Broke My Rear Shock

Postby Riley-NZL on Fri 20/Dec/13 9:02pm

I have a Monarch 3.3 rear shock, and I've managed to break the Air Valve stem off. I think I've found a suitable service kit that includes a new stem (will probably take 2-3 weeks to arrive). Does anyone know how I would go about removing the broken piece of thread still attached?


Is it even worth trying to fix, the shock has been leaking air for ages etc and if not how do I go about finding a replacement, none of the online shops I've seen list rear shocks.
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Re: Broke My Rear Shock

Postby musta on Fri 20/Dec/13 9:22pm

Is it threaded?

If so...

Just find a screw extractor piece for a drill.
Or use a dremel with a fine tip and drill a slot in to use a flat head screwdriver to remove.
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Re: Broke My Rear Shock

Postby el_booto on Fri 20/Dec/13 9:53pm

Looks like there's a hole in the center of the remaining bolt, you should be able to get an ezy out in there and turn it out

Also, do you need that swivel valve on it, as you can run a straight valve in its place unless you have the shock in a frame with clearance constraints, I have a full monarch service kit with a straight valve stem in my toolbox, PM me if you want to take it off my hands and avoid 3 weeks without your bike :)
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Re: Broke My Rear Shock

Postby Riley-NZL on Sat 21/Dec/13 6:14am

Thanks PMed. Any chance anyone has a monarch fill adaptor lying around, found them as cheap as $4 overseas but the shipping is pretty expensive.
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