Re: Cheating In Cycling-other Ways!

Postby cyclenutnz on Fri 26/Oct/12 8:18am

Simonius_Titius wrote:What would the benefit be anyway, even if it were 100% efficient?
Is there enough bike speed variation during the pedal cycle for it to be worth trying to smooth off the peaks of wind drag?
If so my heavy rims do this very efficiently already. :)

I think the product site has gone the way of the dodo, here is an article from when it was released.

Not about wind drag - it's trying to rob some of the power from the push phase and release it when you're not pushing. Makes no difference to speed. When I analysed the numbers they released I found a 3-4% loss in efficiency - they were claiming that producing more power for the same speed showed that the hub made you effectively stronger.

Granted - if you always ride with a hub that makes it 3-4% harder then you will truly get stronger trying to keep up with others.

Heavy disc wheels have been used to increase inertia so the wheel slows less if you back off the force for a moment. Would be more helpful if you were using the push-pause style (pedal hard for 10 revs then softpedal 2 or pause for a moment).
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