Doc Propose Paparoa Journey Track ( Croesus Link )

Postby inzane on Thu 11/Jun/09 9:27am

Hi all,

A new track is being investigated for the southern Paparoa Range (just north of Greymouth) that would link the Croesus Track to Sewell Peak Road above Taylorville. If completed the Southern Paparoa Journey would provide an overnight tramping opportunity and possibly a mountain bike ride of renown for its views, visible history and significant natural values. To link the top of Sewell Peak Road to the Croesus Track approximately 17km of new track is required.

Dependent on the track standard selected it may be possible to mountain bike the proposed Southern Paparoa Journey. If mountain biking is accommodated on the new track it would align well with the existing activity on the Croesus Track. The entire length of the Southern Paparoa Journey (including the Croesus Track) would be approximately 26km and this is achievable in a day’s ride or could be broken into two days.

They are looking for feedback, and there are some specific questions in the attached document. In my opinion it would be fantastic to have more rideable singletrack in the Paparoas. It is definitely worth letting them know that we would like to be able to mountain bike the proposed track!

swingbridge Croesus.jpg


Ces Clark Hut Croesus.jpg

paparoa range.jpg
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Re: Doc Propose Paparoa Journey Track (croesus Link)

Postby Tama on Thu 11/Jun/09 9:30am

{runs around in circles excitedly}

Awesome news! :thumbsup:
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Re: Doc Propose Paparoa Journey Track (croesus Link)

Postby inzane on Thu 11/Jun/09 9:36am

Just a proposal at the moment ;) but get some good submissions in and it might become a reality! :thumbsup:
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Re: Doc Propose Paparoa Journey Track (croesus Link)

Postby XCguy on Thu 11/Jun/09 10:30am


I note on the topomap that there is a vehicle track that heads up from Roa to a mining area at around 600m ASL. The proposed track along the ridgeline would be at around 850m at that point of the Paparoas so if a link could be made between the ridge and this Roa track then it would essentially form a loop from Blackball. A loop to me would be far more suitable for both walkers and bikers as it eliminates the need for pick up transport at the end of a point to point. Bikers could bike back from Taylorville to Blackball but after a few hours of singletrack that would be an addition to the day that I'd guess most wouldn't want. The track could still go along to Mt Davy to link in with existing track there, but have the link section in addition. I know the Roa mine is active so perhaps it is this road that is being used for that, in which case having public on there would be not possible at present. Anyone know?

This is a great proposal and I really hope they get enough MTB feedback to ensure a dual purpose trail is established. It's great seeing DOC's attitude towards backcountry trail riders changing for the good :thumbsup:
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Re: Doc Propose Paparoa Journey Track (croesus Link)

Postby Colin on Thu 11/Jun/09 10:32am

I'd hit it

And will draft up a submission this week-end
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Re: Doc Propose Paparoa Journey Track (croesus Link)

Postby slowMTB on Thu 11/Jun/09 10:45am

As beautiful as it looks, I am not sure I would ever ride it :blush:

But I will submit a proposal for those that will :sly:
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Re: Doc Propose Paparoa Journey Track (croesus Link)

Postby pedalhed on Thu 11/Jun/09 7:53pm

When we were kids we explored around that area extensively and know it quite well there are quite a few tracks in that area and there was a track from the end of the Roa road that used to go up to the tops and along the ridge and down to the Brunner mine it was called the Koolgardie Track and it was this track that the miners from the Roa mine ran along to help the miners in the Brunner mine disaster. Unfortunately now the mine is working and Coal trucks go up and down the road all day so probably weekends would be the only time to use the road.
However in saying that when i was a kid we also used to tramp up that road and turn off to the right about 2/3 of the way up and head up to the old disused Roa mine this has a track(a lot is well formed) that takes you firstly up to the mine and then up on to the tops .. we used to then walk around to Mt watson and come back down a marked but very steep track to Roa again. It is very rugged country up there with with massive cliffs and sheers bluffs but you can walk along the main ridge without too much difficulty.. If anyone can put a track in there DoC and solid energy can.
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Re: Doc Propose Paparoa Journey Track (croesus Link)

Postby Sickman on Tue 16/Jun/09 2:30am

Well, well got some good beta there Inzane :sly:

Here are some pictures of the Coolgardie Track part that pedalhead talks about. And yep some huge cliffs on the East side. As the proposal says 'will follow an historic miner’s route, the Coolgardie track, in the first two hours from leaving Sewell Peak Road. It was once a travel route between Roa and the Brunner coalmines in the days when cross country travel was a necessity rather than a recreational activity. Today the old route is evident from the remaining large cairns, and rock kerbing.'



You can see the large 10foot high Cairns and rock kerbing in the pictures. The TV aerial in the background is Sewell Peak. The old miners did the large cairns and kerbing as they needed I good hand rail on track to find their way in thick fog on the tops which probably happens quite regularly up there I say. The Mt Davy area spectacular (anyone know what the bouldering is like in the area as it looks pretty good from what I did on my hike up there).

There will be a number of exploration permits and mining licences up there I say but the Roa Option would be great idea as a loop.

There is a track from by the Brunner mine site up to the Sewell Peak Road just 1.5 km short of Sewell Peak. I guess that is what DOC are referring to as the Taylorville Road option.

Improving the track between Moonlight and Croesus would be great too, to improve that loop option.

Things to also to consider is do we want a new hut on the Paparoa tops. I like the raw wilderness feel of the Pararoa Range and a Hut on top of it would spoil that a bit I believe. There are only 2 other huts in the range Bucklands and Les Clark which are both not on the tops. But would have to say the views would be soo fantastic from the tops. The hut would have to be serviced with Coal like Les Clark I believe.
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