Changes To Lower Section On Beeline Wtp?

Postby Dave H on Sat 9/Jun/12 8:34pm

Has anyone else noticed this, it's happened in the last few days.

Going down beeline straight after where the tracks converve there is a steep section staying to the right (ignoring the go around section to the left) that has been changed, someone has cut away the lower section of it and made it easier to get through and also banked the corner.

It will be interesting when one of the freeride/dh guys that ride beeline all the time hit that section on the pin and find the lower half is gone :butbut:

I dont follow the logic with that, it's always been a sketchy section but it's been there forever and there is always the left option if you dont want to tackle it.
Dave H
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Re: Changes To Lower Section On Beeline Wtp?

Postby happybaboon on Sat 9/Jun/12 11:44pm

I know it's perhaps unrealistic to expect this... But...

Shouldn't people riding on public trails under non-race conditions be riding at a speed that allows them to stop or at least slow down to a safe walking-pace type speed within the track that they can see ahead of them? Track layouts change all the time - intentional changes, weather-induced bogs/slips, fallen branches, mongoloid fuckmongdouchetards walking their unleashed dogs UP downhill trails... I've come across it all, and I suspect most folk have too. If you're going too fast to be able to save yo' ass when the unexpected pops up then you kind of deserve to crash.
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Re: Changes To Lower Section On Beeline Wtp?

Postby Astoria Paranoia on Sat 9/Jun/12 11:55pm

Hey Babs have you ridden said track?
Astoria Paranoia
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Re: Changes To Lower Section On Beeline Wtp?

Postby RugbySucks on Sun 10/Jun/12 11:11pm

Its a nicer technical piece to ride now.

What the post is asking, is that the riders who appreciated the more technical nature (more likely for mere mortals to fall off) of the previous layout of the section of track in question, may be disappointed, and possibly a little upset, at the new layout.

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