Re: Bushlove Racing Team Blog Updates Thread

Postby Oli on Thu 30/Dec/10 12:21pm

Grouse vids! :o
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Re: Bushlove Racing Team Blog Updates Thread

Postby BUSHLOVERACING on Sun 27/Feb/11 8:41pm

Howdy Pedalhounds

Karapoti just round the corner. Good game's a fast game. Good luck on the course.

A few snippets from recent weeks including

Guest slot from Man-Companion, Lynsky
Turtle sex
Ricky's propping up the BLR bar with his results
The Coppermine and Nelson trails
Some earthquake thoughts.

Coming up soon:

Karapoti reports
Sponsorship and Contract movements
Moar bikes of the amateurs
New blogs on our popular blogroll

Regretfully the Cabin Leishman action figure post was canned and the container of figures re-routed back to China. The decision was made on Sunday morning when it was revealed that Mark had not won the Nationals and selling the figures was going to be an uphil struggle as they all had "Cabin #1" across the shoulders. Pity it wasn't so muddy as to require a swim.

Our thoughts are with the Cantabrians.

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Re: Bushlove Blog: Wayne Hiskcock & Naked Ladies + Moar

Postby BUSHLOVERACING on Fri 4/Mar/11 8:59am

Incase anyone had not seen them, we have found more blogs to add to our roll on the BLR blog. Great tales!

Wayne Hiscock, Naked Ladies & More
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Re: Bushlove Blog: Wayne Hiscock & Naked Ladies + Moar

Postby cruiser on Fri 4/Mar/11 12:27pm real estate :D

Soon chick's will be turning up in Beach Volleyball gear if the media have anything to do with the growth of MTB sport

I think Sifter deserves the Leonidas title with his bearded warrior look* :cool:

*Can Al even grow a beard ??
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Re: Bushlove Blog: Wainui 6hr, Super-ds, Hogwart Express & Moar

Postby BUSHLOVERACING on Sat 7/May/11 10:27am


Some updates to our journals. Also heaps of great writing and adventures in the blogs of lots of cool NZ and Wellington trail lovers down the rh side of the blog.

The Wainui 6hr Wurldz - Miss it at your peril!
Hogsback express
The Genderpretender & the Handjob
Where are the frickin' keys?
White Man Can't Jump
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves - Revolve XC1
Super D - Best of Both Worlds
Karapoti, the swimming race

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