Codgers Creek Super D Sun Nov 2nd

Postby ArranTandy on Thu 16/Oct/08 1:14pm

gidday riding peoples if u dont know already there is goin to be a 4x super d starting at the water treatment station and ending in the OK Coral . This will be a great fun race for every ckind of rider fit, unfit skilled not so skilled ! there will be 4 categorys 15 and under, 18 and under, senior, and 30 + , and of course girls. Each rider will have three races at randompick , then get scored in order of 1st = 1 point 2nd = 2 points once the three races have been raced the points r added and the top 8 lowest scores go through to the semis 1,2,7,8 and 3,4,5,6. ther will be transport to take u back to the start and plenty of room 4 the family and friends to come hang out and watch... practice and sign on 8-10.30
entry $20 senior member $25 non
$15 junior mem $20 non
sound good ! will c u ther .cheers arran t
ph 0212277889 :crazy: :thumbsup:
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Postby TheJennings on Sun 26/Oct/08 8:31am

Hell yeah - so what the deal Arran - does it just blast straight down codgers or follow the new track down by the stream? Whatever, sounds fun. What time does it all kick off?
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Postby TheJennings on Sun 26/Oct/08 8:32am

Ah - just read your post again - around 9am then eh. See you there
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Postby ArranTandy on Mon 27/Oct/08 9:26am

yeah down creek then up a little then down again pretty much a flat downhill some thing 4 allriders xc , bmx , dh....
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Postby konajo on Fri 31/Oct/08 2:50pm

Just so everyone knows the pipeline trails will still be closed over the weekend - codgers and the lower trail thru the creek will be open but not the tracks off the pipeline - well the access trail will be closed to get to those tracks. hoping to reopen wednesday at this point.
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Pipeline Trail

Postby konajo on Tue 18/Nov/08 11:00am

Hey everyone the pipeline trail is open for riding now - I rang the nelson council and they advised me that the trail was ok to ride and walk - I asked them about the barrier that was still there and they didnt know anything about it so I told them that if it was still there today Id remove it to the side of the track - so I did!! lol
There are still some hazards up there so watch out - loose ofcuts of wood and they have a big panel up there and that has struts off it and stuff but just ride with your eyes open and you should be fine
Happy Trails!!
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