Postby claire on Mon 21/Jan/02 7:33pm

Guest wrote:If you want my two pence worth I'd bring just one. Which one precisely is up to you. Despite all the bleating there is riding in the UK. There is even some reasonable dh, mostly in Wales and Scotland. More importantly its very easy to get to Europe where they have proper hills. Still beware the winter sucks for riding, and sucks generally for being outdoors, unless you like wearing a lot of clothes and things freezing to your downtube.

Bike theft over here is a national pastime. So it might be worth bringing a slightly downgraded bike. Or at least one that doesn't scream 'steal me'. On that note serious insurance and several bike locks is also a good idea. I found some travel insurance that includes bikes over $1000 NZD.

An idea to consider might be buying one here. There are some very well priced bikes here, even taking into account the dire exchange rate to the NZ dollar. In fact a lot of things are incredibly cheap, tires, wheels and Shimano bits for one, although tubes are still £5 where I've been buying them.

How were you planning to get your bike here?

5 pounds for a tube?!.  email for their latest catalogue, have 4 lightweight MTB tubes for $18 NZD, which is bugger all given the exchange rate..  They most likely don't have any left by now, but its worth checking them out regularly for their specials.  Also you might want to check out before parting with your pounds, excellent service and some good deals.

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Postby Jono on Tue 22/Jan/02 1:48am

Plus - have you noticed how cheap ground effect stuff is once you start earning pounds? Same goes for cds - I look at the prices here for music (₤12-14 for a cd), and then compare with smoke cds back in wellyton (₤6 for the same cd), and even including postage it's cheaper to buy from NZ!

Also, I've found that (Chain Reaction Cycles has a bunch of decently priced stuff - I'll be getting a new pair of shoes from them (given that they are one of the only places that I've found that have a decent range of sidis)..  :angry:
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Postby seamonkey on Wed 23/Jan/02 5:36am

Sheesh you guy's sure know how to get off topic in a hurry :crazy:  the man asked a simple question.

Answer: Leave the floppy at home, there just isn't weatlh of trails in everyday life to make it worth while. XC bike bring as there are thousands of Bridleways and right of ways that are great fun. Far more entertaining than the road.

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