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SK: Christchurch - Phundamentals Mtb Skills Clinics

Postby Gabby on Tue 11/Nov/08 2:47pm

MTB Skills Clinic - Port Hills ChCh 20th December '08

Cost per person $115
Location Victoria Park, Port Hills.
Time 10 am till 4 pm
Fitness Unnecessary
Experience Beginner through to advanced

The Phundamentals clinic covers over how to adjust your body weight over your tyres for maximum control and stability. Although it seems a simple concept is is surprisingly the most common cause of crashes on Mountainbikes.

For experienced riders, the concepts taught in the Phundamentals are the answer to all of the irritating habits that have built up over years of riding and experimenting. Although experienced riders are generally in control due to their time on bike, they are often held up in a few small areas without the means to address these problems. If you are experiencing any hesitation in corners, loose gravel, mud, steep terrain or jumps/drops the Phundamentals will give you the tools to progress.

Arm pump and wandering/twisting/awkwardness in corners are common indicators of a balance issue and are easily fixed. The techniques are also invaluable in assessing and counteracting reactions to fear from past injuries/crashes, and in turn preventing them in the future.

The Phundamentals is also the basis for the techniques taught in the Trailmaster Series and must be completed before attending.

For beginners, the Phundamentals gives the rider the necessary tools to enter the wild world of Mountainbiking without the hospital visits. Because the sport is so young the existing "old wives tales" often do more harm than good for the beginner (and experienced riders for that matter!) and can cause the rider to regress. By doing the Phundamentals early on the rider can progress with the correct techniques and improve faster and more safely.

The day consists of;

Morning Session 10 am - 12 pm.


Bike Set-up

Theory and weight distribution concepts and exercises.


Afternoon Session 1 pm - 4 pm.

Hit the trails to practise


Braking and steep terrain

Undulating terrain

Corners and traction control

Summary and finish.
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