Re: Burning Undercarriage (looking For Chaffing Solution)

Postby rochie on Sat 11/Aug/12 5:43pm

You might be allergic to lanolin-based chamois creams (which is most of them). Use Vaseline instead and smear it on your chamois. To see how its done watch Eric Zabel's soignieur butter up his chamois in the movie "Hell on Wheels".... Also you will find if you put a bit of zinc and castor oil cream on your undercarriege after you've showered that settles it down nicely. Its same as what's used for nappy rash and you find it in in the baby supplies aisle.
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Re: Burning Undercarriage (looking For Chaffing Solution)

Postby Klarkash-ton on Sat 11/Aug/12 9:47pm

big thread dredge...

I suffered with saddle sores for several years, but finally getting the bike fit sorted seems to have fixed it.
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Re: Burning Undercarriage (looking For Chaffing Solution)

Postby happybaboon on Sun 12/Aug/12 8:51am

nzmatto wrote:
happybaboon wrote:
nzmatto wrote:I've been really lucky. I have never had any rubbing / sores / etc. The only thing I probably do different to normal folk is that I just could not quite bring myself to ride without undies, so I guess that keeps a certain amount of the little gremlins away from the chamois.

Really?! Undies + chamois would be a receipe for chaffing disaster I'd have thought...

Yeah, I know, and I totally agree. I have tried without undies a few times, but just found it uncomfortable. Weird but true.

Hey so does matto still wear knickers underneath his bicycling trousers? :lol:
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Re: Burning Undercarriage (looking For Chaffing Solution)

Postby nostromo on Sun 12/Aug/12 4:18pm

I wear undies too. This is purely because I didn't actually know you were supposed to be bare arsed and haven't had any problems.
I generally wear those cotton/lycra boxers and wonder if its a case of modern undies being quite fitting and sliding more on the short/chamois than against my skin. Actually I'm intrigued now I might go commando next ride.
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