Caramel Slice & Mid Winter Blues

Postby Simpleone on Thu 9/Jul/09 4:18pm

Since its the middle of winter we thought that a reminder that winter will pass and summer will return would be in order!  Most of us who ride do it for the fun, exhilaration of speed and the challenge.  Some however have a bit of awarped take on the whole thing.  Dave gets to ride allot, anyone who knows him would agree, no car no choice, more time on the bike.  We are lucky enough to get to see the pictures and video he takes, this summer though it was a little different!   Caramel slice, pies and chocolate are the favourite food of the caffeine induced DJ, and throughout the summer a quest for the sweet delights was on.  We see it as a bit like “Where’s Wally” somewhere round here there’s a caramel slice or pie.  So here are a few shots of the continuing search for Caramel!VIZ……..

Clag Gone

<dl class="wp-caption aligncenter"><dt class="wp-caption-dt">Image</dt><dd class="wp-caption-dd">January Land</dd></dl>
Summer will return, one day, and at-least it’s not as bad as the U.K.

Image Image Image Image Image Image

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Re: Caramel Slice & Mid Winter Blues

Postby SpeedyDropOffBoy on Fri 10/Jul/09 4:24pm

well got out for a ride in sun yep ! Got rid of some winter blues,did not see any caramel slices, but sure feels like I have had too many Pies this Winter, but as DJ says its winter, time to get FAT :( Maybe I need a Carbon LT to lose some fat :p
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