Re: Cooking Disasters

Postby avantibill on Sat 25/Jul/09 10:46pm

crazychris wrote:Mothers are great for that sort of thing...
Some greats from my yoof....

:lol: Classic! That is even funnier than the joke thread

A minor mishap I had about a month or 2 ago was putting the ovenbag into microwave. The twisty tie arced and burst into flames :blush:
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Re: Cooking Disasters

Postby nzmatto on Sun 26/Jul/09 12:03am

I came home from work the other day and thought I do the good thing and get dinner going, so i turned on the over, lit the fire, watched the fire go out, lit the fire blew on it a bit, got it going, and then the smoke alarm went off. I thought shit, I didn't blow that much smoke out of the fire.
Went back to the over to chuck some food in it.....and realised why the smoke alarm had gone off. Julie had sprayed the oven a couple of days beforehand with oven cleaner, and forgot about it. this trick is perfectly harmless, and makes LOTS of smoke!!!

The takeaways were nice. :)
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Re: Cooking Disasters

Postby Mr_Bob on Mon 27/Jul/09 11:20am

when I was working as a chef for nearly a year, had somebody in on work placement who didn't have a clue about how to even slice up veges, I was giving him a real hard time about it, I could tell that they didn't want to be there either.
I gave them the job of dicing up onions until he got it perfect (this took a few hours)
then I got them on to slicing up chilli peppers.
by this stage the guy was getting pretty stroppy, put the knife down, and said "I'm gunna go take a dump" as he started to head towards the toilet, I said, You might want to think about washing your hands before you go in.
to which he replied "Pff whatever"
a couple of minutes later, I hear this scream of pain coming from the toilet, he comes running out, screaming "my arse, my arse! it's on fire!"
managed to stop him from running out into the restaurant with his pants around his ankles, and stop myself from breaking down laughing my head off. He'd also touched his eyes at the same time, his hands still covered with oil from the chilli peppers, and he then started screaming about his eyes :D
He resigned the next day, some people will never learn :huh:
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Re: Cooking Disasters

Postby ratrod on Mon 27/Jul/09 5:26pm

I some how managed to burn my finger pouring in hot water in my cup of milo but still managed to make a cold cup of milo. Not really a disaster, but WTF!
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Re: Cooking Disasters

Postby Wobbler on Mon 27/Jul/09 6:07pm

you got what you deserved putting water with milo :hmmm:
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Re: Cooking Disasters

Postby casss on Mon 27/Jul/09 6:09pm

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Re: Cooking Disasters

Postby RussS on Mon 27/Jul/09 6:11pm

LMAO Mr_Bob - I was in the food service industry for 20 years and have seen that a few times. Even managed to cool the ardour of a young chef & waitress having one off out in the storeroom :D
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