Nz Cycleway Project Seeks Good Advisors

Postby JohnDH on Tue 2/Jun/09 9:25am

This is a significant new development just up on GETS (Government Electronic Tender Service (see for info) from the Ministry for Tourism:

New Zealand Cycleway Project - Tourism Business Services for Advisory Group

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to select one or more individuals or organisations with tourism business expertise that can:

i. Be, or provide an individual to be, a member of the Cycleway Advisory Group (the Advisory Group). The Advisory Group is being set up by the Ministry of Tourism (the Ministry) to help guide its decision-making with the New Zealand Cycleway Project (the Project) and provide direct assistance and advice to individual projects across New Zealand (Regional Projects).

ii. Provide business advice in respect of the mountain biking market segment referred and/or the ‘Great Rides’ of New Zealand segment.

iii. Provide direct assistance and advice in the feasibility and development phases of Regional Projects, when, to whom, and in the manner required by the Ministry.

Proposals due: Monday, 22nd of June 2009 at 4:00 pm

[Clipped from the documentation]
The vision of the Project is to create a variety of riding experiences that
collectively would cater to three market segments. These are:
i. the urban cycleways focused on reducing traffic congestion and
providing leisure activities;
ii. the mountain bike trails for those seeking a challenge; and
iii. the ‘Great Rides’ of New Zealand for the families and older
travellers seeking an interactive experience.
The long-term vision is to create a network that links these experiences
together through branding and/or route development.
d The main objectives of the Project are:
i. To create jobs through design, construction and maintenance of the
cycle network.
ii. To create a high quality tourism asset which will enhance New
Zealand’s competitiveness as a tourism destination and provide
ongoing employment and economic development opportunities for
regional economies. The riding experiences will encourage the
growth of tourism infrastructure, such as accommodation, food and
beverage and transport operations.
iii. To maximise the range of complementary benefits that the cycle
network provides to a wide range of New Zealanders including
events, recreation, and health benefits.
e The Project will involve the establishment of a fund called the New
Zealand Cycleway Fund (the Fund). The Fund will be used to help
regions, councils or community groups to conduct feasibility work and
also to co-fund the building of the Regional Projects
f The Advisory Group is not a governance or decision making group but is
being formed to provide advice to the Ministry, the lead agency for the
Project. It will also provide expertise at a regional level to support the
development of feasibility studies and the building of infrastructure on an
‘as needs’ basis. The Advisory Group will be comprised of public and
private sector representatives.
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