Postby Naff on Tue 12/Feb/02 9:56am

mooser wrote:yeah but as they say... looks aren't everything. ;)

i like that! crusty, not too many people take you seriously! :eh:
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"3 times the fun!"
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Postby Dazzle on Tue 12/Feb/02 4:50pm

:eh:  excuse me while I show my Deliverance ignorance.
I've ridden it once, as a shuttle run, and I'm keen to go out and ride it sometime as a loop, from mud cycles.  What road/directions do I need to follow to go from Muds to Deliverance to Muds?
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Postby JumpR on Wed 13/Feb/02 12:20pm


cruise up woodhouse ave (accross the road from Muds), hang a left into parklands drive, then a right into landsdown terrace.  At the end of this cul-de-sac is a trail that leads up to deliverance (keep heading up - I think there is a fork in the track at one stage).  

Upon battering your way through deliverance you will arrive at fitzgerald place.  turn right onto hazlewood ave, then right again onto south karori road, and voila, you should eventually arrive back at muds.


For an electronic map go to this funky site and type in woodhouse, ave, wellington, and it'll spit out a lovely map for ya :exclaim: Online maps

JumpR :p
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Postby SlackBoy on Wed 13/Feb/02 11:32pm

Ahh deliverence building missions. :rolleyes:
I remember on easter weekend up there with mudzy and pooshooter marsh. We benched or started to bench the impassable section (this was from the last lil creek you cross before the drop down the chute.)We even had a drop off in their which was taken out by nancy high seated Geeks. We carried in a kango one day, which wasn't of no help what so ever, which sucked cos they weigh a friggin ton and it was a hell munter mission.
awwwww i'm so proud of that peice of track, it gives me a funny tingle in my tummy every time i ride it :love:

And for those of you who find deliverence hard to ride, [B]Mwahahahahahahahahahaha[B] Trickle falls is harder  Teheheheheheheheheheheheheehheehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehee :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :satan:  :love:
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