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Double Dammed - Mangakino

Postby supershuttle on Mon 16/Apr/12 11:20pm

Mangakino Lakefront Reserve. 26 May 2012.

A 45km group ride over two hydro dams, through pine forest, forest roads, and the Waikato River Trail.

10am Start - no late riders, dam will only be open to cross for a limited time.

Cost- FREE!
Meet at the Bus Stop Cafe, Lake Road (at the lake), Mangakino. ... 7994264038
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Re: Double Dammed - Mangakino

Postby gn.buys on Sat 26/May/12 9:55pm

Ok so 96 people viewed this site, so who turned up and rode it. If you did you would have been spoiled rotten with the climb to one of the high roads only to decend at brakeneck speeds back to the water level. Crossing the maratai dam was interesting as it is normally a no go zone. Stopped and had a good look down river and the structures before accending to the top of the range. S/Speeding it was showing it can be done that way but having gears gave you the small gear to simply blow your mind out on the long downs. Wide open forestry roads with good sweeping corners. Crossed the bridge directly accross from the start put us onto some flattish wide roads, all pretty smooth riding. We headed deep into the pine forest crossing over the pylon construction sites and out onto the main highway for short sections. We looped back into another forest block which followed the lake front, climbed over the dirt mound and down the main road hill. Crossed over and rode a track which looked like it had been dug yesterday. Rough, rooted and hard/soft in many places. Would have been a real test for the novice riders. Out of there it was up the road to ride down to the second dam. Across that and into one of the nicest riding tracks down there, waikato river trail, up and down and a small section through a cow padded plot to avoid a hazzard. Talked to one of the engineer's building the pylons. Power companies there connecting up the lines. That track is good to go, fast to ride and very scenic. 48km Mr Evens recorded. A good ride to put on the calender, but the organizers need to heed to a few comments about not enough arrows to show directions.
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Re: Double Dammed - Mangakino

Postby wachtourak on Sat 26/May/12 10:59pm

Whose numberplate did you borrow?
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Re: Double Dammed - Mangakino

Postby Dr. Fuentes on Sun 27/May/12 9:50am

wachtourak wrote:Whose numberplate did you borrow?

Damn, I just cut up about 40 old race plates - I forgot how in demand they were... :huh:
Dr. Fuentes
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Re: Double Dammed - Mangakino

Postby stealth mode on Sun 27/May/12 7:24pm

Dr. Fuentes wrote:
wachtourak wrote:Whose numberplate did you borrow?

Damn, I just cut up about 40 old race plates - I forgot how in demand they were... :huh:

bro.... should have put them on Trademe :(
stealth mode
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