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Postby Ross Anderson on Tue 4/May/10 3:29pm


My name is Ross Anderson, I am a TV casting director with a company in Fly Casting NZ.

We are currently casting a series of TV commercials for a Nth American outdoor clothing and equipment company which will be shot in Queenstown in late May / early June.
The commercials will be for release in North America.

We would be very grateful if this email could be forwarded to the membership of your ski groups so that people interested in putting themselves forward can get in touch with us asap.

We are contacting clubs and associations like yours because we are looking for real people who are into outdoors activities, as opposed to actors or models.
For example, people who are genuinely able to Kayak, mountain bike, ski or cross country ski, tramping, orienteering or rock climbing etc will bring an authenticity to the performances in commercial.

We will be holding auditions in Auckland and in Queenstown within the next few days.

We are looking for:
Men and women mid 20's to 50 years old
Children (girls and boys) 6 to 14 years old
Families who climb / tramp / kayak / bike / camp ski etc are also encouraged to apply as there will be scenes depicting such family activities.

Those chosen by the director to be included in the commercials will of course be paid rather well for their performance and time.

Those applying need to be fit, active and healthy, and will need to travel to Queenstown for the shoot period. Travel, travel time, and accommodation is also paid.

Please contact me as soon as possible on email: or mobile 021400973 or 09 3608883

Please attach a recent photo.

Sincere thanks,

Ross A

Ross Anderson | casting director

fly casting | p: 09 360 8883 m: 021 400973 e:
Ross Anderson
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