Conquering Coromandels Killer Climbs

Postby jimmi on Mon 7/Oct/13 8:29am

140km,12 huge hills and mostly gravel long could it possibly take? 9 1/2 hours to be precise!

I mosied out of Coromandel township on a fine windless day at 7:45am. The ride began with a nice cruise on sealed road past deserted beaches and two big hills to Colville. The Colville store is worth dropping into. Not only is it a step back in time, but it was the last shop for over 100km! I left with 5 water bottles and hit the gravel to Port Jackson. This part of the ride was a real highlight with a 5knot tailwind and smooth gravel roads that flowed past empty beaches full of crystal clear water. Awesome!

Another big hill provided epic views and a quick descent into Jackson Bay where a couple of people were camping. One more hill and I was at the end of the road at Fletcher Bay looking out into the tranquil Pacific Ocean and contemplating my next move: 10km of "poxy" steep unrideable stock tracks on the MTB trail, or 10km of sweet flowing singletrack on the walking track?

I made the right decision and popped out at Stony bay with a big smile on my dial! The ride then turned into a series of cruising past sleepy little collections of baches at amazing beaches, followed by grovelling up huge hills as I went up down up down up down up down through Port Charles, Waikawau, Tuateawa and finally Kennedy Bay.

The best hill was saved until last though. I pedalled out of Kennedy Bay wondering where and how the road was going to get over the hill to Coromandel? I found out soon enough as it went pretty much straight over via hundreds of corners to the summit and an epic last view to the East and West sides of the peninsula. It was then a quick bomb down to Coromandel township and a wash in an icy stream before driving home.

Other comments:
* You can make this way shorter (70km) by doing the Colville connection loop, but the extra bits were worth it
* You could easily make this a 2 day loop by staying in Fletcher Bay.
* Go well prepared as the only shop is at Colville
* Go mentally prepared for some brutal hills to climb. Im guessing there is about 1500 - 2000m of climbing in this ride!

Pick your day as this is an exposed ride. In bad weather it would be OK, but on a fine windless October Day it was awesome.
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Re: Conquering Coromandels Killer Climbs

Postby scatter on Mon 7/Oct/13 10:51am

Reading about rides like this makes me want to still be living in the North Island!
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Re: Conquering Coromandels Killer Climbs

Postby dyl on Mon 7/Oct/13 11:08am

Wow...that sounds awesome. You cant beat the Coromandel
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Re: Conquering Coromandels Killer Climbs

Postby trancemaster on Sun 5/Apr/15 7:36am

an add-on loop :

Castlerock rd is a public easement road from Waiau to Te Rerenga, off the 309 Rd , it makes a perfect dirt rd bypass. its gated but fine for bikes.

also , Wade Rd then leads to whitianga thru the Earnlsaw pine forest , only venture thru on Sundays / public hols . otherwise the loggers will rightly tear strips off you

the 309 then makes a loop back to the Coro ferry ~
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Re: Conquering Coromandels Killer Climbs

Postby pushbikerider on Sun 5/Apr/15 5:40pm

Sounds like some great riding
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Re: Conquering Coromandels Killer Climbs

Postby Mazonowicz on Tue 28/Jun/16 10:24am

Coromandel is indeed lovely (and hilly). A friend and I rode similar route over Queens Birthday weekend, except we did it anti-clockwise, camped at Stony Bay, and took the 'mtb track' over the top. Story here ... -hard-way/
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Re: Conquering Coromandels Killer Climbs

Postby trancemaster on Wed 29/Jun/16 7:12pm

had already pencilled in doing this 140 next month !
DoC bach for rent at Stony,
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