Postby Philthy on Thu 6/Apr/17 7:56pm

Been years since I've ridden Craigieburn but we'll be in Canterbury around Easter so I might try to sneak in a few of the old favourite rides.
How is the track riding, and what is the preferred option these days? We usually rode up the access road - edge - luge - Dracophyllum flat - Hog's Back but I understand there are one or two variations?
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Re: Craigieburn

Postby DogsBollocks on Thu 6/Apr/17 8:19pm

Will be pretty damp now and next week is looking poop weather wise, Snowed at Mt Hutt today . Could be "interesting" up there. If you do go head right up the Cheeseman Rd after Drac flat for Cockayne Alley (if you feel like a climb) and get Smegma on the way back before Hogs Back. But seriously, it's pretty wet and will be average up there. Maybe Mt Grey for some under cover skids then Ashley forest might be a safer option with not so far to travel if you want to go high. Chur.
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Re: Craigieburn

Postby pedalingkiwi on Fri 7/Apr/17 8:48am

There is supposed to be an enduro there this weekend but weather bomb may scupper that plan. If it goes ahead should be lots of tyre tracks to follow.

New things in Craigie Valley/Castle Hill network to check out include ;
# Coal Pit Spur at north end of network - a line with lots of variety in it.
# as mentioned above Cockayne Alley (now with DOC official signage) from Cheeseman road chainfit area just above bushline all the way down to Texas Flat - a mix of cruisey & steep, awesome when not too wet.
# Smegma - now officially named Cuckoo Creek by DOC signs - runs off rhs of Cheeseman Road switchback at approx bushline level - comes out on Dracophyllum. Is a fall-line, pumpy, moss fest, again best when not too wet.

I think Scott/T7 may have been up that way doing some maintenance this past week or two, but frost heave wont be too far away and will close Hogs Back sooner rather than later.

Alternatively Wharfedale has had lots of work done on it, and the ride over to Hut & back is now really good - recommended.
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