Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby Focker on Mon 10/May/10 6:28pm

If you've got time, read below.....all you ever wanted to know as to why the lap timing/scoring issues can occur :crazy:

Awesome stuff Event Promotions for getting it sorted too, even if I was only 1st loser :thumbsup:

Good afternoon Murray,

Thank you for forwarding James email, and an especial thanks to James for providing the lucid information.

James, you are correct - you did get second.

The error in the published results for which I sincerely apologise to Murray and yourself is not a computer error, nor is it cheating.

To enable our system to as far as possible produce accurate results for a lap race I need to enter two parameters, the minimum total elapsed time, and the minimum lap time. Once these parameters are set although all times are recorded and allocated against an entrant the system will automatically reject times less than the minimum.

The minimum lap time needs to enable the fastest riders (normally and not surprisingly a team rider) to do a scorcher.

We also run queries on the system though-out the event to detect apparent anomalies (a lap being longer than 1.6x the average of earlier laps). These anomalous times may be mechanical failures, punctures, or "missing" laps. The long lap query works reasonably well for teams, but not for the solo riders who absolutely need breaks of various lengths.

With over 30,000 chip times to calculate, and over 11,000 laps to compare for placing I rely on these functions to provide the data, supplemented by answers and queries from Team members and support persons - a reason we publish results each hour, and the Team at Event Promotions encourages everyone, particularly the leading riders, to read the published results, something we sincerely appreciate.

Following the information provided by James email, Graeme and I manually checked the riders James questioned and found they had done laps longer than the minimum time but nowhere near their own "standard" time. What appears to have happened is that the riders in question completed a lap by crossing the Finish mats, had a brief break, then returned over the Finish mats as they recommenced their solo ride.

Again I apologise to you James for this lap attribution error not providing you the hard won recognition you deserved on the Finish podium, and my sincere apologies to Murray and the Team at Event Promotions in providing incorrect data. Murray and the team at the Event Promotions produce benchmark standards for their events and I regret this error detracts from the standard they set.

I have now been able to fine tune the lap parameter to allow all real laps, exclude these anomalous laps and republished the results. For your information this has also removed some laps from solo 6 hour riders but did not effect podium positions. No 24 hour solo riders were effected.

In the 12 hour solo

1st #60 Ben Earnshaw
2nd #55 James Gurney
3rd #47 Julian Trinder

Andrew Ninness
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby bluedogSS on Mon 10/May/10 7:41pm

Oli wrote:Sorry Focker! Reading fail. :blush:

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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby Oli on Mon 10/May/10 7:50pm

bluedogSS wrote:
Oli wrote:Sorry Focker! Reading fail. :blush:


Hey, you can't be this pretty and smart. :huh:
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby Cabin on Mon 10/May/10 8:02pm

hotshothendo wrote:sounds like its cabin to me, what with him putting his name at the bottom!

Huh? I didn't put my name at the bottom. Don't know where you got that.

I'll re-state what I wrote here earlier. I provided my own report on our (that being my teams) day at the moonride to sportzhub, along with a couple of pics courtesy of Helen Brumby (which I suppose were credited to me because I forwarded them). Sportzhub combined chunks of this report with further information they sourced from results and from event promotions to get a story up. At least there was a story.
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby hotshothendo on Mon 10/May/10 10:48pm

apologies cabin, didn't notice the 'photo credit' bit!!!
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby bluedogSS on Tue 11/May/10 6:31am

some people on this thread need new glasses, perhaps!?!
Oli - pretty and smart? I'd opt for either of those, these days!
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby shmoodiver on Tue 11/May/10 7:04am

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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby jimmi on Wed 12/May/10 10:01am

I just wanted to say a big thanks to the organisers for an awesome Moonride course. Short road bursts with sweet flowing single track. The ferns on the side of the trails was a great idea and will hopefully be used for other events (as long as there's ferns available).

Our mongrel 4 person team somehow managed to get 3rd in the 24 hour open. Thanks also to the Avanti Plus Waitakere guys for letting us use their campsite. See ya next year.
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby Mr_Bob on Wed 12/May/10 10:08am

Cabin thought He'd upgrade from the 29er for the last lap :D
SV401234 (Copy).JPG

Great course, always good when the organizers mix it up a bit
could've had a little more techie stuff, but the event has to cover a wide range of riders abilities, no complaints from me, except the cold weather
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby Lynskey on Wed 12/May/10 11:31am

Couple of solo'ers engaging in a little 'preparation'...
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby dented on Wed 12/May/10 8:02pm

I thought the Stormtrooper was awesome.
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby ArjanH on Wed 12/May/10 8:21pm

dented wrote:I thought the Stormtrooper was awesome.

You mean this one?
Imperial Storm trooper. Must be on a budget and no speeders allowed in the race
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Re: Cateye Moonride

Postby dented on Wed 12/May/10 9:14pm

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