Re: Contact Huka Mountain Bike Challenge

Postby jeyboi on Tue 30/Nov/10 8:41pm

I assume that particular trail was included to make up some milage for the course. It was certainly different from most of the other trails, for sure - Deb's, Mrs, Outback, Buzzard, Coaster, Inwards/Tourist tarp were all super flowy and pretty quick. Kegresse is tight, slow and almost awkward in places. I still liked riding it, but certainly prefer the other trails in the forest.

Next year will be a tough choice between the XL and the classic though... gotta do the road event one day!
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Re: Contact Huka Mountain Bike Challenge

Postby ThingOne on Tue 30/Nov/10 9:22pm

jeyboi wrote:gotta do the road event one day!

Do it... You will find the intensities a lot higher, but with a lot more rest periods, reckon you would go well, $5k FTW..
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Re: Contact Huka Mountain Bike Challenge

Postby Tee on Tue 30/Nov/10 9:34pm

First timer here, didnt really know what to expect, so went in with a bit of training and an open mind.
After burgling the start line by jumping the fence and lining up at the back of the XLs, got a good holeshot to be into the singletrack, probably in the top 15-20.
Never ridden Taupo before, and the single track is epic. Settled into a good rhythm and had a good run up to the drink station. Soon after my hammies started to twinge with cramp. Sure sign of my seatpost slipping. Jacked it up and all was ok. Quads started to cramp next, but managed it with food and drink pretty well.
Never thought Id say it but the 4wd was almost a relief :blush: got a chance to eat and drink properly, recovered a bit and tried to catch some guys ahead. Fail. One dude went past me like I was going backwards lol.
The dismounts and walking SUCKED though.

The mighty Waikato looked so inviting, damn I just wanted to stop for a swim. But powered on home for a 4.42. :D
Super stoked with that.
I think next year Ill take the Camelback, I just find it easier to drink with and wont have to slow as much.

From my experience everyone on the course was sweet. Those I passed, and those that passed me were courteous, real mellow vibe out there. But I guess I was at the pointy end so had no traffic issues.

Im hooked on the Huka. Will definitely be back next year
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