Re: We're Checking Out The Snow Today

Postby danose on Mon 15/Jun/09 4:21pm

Trail wrote:Now skis have changed their shape and they carve and are much better in powder... and are much more versatile than a snow board.

I always wanted some snow blades for descending big powder covered slopes in the hill (cos postholing down really sucks, and glisading is just too hard on the bum and back). Unfortunately post knee dislocation just not a sane option I think
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Re: We're Checking Out The Snow Today

Postby radiusq on Mon 15/Jun/09 6:21pm

Trail wrote:I started off skiing, then changed to snowboarding and now am back on skis.

Really cannot beat a snowboard on a good powder day (I am talking at least a foot of powder).

Skis are more versatile and handle variable conditions better. You can get on rope tows easier, you can skate up small up slopes, you dont have to clip one foot out to get on T-bars/Chairlifts.

Back when I started boarding skis were pretty straight and skinny, and you had to be pinning it to be able to carve, and then it was big GS style carving. Jumping onto a snowboard and you were able to carve and float through powder. Now skis have changed their shape and they carve and are much better in powder... and are much more versatile than a snow board.

Rope tows sure are a bitch on a snowboard, but after 2days of embarrassment last year I cracked it. Yeah, generally anything on a skifield that doesn't involve actually snowboarding is generally a real pain the arse on a snowboard.

Ski touring looks cool. If there's one thing that could get me off my board and onto skis then hat would be it. It's probably the closest snow equivalent to riding trails that I can think of.
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Re: We're Checking Out The Snow Today

Postby Chickie on Mon 15/Jun/09 6:24pm

You lucky buggar Tama, looks like a primo day.

I can't wait for my week in Q'town in August yipee
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Re: More Pxts From Tama - 2009-06-15

Postby Jono on Mon 15/Jun/09 9:37pm

Tama wrote:PXTed in by Tama at 1:59pm Mon 15th Jun 09:
Hot chocolate time! Here's my dilemma; I really like the idea of snowboarding - it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. However taking it up would involve paying for the privilege of falling on my arse for a few days - and even then being an unco numpty for a while afterwards.

That said, being up here with snow, blue sky, sun, views to die for and people having an awesome time is a hell of a lot of motivation to commit to a cold sore arse :)

I picked it up (well, enough to make my way down a whistler green run) in a morning. The cold, sore arse is a given though. I recommend cactus trousers for keeping warm and dry. They are te roxxor...
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Re: We're Checking Out The Snow Today

Postby j2hyde on Mon 15/Jun/09 10:08pm

Looks windpacked and icy, but good cover for early season. The piste looks very nice and the offpiste looks horrid. All it needs is one of those classic southerly dumps to drop 50cm and it will be on...

Short narrow waisted skis for those conditions FTW.

Also the snowboarding fad has been over for almost a decade now. Yes, it's fun and much easier for those inexperienced with powder, but modern shaped skis are also sheitloads of fun and just as easy to learn (and they hurt less and are much more versatile, and faster). I strongly recommend everyone learn to do both :)
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