Re: A Different Law For The Police

Postby CrustyMTB on Sun 12/Oct/14 8:05am

chuckie34 wrote:I can't say I'm surprised with the folks who jump on the 'bash the cops' wagon as soon as they put a foot out of line. I'd like to challenge those folks, to go spend a few days with those cops. Deal with what they deal with. On a daily basis. At the time in the moment, with their training, if they felt threatened they probably were. Hindsight is always perfect. Regardless of the few bad apples in any profession, I will always have the utmost respect for the cops, for doing a job I wouldn't want to do. 99.9% of them do an awesome job. :thumbsup:

In this case you need to distinguish cop bashing from legitimate concern that a policeman has broken the rules then lied to get away with it. The system only works if the police are held to a standard that's higher than the rest of us because they have extensive coercive powers and a constitutional role which is essential to the state. That they have a hard job doesn't mean that we should turn a blind eye to cops breaking or bending the rules. Because if the cops cannot be trusted to do the right thing their jobs get a shit load harder.
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Re: A Different Law For The Police

Postby philstar on Sun 12/Oct/14 1:30pm

CrustyMTB wrote:
philstar wrote:
Mickyfinn wrote:Yes lets concentrate on one or too ( not insignificant issues- admittedly ) and forget about the crap they have to deal with hundreds of times a day that don't make the news

That is why as I implied earlier you can forgive some of the trespass and assault, but lying in the witness stand is unforgivable. cops rely on being beheld as and upright and honest citizens when giving evidence in court. If one is known to have gotten away with lying with no consequences, more will do so and the whole system collapses into corruption.
Part of the problem is that perjury charges are a matter for consideration by who? The Police of course, they refer it to a crown solicitor but the decision to refer is theirs. While it's no help to the victim in this particular case, if a cop has lied under oath to a judge, he/she will never be able to be in a role where they ever give evidence ever again. Judges talk to each other, have loooooooooooong memories, and take that shit seriously.

that was the point I was trying to make, also add to this that if a defense attorney was ever questioning the cop on the witness stand they would be bringing it up "haven't you lied on the witness stand before (on date)?"
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Re: A Different Law For The Police

Postby Simonius_Titius on Sun 12/Oct/14 1:45pm

The level of respect for cops that NZers take for granted is not at all normal, worldwide. We don't know how lucky we are.

Perjury is crossing the line rather badly.
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