Cyclocross Bike Help Needed!

Postby Dylznz on Thu 8/Jun/17 5:16pm

Hello :) I've decided to buy a cyclocross bike as a commuter and the odd off road adventure. My budget is around $1000 (budget set by the "boss")
I'm looking for the best I can get for my budget, I've looked at the Reid cx at evo cycles in Hamilton, but don't feel like I know enough about bikes in general to make the decision, plus if I can get something better for the money then u don't want to miss out... Any help would be most appreciated
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Re: Cyclocross Bike Help Needed!

Postby jo on Thu 8/Jun/17 6:16pm

Is it similar model to this?

Reid are melbourne based value bicycles. Cheap and effective. But the running gear isnt the greatest.
I'd probably aim for Shimano Tiagra gearing and ideally Avid BB5/BB7 brakes. Having said that I have Hayes somethingorother brakes and they seem pretty functional.
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Re: Cyclocross Bike Help Needed!

Postby Dylznz on Thu 8/Jun/17 7:08pm

Yes that's the one. There's also the merida cyclocross 300 that's around my budget as well. I've looked on trademe also but it's hard finding the right bike in the right size
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Re: Cyclocross Bike Help Needed!

Postby 12GAUGE on Wed 14/Jun/17 10:15pm

Hey, I just purchased a Reid CX for the same reasons as you, commuting and gravel/trail without spending a heap of cash. Pretty good bang for buck and the cheaper drive train didn’t bother me as when it wears out it should be cheap to replace or upgrade if you think it necessary. Claris rear and front mech are cheap and seem to perform well enough, the bottom bracket, cranks etc are Taiwanese as well as the rear cassette, chain is cheap too KMC. Avid BB5 brakes are good and stop really well, BB7 would be better as there is more adjustment. Tires are good Continental Speed 700c x 35 very comfortable, good puncture resistance and suit road or hard pack conditions. Ability to fit full mud guards, racks and wider tires is nice. I would see if Evo cycles can recommend a frame size and get it in store and then take it for a test ride, geometry is a little aggressive so it’s not a relaxed commuter and probably based more on CX racing. Big ups to Evo Cycles Pukekohe on their customer service too, I ordered the wrong frame size and they came to the party and sorted out my mistake. Cheers Evo Cycles!
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Re: Cyclocross Bike Help Needed!

Postby desmondo84 on Tue 17/Jul/18 9:44pm

Same query really - had a look at Evo - only thing I could find was the Reid Granite 1.0... And good? ... granite-10

Or if anyone wants to swap a gravel bike or cyclecross for a Kona 2014 Process 111, FS 29er let me know.
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Re: Cyclocross Bike Help Needed!

Postby BrokenKonaRider on Mon 23/Jul/18 9:20am

There are always CX bikes on Trademe. You'd get a far better spec on a secondhand bike than anything new for the same price, though might have to be careful about drivetrain and tyre wear and might have to pay for shipping too. There is a giant tcx for $1000 with 105 and BB7s there at the moment, in medium.
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