Postby Hoz on Wed 23/Jan/02 8:31am

just make sure you buy 3B......Littleman will give you a product review I'm sure....ha ha ha(he's already converted Tama) :D
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Postby littleman on Wed 23/Jan/02 8:38am

:p ah to cream or not to cream. i'm guessing that hoz has a hard man's arse from years of wearing stubbies and sitting on thistles while having his meat sammies .
when you have an arse like mine your always looking for an excuse to stick a hand down there
slap slap
how'dya  like them apples
Member for: 18 years 7 months

Postby Hoz on Wed 23/Jan/02 11:19am

I'll keep my own hands on my own ass thanks Littleman :eh:

Don't worry, I discovered the multiple benefits of butt cream many years ago when I started.......gasp....road riding!  :butbut:  I mean, those years of thistle induced calluses on the meat sammie built mean towers of power were still no match for 150kms on a roadie saddle(those were the days) :)

But Keywin "saddle sooth" was my fav(still is)....the 3B stuff just seems way too dodgy now I know it's used by aspiring porn stars such as yourself Littleman

I also must at this point categorically deny EVER owning or even wearing at any point in my long meat sammie eating career....a pair of the much maligned stubbies........Give us a friggin' break! What do ya take me for?

That would be like saying you never owned a pansy shirt big fella......blatantly untrue(so ya still actually wear that thing?) :D
Member for: 18 years 7 months

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