Re: Broken Crank After Second Ride :(

Postby Velocipedestrian on Tue 31/Oct/17 12:01pm

Wow, Conners. You must have been babying that along for ages to achieve those fins.
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Re: Broken Crank After Second Ride :(

Postby Conners on Tue 31/Oct/17 2:33pm

Surprisingly not - I'd been aware that the chain was beyond replaceable for quite some time so was just killing the entire drivetrain before full replacement. I wasn't holding back on it at all, and it got to a point when it just started slipping all of a sudden (literally on one ride) and then I replaced it.

Those are the original rings on that bike - as you can see I don't use my granny much (from the days of avoiding using it except for when you really need it because chain suck seemed to be much worse ten years ago - perhaps that because I used to actually ride int he rain :D )
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Re: Broken Crank After Second Ride :(

Postby nzryan on Tue 31/Oct/17 4:25pm

Ok well I see from those other pics the bumps seem formal on the disc versus metal tearing but will give the plier thing a go.
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