Cycling Route Auckland To Hamilton

Postby Kelvin69 on Tue 28/Aug/12 9:24pm

Many years ago, before they put up the cheese cutter barriers along State Highway 1 at Te Kauwhata, I cycled from Auckland to Hamilton. Is it safe to do so now, or is it really a stupid idea? Are there alternative routes? Has anyone done it recently and survived? I figure that from the top of the Bombays to Hampton downs it is reasonably ok, but from there to the turnoff down the Western side of the Waikato river at Rangiriri it could be a bit dodgy.
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Re: Cycling Route Auckland To Hamilton

Postby znomit on Tue 28/Aug/12 9:46pm

Try reading this thread backwards and ignor the trolls :blush:
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Re: Cycling Route Auckland To Hamilton

Postby Crashed on Tue 28/Aug/12 9:52pm

There's a cycle lane most of the way or a wide shoulder to ride in, use bomb proof tires shoulder and cycle lanes tend to collect glass and sharp stuff,Go early less traffic .
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Re: Cycling Route Auckland To Hamilton

Postby Symon-the-fireman on Wed 29/Aug/12 8:44am

Below are the links to the route in reverse I rode last year. This is the route Stephen Cox uses in the Wellington- Auckland bike race.
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Re: Cycling Route Auckland To Hamilton

Postby jimmymic on Wed 29/Aug/12 10:58am

Bombays to Meremere is ok.

I rode north from the Waikato to Pukekohe last year and wanted to come back a different way so jumped onto the expressway at Pokeno.

Pokeno down to Meremere was quite nice, fairly smooth seal and a good decent.

But then it turned a little shite - may have been the driving rain but the chip on the shoulder got too rough and very narrow compared to earlier. I jumped the barrier at the old Meremere power station and went through Meremere village (ride fast) and onto Springhill Rd (some gravel from memory but nice to ride). Then jumped onto Whangamarino Rd, before I had a mechanical. But that would drop you back onto the expressway and get you not too far from the Rangiriri turnoff. The Rangiriri turn would be fine, nice turning bay and good visibility.

I would suggest you follow Shanes thread that zonnit posted. Apart from the small section of gravel on Churchill you will be fine.

The full SH22 route is nice, and depending on how much climbing you can handle the best option. Low traffic volume and good roads - well worth a ride. You can drop through Ngaruawahia or keep out on SH22 to head over the Raglan deviation back into town. Suggest Ngaruawahia is a nicer ride as you can drop onto River Road to get into town.

Otherwise, head up the bombays and down through Maramarua and onto Kopuku Rd. Again low traffic volume apart from a short section of SH2.
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