Dawn To Dusk

Postby flip03 on Tue 25/May/10 10:44pm

Any one do this event last year. Looks like fun but the website is a little short on details.

How are the laps figured out? I.E how do they know you have completed the correct number of the relevent tracks.
Where is the event "village"?

Is there a mad rush for the shuttle? How many does it hold? I have never taken the shuttle but it looks like it could only hold about 15 - 20 bikes.

Are there rules or is it just a fun event?

Feel free to share any tips.

Oh and anyone need a team mate?
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Re: Dawn To Dusk

Postby pushbikerider on Wed 26/May/10 6:58am

Did it last year

-The laps are counted in the race village, there were spots on the race number where they put stickers to mark off what tracks you had done, ie someone on the track or at the bottom marked your plate that you'd done that track (ie, DH, jumps and corners last year)

- they had a line last year waiting for the bus, and a person controlling who got loaded onto what vehicle, to avoid a crush and to make sure that every one got on the transport in order

- the club had a number of vehicles last year for uplifting

- I can't remember any major rules other than a few common sense things about passing etc

- YES its a fun event
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