How would you rate the progress of the Chch recovery?

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Re: Christchurch Recovery: On Track?

Postby Wobbler on Fri 22/Jul/11 11:19am

Listen Betty, don't start up with your white zone shit again
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Re: Christchurch Recovery: On Track?

Postby Slim on Fri 22/Jul/11 12:16pm

DogsBollocks wrote:Average house price/GV in the east is $325,000
Govt pays out GV to red zoners
Average price for section currently $210,000 (none avaliable tho except in Sumner/Mt Pleasant :crazy: )
Build an average 3 bed home on it for $250,000 as all avaliable houses for sale are sold. Nothing to rent
$20,000 min for driveways/lanscaping etc.

No bastards gonna be able to go into town shopping with an extra $150 odd K on the mortgage. There will probably be even less shoppers/disposable income than before so why bother. Get the cranes and diggers out of the CBD and out making subdivisions.

Blunt I know, but you get the point.

My parents are in the RED zone, are in their 60's and will never be able to recover from this within their working lives. Guess my brother and I will be chipping in to make sure that their retirement is of the quality that our childhoods were.
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Re: Christchurch Recovery: On Track?

Postby swtchbckr on Fri 22/Jul/11 2:47pm

altho i think its being poorly run, poorly communicated, and poorly managed, i for one am getting some results.

We've just moved out of our house so that repairs can get started on Monday. They reckon it'll take 10 weeks, and we'll move back in to a warmer and stronger house. We're in the greenzone (tho only 5 doors in 2 directions from the Red), so they're getting onto it. And apparently we'll have sewers connected by end of August, which would be good, as i think the ground around our house is getting a bit overstuffed with leaky poos - tho, obviously, 10 weeks of just the builders poos might give it a rest...

When do we get a central city back tho?
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Re: Christchurch Recovery: On Track?

Postby wuffy on Fri 22/Jul/11 3:03pm

They want cashel mall open by Show Weekend.
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Re: Christchurch Recovery: On Track?

Postby catmannz on Fri 22/Jul/11 4:48pm

wuffy wrote:
E Dogg Capizzle wrote:
TonyT1961 wrote:As far as the CBD goes, I'm not too sure what the perceived problems are there. There are a lot of buildings coming down before anything can go up.
Do people actually realise how massive the task is?

Yarr. Lots of progress in these new pics. Check out the open spaces in picture 6. ... 2778771282

Holy fuck. That used to be my morning commute.

That looks so.... weird.

It had the same effect on me too. there's a pic in there of the building I used to work in. It's now standing alone while all around it buildings have been demo'ed and removed.

Chilling and very sad
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Re: Christchurch Recovery: On Track?

Postby slowMTB on Fri 22/Jul/11 7:59pm

I work close to town and frequently pick up various items close to the cordons - every time there is something missing. I find it quite disturbing and it saddens me, oh the memories of growing up in ChCh :love: .

BUT: on a brighter note - we had eight trucks on our street today to repair the sewer. Might finally have a flushing toilet since Sep 4th :thumbsup: ( unless of course they are still dumping it into the estuary, in which case "hello chemical toilet, my old friend" :rolleyes: )
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