniversery hols, while the Naki has to wait till March) but more to do with only 3 hours sleep last night

but it was worth it ha ha :D
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Postby Adam on Mon 8/Jul/02 9:46pm

speaking of crashing did anyone do the big coast in 2002?If so you may have seen a 14 year old guy lying in the grass getting stitches in his arm - 9 to be exact....I don't regret it though, i got to ride in the jeep though  :satan:  and I did 3/4 of the ride one handed with by arm in a sling so I'm fairly proud of myself on that one :thumbsup:  left a good scar too :sneaky:
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Postby SlackBoy on Wed 10/Jul/02 10:33pm

this was back in the day a bit, lycra was still in somewhat, i was just following like a sheep everyone else!!

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Postby Adam on Fri 12/Jul/02 10:01pm

you all sicken me....

I have a mate who wears shorts with tight as lycra lining when he rides, is this exceptable or just a sick excuse to wear the stuff without people knowing about it :paranoid:   :hmmm:
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Postby Adam on Fri 12/Jul/02 10:02pm

wow-im nearing triple wise not age :paranoid:
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Postby happybaboon on Sat 13/Jul/02 4:22am

Speaking of dumb crashes...

I still bear the scars of one dumb stack up mt vic...

This was on a very damp summers day in the summer of '02... I remember it like it was yesterday... Ide been riding for about 15km up and down mt vic (about half way through my longer summer rides). and at the same time I found myself both riding slippery pine roots and admiring a female runner... sadly I came afoul and found myself hitting gravel fast. After the initial "shit, hows my bike? - yup it's ok I've only bent a brake lever", "What about me? I'm not so good my arm is bleeding a lot" the runner approached -  "...So, you alright?"... "Yeah I'm fine... be OK in a second... how about yourself" "Yeah, I'm good"... And then a minute later she was off.

I'm pretty sure she knew why Ide ended up sampling the dirt... I'll probably do it all again someday.  :love:  :D  :0

I'm still condifent that lycra is bad unless you are racing or on riding some kind of super-epic ride.
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Postby Funky Monky on Sat 10/Aug/02 7:45pm

yea well lycra suks but in a way so doz real baggy stuff eg. sk8 shorts i had my experience with a dodgy seat post and a pair of bagy shorts i was sittin on the bike and the seat flips backwards so do i and the shorts catch on the tyre and the shorts split all the way down did i mention it was at school in front of the chicks so i dont no wots perfect  :crazy:  :crazy:  :satan:  :angry:
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