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Postby swtchbckr on Sun 13/Sep/09 5:55pm

beautiful morning, treadled over to Tony's for a 9ish meeting. buncha pikers or at least sickos (and one injured in action) left 4 of us departing Tony's about 9.30. Us being Tony, Wayne, Rex and myself, with knowledge that we'd bump into helmutless Mark somewhere on the Worsley. spun across, and hit the hill, Rex and me striding ahead and running into Mark up by Liz's old place. regrouped at the end of the road and hit the dirt. great climb up here, again rex and me riding ahead, regrouping, riding on. lost my front wheel on the top of the bodybag, but got restarted and finished. rex and mark both cleaned it.

Marley's Nun was joyful. Mark showed us all that new beaut bermed top corner, dropped into it and blasted the rest. caught up to tony and wayne (who'd snuck by when we were contemplating that stonework) and got past wayne, then took a shortcut further down to get past tony. blazed out to where you can hop back onto the road, and we regrouped there and decided to pin another lap in, so, back up the road, and into it again. followed this time by a young'n on an Ironhorse 6.7 or something, he was fanging, let him past and he was chasing Mark catching massive air in front of me. carried on down to kiwi. smooth fast fun running. Wayne got a call and stayed put to meet another mate for a ride, while the rest of us took off up to top of Vic.

Up Thomsons Rex took the first bit, i couldnt be arsed cos of that boardwalky bit at the end... onto the second bit, blazed up there and again, regrouped then hit the traverse. nice flight round there meeting some who were rude and some who were not. then Mark headed down Lava Flow while the other three of us hit Old Skool. fun tussock dodge into the top section, stopped at gate to watch Mark on the ridge, then down all the (what we used to call) off piste bits, (that are now pretty much the standard flow, it appears), the lower middle rocky section is very very washed out now, with a tire eater that got me twice, then onto the sidling single, great flow down there, and out to the bottom dead on 12.

home across town

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